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What’s In My Spring Makeup Bag

Like everyone , I have my absolute favourite makeup products that I seem to reach for everyday. This year I have made a concious effort to play around with colour a bit more and there are some beautiful pastel nail polishes and lipsticks in the shops at the moment. There are some days when I just want to wear a light, natural look or maybe brighten it up with a lovely bold pink lipstick. If I’m not doing much at the weekend then I tend to wear just a tinted moisturiser, mascara and a lip gloss or if I’m pushed for time then I will keep it to the bare minium. Usually though as the weather warms up I will swap my heavier makeup colours for lighter tones and try out a few new season products. So after having a good sort out of my makeup collection I thought I’d show you a few favourite items in my Spring makeup bag.


Bobbi BrownTinted Moisturizer SPF-15
This is a perfect light base for those days when I don’t want to wear a heavy foundation but feel I need a little coverage. This is a real favourite of mine because it’s a lovely lightweight moisturiser that gives just enough colour to reduce any redness and conceal any slight imperfections. It gives my skin a lovely dewy effect and I love that it has SPF 15.

No7 Instant Radiance Under Eye Concealer
Another favourite of mine for concealing those dark under eye circles. The creamy consistency gives a lovely coverage that blends easily and lasts all day.

Barry M After Glow Bronzer
This is a new addition to my makeup collection and I must say I absolutely love it. I sweep it across my cheekbones, my forehead and a little on my chin to give my face a hint of colour with a natural looking glow.


Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette
Another new product for my makeup kit this spring is this super eyeshadow palette (as if I needed any more!). I saw this whilst actually looking for something else and thought I’d give it a try as I’d seen so many good reviews about their products. It has all of my favourite shades in one palette and the colours have high pigmentation which last all day. It covers just about every neutral toned eyeshadow look I want to do and instead of using an eyeliner I use the darker eyeshadows to line my eyes, which gives a softer look plus it even has a large mirror which is great for travelling. Such a bargain at £8!

Clarins Wonder Volume Mascara
Now I still love my Eyeko mascara but when I want to do a more natural look I use this Clarins mascara. I still like to have full lashes but not as thick and intense. This one gives my lashes enough volume without being clumpy or spidery.


No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick
I’ve been a bit bold here and gone for a brighter colour than normal as I tend to stick to nudes and pale pinks. I’m currently using the shade Soft Ruby, it’s the most gorgeous colour and I love using it, especially if I’ve done a lighter colour eyeshadow. The lipstick is very hydrating and has a nice creamy texture. I find this ones lasts most of the day before I have to reapply it. Instead of using a lip pencil, I use the lip brush dipped into the lipstick to trace the outline of my lips first as I find this gives it a softer look.

Maybelline Elixir Lipgloss
Ok, there had to be a nude in here somewhere, didn’t there! For those days when I don’t want to wear too much makeup but still want to use something other than lip balm I’ve been using this lovely Maybelline lip gloss in shade 720. It’s not sticky and is very moisterising but still adds a lovely glossy colour to my lips.

L’Oreal Nail Polish
No Spring makeup bag would be complete without a new nail polish and I love wearing bright colours on my nails. I’d seen quite a few blog posts about these new ones from L’Oreal, so when I’d popped into Boots to pick up a few other things and saw these on the shelf I ended up buying shade Nymphea which is a beautiful bright pink colour. There are 22 shades to choose from and so it was really hard to decide which one to get. It has such intense colour pigment and I had lovely glossy nails which lasted for about 5 days.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed what’s inside my Spring makeup bag. Have you bought any new products this season or do you have favourites that you reach for time and time again?

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