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October Goals

 It’s not only the start of a new month but October is officially the start of Autumn, with hot chocolates, cosy nights in and pumpkin or gingerbread candles creating that warm, homely smell.
As I start a new page in my diary I thought it would be quite nice to share 7 goals I’d like to achieve this month.

Blog Make Over
I’m planning on making a few changes to my blog over the next month that will hopefully be for the better. There will be a brand new header for a start (edit – I now have my new header), which I’m really excited about, and I’m looking into layouts that will have all of my social media links and contact details in one place, plus a better menu and About Me section. So please bear with me while I put these adjustments into place.

Save Money
I’ve been promising myself I would do this for a while but it is a real weakness of mine, I’ll see a fab new eyeshadow palette that I really must have or a pair of shoes that I can’t live without and before you know it my money’s just slipped through my fingers. One of the things I’m aiming for is a new camera as mine is getting a bit old and tired now and I’m not able to achieve the quality of photos I’d like. So if I want to carry on taking photos for my blog I need to be oh so strict with myself!

Get Ahead of myself
At the moment I’ve already planned what blog posts I’d like to write weeks before, but my aim is to actually have the whole blog post typed up, with photos and scheduled at least 2 weeks ahead of myself. This way I’m not left trying to upload a day or two prior to publishing day and be at risk of anything going wrong at the last minute, but it still leaves me room to type up a post where I’ve had a sudden moment of inspiration.

Upload more to Snapchat
I’ve been told a number of times that it’s good to get to know the blogger behind the blog and apart from the odd video here and there, Snapchat (or Insta Stories) is something I’ve not really had the confidence to do very much. I love watching other peoples, so I’m going to make every effort to let you see more behind the scenes and that’ll also mean keeping my room tidy more often!

Start A Craft
Now this one could be interesting as I am the least crafty or creative person ever when it comes to making things, well apart from baking cakes. So I’m thinking of something simple to start me off, like homemade cards to send to friends or family for their birthday or Christmas.

Stop worrying so much
I’m not the worlds most confident person which will probably come across in any videos I upload. I worry about people not liking me or even reading my blog, plus it takes me forever to phrase a tweet incase I make myself look stupid. So I’m just going to accept that not everyone will like who I am or what I do, I’m fine with that, and just enjoy being me and the life I have.

Watch at least one movie for Halloween
No, nothing too scary, but something lighthearted and what better opportunity than two of The Girl Gang (@TheGirlGangHQ) Halloween themed movie nights throughout October, Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and Hocus Pocus. It just so happens that my friend has both of these on DVD so I’ll invite her round to watch them with me, she can bring the nibbles too as I’m on a spending ban!

Do you have any Goals for October? What’s your favourite movie for Halloween?




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