Christmas Traditions

I absolutely love Christmas and this year I feel slightly more festive than usual, the tree’s been up for weeks and I’ve played the Christmas songs so many times I could probably sing them all of by heart now! I’m also really loving reading everyone’s Blogmas posts, which has also helped get me in the festive spirit, especially the traditions people have at Christmas.

Everyone’s Christmas will be slightly different, even now I’m with Adrian things have changed a bit since I was growing up but there are still some Christmas traditions that we do and still enjoy all the magic and excitement.

A New Christmas Bauble

This is a tradition my Nan started when I was very young and she would always let me it hang a brand new sparkly bauble on the tree every year. Adrian and I have done the same tradition every Christmas that we’ve been together, but what is extra special is that I also have some of the decorations I chose with my Nan hanging next to our new ones on my very own tree now.

Advent Calendar

I love the count down to Christmas As a child my Nan or Aunt would buy me the traditional Cadburys or Dairy Milk chocolate Advent calendar and I’d find it great fun to find each little shaped chocolate behind each door. Now we have a hanging material Advent calendar with 24 pouches that we can put our own mini gift inside, Adrian chooses 12 for me and I choose 12 for him so we still have the surprise of what we get each day.

Christmas Baking

My Nan and my Aunt were both amazing cooks and the house always smelt gorgeous for weeks before Christmas Day. My Nan would start by baking a huge Christmas cake for the adults complete with a drop of Brandy, which was her favourite drink, and my Aunt would make the Christmas pudding full of fruit and nuts and it tasted devine. I remember when I was about 14 I tried my Nan’s Christmas cake for the first time and it tasted delicious except for the icing which I didn’t like. I never did tell her!

Now Adrian and I invite friends round for a small party on the last Saturday before Christmas for food and drinks, music and fun games. I’ll do the baking in the morning and make my own mince pies pies or Christmas biscuits, that way the house still smells wonderful when our guests arrive later! Each year my family have taken it in turns for who will cook Christmas Day Dinner, when I was a child I used to love it when everyone piled into my Nan’s house as it was great to see everyone together. My cousins and I would go off to my room to play with any gifts we’d been given, my Uncle would desperately be trying to watch something on the TV while all the rest of the grown ups were gossiping about something, getting louder and louder, especially after they’d opened the alcohol! In the evening my Aunt would also prepare a huge “buffet” style tea and it was spread across the dinning room table. No one was really hungry after eating such a big feast at lunch time but we still piled our plates with everything that was on offer. I think I rolled out of bed on Boxing Day!

This year it’s our turn to do the entertaining but I’m sure my Aunt will still get roped into helping with some of the cooking!

Surprise Box

I never had a stocking at Christmas, instead my Nan would put together a Surprise Box and I was allowed to open it on Christmas Eve. It was basically a cardboard box wrapped in Christmas paper and inside were mini toys and games, I’d also find an orange at the bottom which is something my Great Grandmother did for my Nan when she was a child. I loved this time with my Nan as it was just me and her, and the gifts were from her. Santa delivered his presents the following day! As I got older my Aunt took over tradition of putting together a Surprise box for me and the contents were replaced with mini gifts for a teenager such as makeup or CDs. Now Adrian and I put together a small surprise box for each other but we still open them on Christmas Eve, just as my Nan started for me all those years ago.

Christmas Mugs

Every year while I was growing up I’d always find a novelty shaped mug filled with mini chocolates or sweets inside my Surprise box, then for weeks afterwards I would insist on using the mug for my hot drinks. Now it’s the other way round, for the past 5 or 6 years, at around the beginning of December, Adrian and I have bought a new Christmas mug each and I’ve used them for my favourite hot chocolates or morning cup of tea in the lead up to Christmas. It’s a great fun way to get in the Christmas spirit!

Fun Christmas Clothing

It all started of with everyone wearing the paper hats that are found inside Christmas crackers, we all had to wear one no matter the hat fit or not, you had to wear it on Christmas Day. My Uncle would usually fall asleep in his arm chair after lunch and his hat would have slipped down over his face, as children, my cousins and I would have great fun laughing at the poor man while he was snoring away, trying not to swallow a paper hat! In more recent years, we have all invested in some rather more fun festive clothing, after all Christmas is about is about colour and sparkle. I have a small collection of festive jumpers, most of which I’ve picked up for around ¬£10 from New Look or ASOS, they are perfect for pairing with my pj bottoms or for going underneath one of my winter coats to keep me warm, but you can guarantee I’ll be wearing one of them with either my reindeer antlers or a bright red Santa hat on Christmas Day!

Christmas Lights

I remember the first time my Nan took me on the train to see the Christmas lights in London, I was so excited by the whole journey. We’d go up earlier in the day to do some Christmas shopping, then have something to eat before it got dark and this beautiful display of lights came on. If I was lucky she would also take me to see Santa in whichever department store he may have been in. We did this every year until she was too poorly to make the trip, so my Aunt took over and the whole experience was still as exciting as before. One year we went to see the “The Nutcracker” at a small London theatre, which was absolutely amazing! I’ve been fascinated by ballet and dance ever since.¬†More recently it’s been Adrian and I who have gone up to see the lights every year, making our own Christmas memories. Although we still haven’t been this year as we’ve both been so busy. Maybe I’ll try to go before my birthday (January 5th in case you were wondering, hint, hint!)

Well I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about my Christmas traditions. Let me know if you have any favourite traditions that you’ve carried on doing from when you were a child or have you made new ones in more recent years.