The Christmas Tag

Hurray, Christmas Day is finally here! I hope you’re all having a wonderful time, how ever you’re spending your day and whoever you are with. By now I will most probably have ripped all the paper off of my presents in record time and be settling down to enjoy Christmas Day with Adrian and my family.

Just for a bit of fun, I thought it would be quite nice to do The Christmas Tag for a quick post today. So thanks to Lyd from WhatLydDid for sending me the questions!


Which Home Alone Film is the best?

The first one, but that’s probably because I’ve seen it the most out of all them!

Do you like mince pies?

Yes, they are deliciously sweet and full of fruit

Do you like Christmas pudding?

Absolutely! Especially covered in custard, but I’m not a fan of Christmas puddings that are soaked in alcohol.

Favourite Christmas song?

Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin Stevens, it just makes me want to dance to sing along every time.

What were you in the Nativity play at school?

I always got picked to play an angel, it must have been the blonde hair and blue eyes, not because I acted like an angel!

Best present you’ve received?

The first year Adrian and I were together he bought me a charm bracelet and he’s bought me a charm to go on it for every birthday, Christmas or anniversary ever since, it’s very sentimental.

Best present you’ve given?

Oh that’s so difficult to answer, I’d like to think that anyone I’ve bought a present for has been genuinely pleased with it.

One big present, or lots of little ones?

I’m grateful for anything I’m given, so it really doesn’t matter but I do like the excitement of unwrapping a few smaller ones.

Best Christmas Chocolates?

I love chocolate, well except anything with an orange flavoured centre!

Christmas twice a year, or Christmas every 2 years?

I’d quite happily do Christmas twice a year, not for the presents but for all the fun and sparkle, and I’d love to spend more time with friends and family that I wouldn’t normally get to see other times during the year.

Favourite Christmas tradition?

Having a new bauble for the Christmas tree every year, each one comes with it’s own set of special memories.

Do you stay comfy in your PJs, or get glammed up for Christmas Day?

Both, I spend most of the morning in my PJs, I like to be comfortable while opening my presents, then I’ve usually got glammed up for when family arrive later for Christmas dinner


There’s only one thing left for me to say,

Merry Christmas everyone!!