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5 Lists I Always Like To Make

Making lists always seems to have a calming effect for me, even writing the all important to do list makes me feel organised and a lot less stressed every day. There are other lists I’ve made over the years that have really seemed to help with my wellbeing and how my mood is in general.

I was given the book “The 52 Lists Project” for my birthday and it’s such a wonderful idea, isn’t it strange how just writing a list can have that effect on you? When you think about it, even writing down a list of all the things you need from the supermarket can make you feel less stressed when you actually go in there, mind you I never stick to mine, so that’s probably a bad example!

There are 5 lists that I try to take the time and write down as often as I can.

Want I Want To Achieve

This can be as simple as what I want to do that day, but also my goals and hopes for the month and year, it gives me something to aim for and keeps me motivated. It helps me to prioritise areas of my life so I’m not left stressing over the important things at the last minute and reminds me to add in some fun things too.

What Makes Me Happy

This list is a great for de-stressing, It reminds me that whatever other rubbish is going on in my life or around the world there are still quite a lot of things that make me happy. I often write 3 things in my diary that have made me happy that day, no matter how small it may seem, it’s something personal to me and has put a smile on my face.

What I’m Grateful For

I can very often over look some of the good things I have in my life, I can easily sit there and list off things I wish I had or was doing, so by writing a list of things that are already in my life that I’m so grateful for can help me refocus my mind and not think about all the negative things that may be happening to me at the time.

What I like About Myself

I find this list the hardest one to write, it’s easy to list all the things I don’t like about myself, so why do I find it difficult the other way round? But when I think of at least 3 things I like about myself it gives my self esteem a real boost!

Things That Motivate Me

I’m sure the list of things that motivate me will be very similar to yours, so when I’m feeling really lazy and need a kick up the backside I’ll go straight to my list to get me going again. I also have a list of people who motivate me, the ones that believe in me and that I can achieve everything I would like to achieve in life, so I’ll turn to those people for help and advice. A certain goal I’m aiming for can also help motivate me and help me refocus with what I’m meant to be doing.

Do you like to write lists? What ones really help you to refocus in your life?






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