January Favourites

Here we are, a whole month into 2017 and in some ways it’s flown past with lots of fun things going on, but financially it’s seemed like forever since my last payday. So January was all about digging deep into my makeup collection and finally using products that I’d bought and never got round to using.

It was actually quite fun to spend a few hours one day just playing around with different makeup looks, but the best part…..I now have clean, organised makeup drawers again.

So let’s get onto what products I’ve loved using the most this month.

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Vs Unicorns Eyeshadow Palette

I bought this palette ages ago and it somehow got pushed to the back of the drawer, I was too busy automatically reaching for my more neutral shades, so this is a perfect example of why it’s good for me to have a sort out more often! I absolutely love this palette, it’s gorgeous, more so the 6 purple and grey shades on the right, I’ve been able to create so many different looks with these alone. The blue and turquoise shades have a real 70s retro feel about them, so this is my attempt at being a bit more adventurous. Each shade is highly pigmented, the powder has almost a creamy feel and blends in really easily and the intense colour lasts all day. 12 vibrant shades all for only £4, an absolute bargain and worth every penny!

NYX Proof It Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer

I’ve gotten into the habit of just using my normal face primer over my eyelids so it’s been ages since I’ve used one specifically for my eyelids. I have to say I’m really pleased with the results after using this eyeshadow primer from NYX. It’s brilliant, I tested it on a few eyeshadow palettes that don’t normally last very well and the primer helped my eye makeup last a lot longer, so imagine how happy I was when I used it on an eyeshadow that normally lasts most of the day! The primer applies on lovely and was especially good for keeping eyeliner in place without any smudging and on the glittery eyeshadow shades that normally wear off after a while or you have to pack loads on because of fall out. The only problem is the size of the product, it’s a bit small and I think it’s going to run out very quickly, so it could work out expensive at £5.50 each time.


What an amazing little product, apparently it’s been around for years, one of those little gems that’s been over looked when I’ve been doing my beauty shop. I own a few lipsticks that I absolutely love the colour and they feel so nice on my lips, but they just will not last any longer than my morning coffee break. Lipcote is perfect, it looks just like your top coat for your nails, instead you apply it over your lipstick and it seals it in place, my lipstick lasted all day! Lipcote doesn’t make my lips feel dry and tight, it does feel a bit sticky at first but dries really quickly and is so comfortable to wear.  I do have to remember to wipe the brush after each use.

Freedom Pro Highlight Ambient

For a drugstore brand, this highlighting powder is just flipping gorgeous! Need I say more! It’s a beautiful soft, creamy texture that applies nicely on my cheeks and when my skin has been looking particularly dull, as it tends to do during the winter, I’ll give it a light dusting all over my face for a natural, healthy glow without having my face look too shiny. This powder comes in different shades but I absolutely love the shade Ambient, it’s not sparkly or too shimmery, it gives you a really subtle, dewy look, so it’s perfect for day wear. It’s buildable so if you do want to use a bit more on your cheekbones or down the bridge of your nose it won’t look too powdery.

Freedom Pro Lipstick Kit Bare Collection

A wonderful collection of 5 different shades of Nude lipsticks, 3 are a more pinky tone and 2 are a more browny tone (Untouched, Sooner or Later, Whispers, Naked Beauty and Mannequin) and you get all of them for £5! I’m a huge fan of having a nude lipstick to just apply if I’m in a hurry or when I want a more toned down makeup look, and I will always carry one in my handbag. All 5 shades are absolutely gorgeous and suit my skin tone, they are a lovely creamy texture and super moisturising. They are really pigmented for a nude shade and do last for a quite a while, perfect for if you’re popping to the shops or working from home and want to wear a bit of lippy and mascara. I will say check the testers if you can, because the actual shades look nothing like the shades shown on the box! Overall though. I have loved wearing these lipsticks, Whispers and Mannequin are my absolute favourites (Left and centre in my photo).

Tanya Burr Matte Lip shade Martha Moo

I have to be honest, I picked this up in a hurry thinking I was replacing my lip gloss and it wasn’t until I got home that I realised I’d got he matte lip instead, so it sat in a drawer for ages until I dug it out after Christmas. Martha Moo is such a gorgeous pinky brown shade and comes with a sponge applicator, making it super easy to apply and it dries so quickly into a beautiful silky matte lip colour. It’s extremely pigmented, you only need one coat and it lasts all day, oh my word, I’m so amazed that it didn’t even need to be reapplied after lunch, I have to actually remove it with cleanser! It doesn’t dry out my lips which is wonderful as that’s always been the thing that put me off of matte lip products, but this one is just so lovely to wear.

Superdrug B Makeup Brushes

These brushes from Superdrug B are really lovely, the bristles are super soft but strong enough to make it easy to apply my makeup, they also clean up well too. The foundation brush is fantastic for blending in my makeup and doesn’t leave any streaks behind, unlike some brushes I’ve used, and the concealer brush is just amazing for blending in products under the eye, they both give a wonderful smooth finish to my base. I think I may have to invest in a few more of the eyeshadow brushes as I’ve loved using this one so much that one just won’t be enough!

What products have you loved using this month?