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Home and Stationery Haul

I’ve recently picked up a few new bits for my home and office in Home Bargains, B & M and a few other places. I’d been pretty good with my money for the last few months, and I’ve got enough beauty products to last me a while yet. I do go through phases of what I buy, beauty, fashion or stuff for the home, but this month I did want to buy a travel coffee mug to take my homemade coffee out with me, my other one was really not fit for purpose anymore. So with some  left over birthday money just burning a hole in my pocket, I popped into  few of my favourite stores and ended up coming out with some other goodies too, I also thought they’d look great as props in my blog or Instagram photos.

I’d been looking in quite a few shops for the perfect travel mug, one that wasn’t too plain or a ridiculous price, and finally found this cute  white, pink and black one with Hello Gorgeous printed on the front for £1.99 from B & M. Isn’t it just adorable, and such a bargain.

It was also my first time shopping in B & M and oh my word, they had some really great stuff in there, things that had been on my wishlist from other stores but were way out of my budget.

While on the subject of travel mugs, I found this gorgeous gold striped flask with a straw for £2.99 from Home Bargains. It not only looks cute but will be perfect for taking juice or smoothies out with me when the weather gets warmer, I’ll also use it at home when I’m in the office to encourage me to drink more water during the day.

Wandering up and down the aisles in B & M, as you do, I came across this mini white wooden tray for £3.99. It’s a perfect size for my morning tea and breakfast in bed, and it’s also going to be fantastic for using in photos on my blog or Instagram.

I hadn’t taken much notice of what fragrance this candle was at first, it was the pretty rose gold patterned pot that caught my eye, and it’s a decent size. Then I smelt the Vanilla scent, it’s soooo lovely! It reminds me of warm, summer days, ice creams on the beach and holidays.  Another fantastic purchase for £2.99 from Home Bargains.

The little copper pot is just one of those basic things that will always come in useful somewhere in the house and is actually for storing tea or sugar, but I bought it to keep my cotton wool pads in on my bathroom shelf. It cost me a grand total of £1 from Poundland!

The little heart plate was also from Home bargains and was only £1.29, it’s going to be perfect for using on my bedside cabinet to keep all the little essentials I may need and my most worn jewellery. I think it looks absolutely adorable!

I absolutely love the smell of this Winter Berries room spray, I don’t think it’s one that’s necessarily for the winter, it’s more of a sweet floral fragrance that’s not too over powering. Again it come from Home Bargains and cost £2.99.

With so many candle holders in my house, I had to stock up on some more tea lights, this time I thought I’d pick up some cute pink ones with a light lavender fragrance. They come in a pack of 30 from Wilkos and only cost £1.50.

I seem to get through so many note books, it’s unbelievable. I use them for all sorts, planning my blog posts, writing down my thoughts and feelings, to do lists and wishlists. Let’s face it, there’s nothing like starting a shiny new notebook especially when they look as gorgeous as these. All three came from home bargains, both the black polka dot one and the cream and rose gold one were 99p, and the pink one cost £1.29.

I love having cute things in my office, such as these pastel binder clips, not only are they going to be useful for hanging things off my notice board but don’t they look adorable with things like “OMG”, “Urgent” and “Get It Done” printed on each one. Another bargain from B & M for only £1.99!

I do love to give my hand written letters that personal touch and make them look all pretty with washi tape, I also use it in scrap books and journals. I picked up this pack of 13 cute assorted designs from B & M for just £1.99.

Sticky notes always come in handy for urgent reminders. I was in Sainsburys doing my food shop when I came across this little tin of assorted patterns on 2 different sizes. It costs me slightly more at £6.00, but I’ve found some of the cheaper ones don’t stick quite as well. Anyway, it looks so pretty sitting on my desk!

And last but by no means least, the cosy stuff! No matter what time of year it is, there are some days I just cannot get warm, even with the heating on. Then there are the days I may not be feeling well and just want to snuggle up and watch something on Netflix. So yes, I have bought two faux fur cushions and two huge faux fur pillows for my bed. They are all super soft and fluffy it makes me want to dive right on them and feel like I’m floating on the clouds!

  • Cream Throw £10.00 from Home Bargains
  • Brown Fluffy Cushion £3,99 from Home Bargains
  • Cream Cushion £5.00 from Poundland (they are now doing some things in their stores for more than a pound)
  • Brown Throw £7.00 from Wilkos ( sale item, originally cost £15.00)

Hope you enjoyed this haul and seeing all the gorgeous new additions for my home.

Have you purchased any little treasures recently?



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