35 Things To Do Over The Weekend


Things To Do This weekend

It seems like forever since you had a day off and you know you should be doing all those chores that have built up over the week, but you just want to do something fun during those precious hours before your next shift begins. I know the feeling well!

Even when the weather is pretty dismal and I can’t get out, I still like doing fun things indoors, it stops me getting bored or grumpy and snapping at the first person I see.

So if you’re at home or want to get out and about, I have a few ideas that anyone can do to make your days off seem a little more enjoyable.

Things To Do This Weekend


  1. Start a Scrapbook – use anything that makes you happy, photos, cut outs from magazines, quotes or cards.
  2. Colouring in – there are some great adult books about.
  3. Bring out some old photos and put them in an album.
  4. Read that book you’ve been meaning to start.
  5. Visit a museum or art gallery – great for inspiration.
  6. Go on a bike ride.
  7. Write a handwritten letter to someone.
  8. Start an art journal – don’t worry if you can’t draw, only you’re going to see inside it.
  9. Declutter your makeup drawer – you never know what’s lurking at the back.
  10. Create a new makeup look – now you know what products you’ve got after your declutter.
  11. Do a DIY project – there are loads of ideas on Pinterest.
  12. Make a mood board to hang on your wall – I used an old cork board and completely covered it with anything I could lay my hands on.
  13. Visit the library – I know it’s a bit old school but you don’t have to buy the books, so it saves you money, and once you’ve read the books, just swap them for new ones.
  14. Visit a friend or family member – you know the one you’ve been promising to have a catch up with for ages.
  15. Plan a party – who says it needs to be your birthday to invite all your friends round, why not make it a themed night?
  16. Bake something different – always baking cakes, trying making a savoury meal from scratch.
  17. Be a tourist in your own town – it’s amazing what little treasures you can find and you never knew they existed.
  18. Clear out your wardrobe – make way for a few cheeky purchases and donate your old stuff to charity.
  19. Try a new skill – learning a different language ready for your holidays, how to play an instrument or your way round the camera settings to improve your photography.
  20. Play a board game – yes, the traditional game from years ago, these will keep you entertained for hours.
  21. Go on a picnic – if the weather is nice enough, get out with a few friends and explore somewhere new, find a picturesque village or a beautiful walk by the river. Don’t forget your camera!
  22. Have a sleep over – get whoever comes along to each bring a different treat to eat, paint each other’s nails, stick on a movie and wear the cutest pjs ever.
  23. Start a photo a day challenge – it’s harder than you think!
  24. Visit an elderly neighbour – yes, they’ll chat to you for hours about their youth and offer you biscuits you can’t refuse, but having your company for a while will have brightened up their day.
  25. Visit an animal shelter – both of my dogs, Sandy and Cassie, were rescue dogs  and I’ve made crochet blankets for Woodgreen animal shelter.
  26. Have a room makeover – paint the walls a different colour, buy some cute cushions, trinkets and prints for the walls.
  27. Customise a jacket – check on Etsy for some cute patches or pins, it could be a whole new look for you.
  28. Make up a care package for a friend – know someone who’s not well, has a birthday coming up or generally needs cheering up, put together a few mini treats in a pretty box and send it through the post.
  29. Start a Diary – write whatever you want, poems, quotes, essays, your feelings, just let your thoughts run away and be in your own space for a while.
  30. Plan a visit to the seaside – either a day trip or a few days away, do all the things you only do by the sea, collect sea shells, walk along the pier, have cake in a quaint tea shop, run away from the tide and laugh like you’ve never laughed before.
  31. Have an at home pedicure – always painting your finger nails but forgetting your toes, show those feet some love and pop on your brightest nail polish.
  32. Watch a new T.V. series – all your friends are talking about it and you’ve been promising to watch it for ages, now’s the time to do it.
  33. Listen to a podcast – there are some hilarious ones out there.
  34. Plan a girls night out – drinks in the local or a trip to the cinema followed by pizza.
  35. Try a new hair style – go on, experiment, dig out those curlers you were given for Christmas but haven’t used yet, learn to French plait or dye your hair a completely different colour.

What Do you like to do over the weekend to have fun?