Luxe Studio UK Rose Gold Skincare and Cosmetics Brushes

Luxe Studio Rose Gold Makeup brushes There was a time I only used my fingers to apply makeup, then I began discovering more about cosmetics and started experimenting with various brushes and applicators until I found the best beauty tools that worked for me. When I came across Luxe Studio UK The Everything Brush Set* which is designed for both skincare and cosmetics I was interested to try them out. How did these makeup brushes compare to my standard ones?

Luxe Studio Rose Gold Makeup Brushes

I’ve only tried this style of makeup brush once before and I must admit I didn’t get on well with it. The Luxe Studio UK K1 brush set has already scored points with me as they come in rose gold, don’t they look stunning?

These beautiful brushes are designed to multitask and can be used with either cosmetics or skincare products including pressed and loose powder, cream or liquid makeup, moisturisers, serums and even sun cream. They can be used to apply practically any beauty product on your dressing table and I was incredibly surprised when I put each brush to the test.

Rose Gold Face Brush

Each brush has a stunning rose gold handle and look far more expensive than they are. The handle feels extremely light and comfortable to hold, yet easy to control, it didn’t take me too long to get used to handling these brushes in the same way I would hold a toothbrush. The oval shaped brush is made of synthetic fibres which mimic natural hairs and are super soft, yet still dense enough to collect up whatever product you’re applying.

I usually prefer a cosmetics sponge to apply foudation but I was amazed at the results after using the larger Luxe Studio UK brush. I put a few drops of foundation onto the brush and applied it to my face, the product blended in evenly and gave a beautiful smooth finish. I got the same amazing results when I used a cream blusher which I’m not usually a fan of, and my liquid highlighter and powder contour both blended in incredibly well. I will be sticking to my big fluffy brushes to apply translucent powder and bronzer though.

It was such a wonderful experience when I used the larger brush to massage in a night cream, it almost felt as though I’d given myself a mini facial.

Rose Gold Eye makeup brush

The smaller Luxe Studio UK makeup brush was perfect for blending concealer under my eyes and around my nose, there were no harsh lines left behind. I played around with the smaller brush to see how it performed with eyeshadow, I’m still not sure about it yet, maybe I need more practice. However, I was extremely pleased when I used this brush to apply the shade in the crease of my eyelid, the eyeshadow had blended in beautifully and exactly where I wanted it.

As I was testing these brushes out with so many different products It was a great opportunity to see how well they cleaned up and I wasn’t disappointed. It took just a tiny amount of baby shampoo to remove any trace of makeup and they look as good as new again. There wasn’t any shedding and both brushes kept their shape when they had dried.

Overall I am pretty impressed with these stunning rose gold brushes, they are extremely good quality and are wonderful to use. I’ve been reaching for them a lot throughout my beauty and makeup routine.

The brushes are available from Boots stores and Boots Online and the Luxe Studio UK  K1 brush set costs £.18.99, plus you can  find out more about Luxe Studio UK on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Have you tried this style of cosmetic brush? How did you get on?

*Products in this post have kindly been sent to me but all opinions and photos are my own.