Fruiteatox 14 Day Detox Tea

Fruiteatox Detox Tea

It’s no secret that I love downing a large cappuccino and that chocolate is another of my weaknesses. Every so often I’ll cut back on the caffeine by drinking a selection of fruit teas and feel a whole lot better for it. I’ve become obsessed with green tea at the minute and gradually working my way through every flavour out there.

When I start to see the pounds creeping on I do everything I can to bring my healthy eating habits back on track. A problem area for me is that my stomach can get really bloated and over the years I’ve made a note of which foods can make it worse, mainly carbs.

I’ve always been wary of any detox programs that claim to reduce bloating, simply because they can include harsh chemicals and don’t show any signs of working. I was happy to try Fruiteatox 14 Day Teatox Tea* as they are gluten free and made with 100% natural ingredients. There are two different types of tea, Daytox Lemon Tea and Sleeptox Orange Tea, both are designed to work together for a healthier lifestyle. They are packaged in resealable padded envelopes, rather than cardboard boxes. Each Pack costs £10.99 or £19.99 when you buy the double pack of Day and Night Tea.

Fruiteatox 14 Day Detox Tea Review

Fruiteatox Daytox Tea comes in a pack of 14 pyramid shaped tea bags and is taken every morning. This had a real zingy lemon flavour, which I actually quite liked and made me wish I could drink more than one cup throughout the day.

Fruiteatox 14 Day Detox Tea Review

The Fruiteatox Sleeptox Tea also comes in a pack of 14 pyramid shaped tea bags and should be taken every other night before bed, which is made quite clear on the packet as the ingredients include Senna, a mild laxative to help cleanse out your system. It had a pleasant, mild orange flavour, definitely not as strong as the Daytox tea. The Sleeptox tea is also designed to relax you before bedtime and help give you a better nights sleep.

The aim of Fruiteaox Teatox Tea is to help get rid of bloating, promote healthy radiant skin, supports and maintains weight-loss and increase metabolism alongside regular exercise. They are also gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Fruiteatox 14 Day Detox Tea Review

I personally didn’t notice any side effects from taking the Fruiteatox tea, but sadly I didn’t see any benefits from taking the tea either. My weight and bloated stomach stayed exactly the same and I wasn’t sent off into a relaxing sleep at night either. The mild laxative didn’t have me rushing off to the loo every five minutes, apart from the very first day but that may have been a coincidence from having a large plate of vegetable casserole the night before.

I really like the taste of the Lemon tea and it would make a nice alternative drink to my usually caffeine loaded coffee. However, at £10.99 per pack I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to buy more as I think it’s a little over priced for what I found to be basically a fruit flavoured tea. Unfortunately this tea didn’t work for me but it may work fine for someone else who is looking to shift a few pounds and also suffers from occasional bloating.

Have you tried a detox tea before? How diid you get on?

*This post contains PR samples