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Random Acts Of Kindness That Will Make Someone’s Day

Random Acts Of Kindness

Does it have to be someones birthday or Christmas to show a simple act of kindness? Even the smallest thing can make a big difference to someone’s day. Think of all the lovely things that people have done have for you, that moment of joy which put a smile on your face.They will almost certainly work for other people too, some of these random acts of kindness may seem small and they are easy to forget when we’re rushing about, getting on with our own busy lives. The world would be a lot nicer place if we were kinder to each other and smiled a bit more, instead of having a face like thunder just because we’re in a bad mood. I include myself in there as I can throw the biggest strops going, just ask my husband. I’ve been making every effort to simply smile when I’m out and about, even to complete strangers in the queue or waiting room, because I know they will have gone away having a moment of joy during their day. Very often, they will smile back to, so the kindness is returned.

Simple Acts Of Kindness

Send a hand written letter – as well as receiving a letter, why not include a motivational card they can pin in their office to make them smile every day

Compliment someones work – if you’ve enjoyed what a person has written, give it a like, retweet it or leave a nice comment. A few words of encouragement can go a long way to making someones day.

Offer to make a cup of tea – on a break at work, why not offer to make your colleague their favourite hot drink, or make one for your mum who’s been busy at work all day.

Love an outfit, let that person know – doesn’t have to be a friend, it can be a complete stranger, believe me they will go away with a spring in their step if you tell someone their outfit looks good

Hold the door – sounds simple enough, but the amount of times people have gone through the door in front of me and just let the door slam shut

Recycle your old magazines – take them to a DR’s waiting room, this will bring a smile to more than one persons day

Help someone in a supermarket – maybe that person can’t reach the top shelf, offer to get a product down for them

Give up your seat to someone who may need it – maybe they are elderly, pregnant or disabled and can’t stand for very long

Remember the assistant who helped you – did they go that extra mile to assist you as a customer, let them or their manager know, we’re all too ready to make a complaint, but when was the last time you praised someone who works in your favourite store?

Acts Of Kindness

Listen – another simple act of kindness, but could mean so much to someone who needs to talk through their problems, the smile on their face afterwards will be one of relief and make their day seem a little brighter

Offer to do the shopping – OK, I don’t mean a full weekly stock up, but maybe a neighbour or family member can’t get out through illness or they’ve just had a baby and would really appreciate a pint of milk and loaf of bread. The secret bar of chocolate hidden at the bottom of their bag for them to find could be enjoyed even more.

Share your loyalty points – don’t have a loyalty card for the store your in and never likely to, maybe the person behind you in the queue has and those extra points will help them towards their next money off voucher

Send a thank you card – been given a lovely gift for a special occasion, send a little note instead of a text, it’s much more personal

Make a memory book – know someone who has lost a loved one, use a notebook or scrap book and add photos of that person, ask friends and family to write a few lines about them.

Offer to babysit – maybe the new parents haven’t had a night out since the little one came along, they will really appreciate some time alone together

Call your mum or best friend Рfor no other reason but to see how they are, honestly this will make their day

Bake a bit extra – make a few extra of your favourite cookies or brownies, take some round to a friend, neighbour or family member, believe me, they will thoroughly enjoy them

Remember to say Please and Thank you – no really, those little words can often get forgotten when we have a million and one things we need to do buzzing about in our heads or running late for an appointment

Don’t forget yourself – having a bad day, do what ever you do to recharge your batteries, spend five minutes reading your favourite book, start watching that series you’ve been meaning to for ages, lock yourself away in the bathroom for a long hot soak, Look in the mirror and tell yourself how awesome you are!

What random acts of kindness have you done that’s given someone a moment of happiness?


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