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Kathleen Collagen Mask

Kathleen has been a favourite skincare brand of mine for a couple of years and I already use a number of their products. I got rather excited when I heard they were launching a range of face masks and couldn’t wait to try one for myself. The range includes a Collagen Mask, Bright Mask, Dead Sea Mud Clay Mask and Deep Pore Treatment Mask, all having different benefits depending on your skin type.

I’ve recently got into the habit of popping on a sheet mask in the morning. I’d much rather be relaxing with a gorgeous smelling face mask working it’s magic while indulging in a luxurious bath. With the stresses of daily life I’m making a conscious effort to look after myself better and Kathleen’s Collagen Mask is the perfect addition to my pamper routine.

Kathleen is a premium natural skincare brand and based in the UK. Their products aren’t tested on animals and completely natural and free from Parabens, Alcohol and other nasty toxins.

I had no doubts as to which of the four new delicious face masks I would try and opted for the Collagen Mask* because, you know, being a 30 plus blogger I need all the help I can get. It’s suitable for sensitive skin with large pores and signs of aging, so at first glance, it ticked all the boxes. Before I’d put the mask anywhere near my face I noticed the most amazing smell coming from the jar thanks to the mix of Bergamot, Frankincense, and Geranium Essential Oils. They not only have wonderful skincare benefits but the aromatherapy oils also help calm and relax your mood.

About The Mask

  • It’s infused with Retinol, which helps to stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of existing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Protects against future signs of aging as Retinol tells your skin cells to behave like healthy, younger cells
  • Deeply nourishing, plant-based collagen treatment is formulated with essential oils, antioxidants, and vitamins to restore hydration and suppleness while reducing visible signs of aging.
  • Vitamin E, Calendula and Blueberries create an antioxidant cocktail that treats skin damage, leaving you with beautiful, healthy-looking skin.
  • Purifies skin and firms skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Also contains Shea Butter, Rose Water and Sunflower Oil

How To Use

First I cleansed my skin and applied a thin layer of the Collagen Mask. The instructions say to leave it on for between 10 and 15 minutes, which I think is a good length of time to relax with a face mask. Inhaling the dreamy aromatherapy fragrance was a wonderful experience while I lay soaking in the bath. After 15 minutes I gently removed the mask using a damp muslin cloth and rinsed my face thoroughly to ensure their wasn’t any residue left on my skin.

My Thoughts

I really LOVE this face mask from Kathleen. The texture is lightweight and feels soothing on my skin, you do only need a light layer as little goes a long way. I’ve applied it twice since it arrived about a week ago, I have sensitive skin and I’m pleased to say there wasn’t any irritation after I’d used it. The mask definitely leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and my complexion looking brighter. During the colder months my skin can look a bit dull but this mask certainly gave it a boost. The fine lines around my chin and around eyes were less visible, which I’m so happy about. Some masks have left my skin feeling tight after use but with this one my skin felt nourished and hydrated.

Would I purchase the Kathleen Collagen Face Mask in the future? Yes absolutely, without a doubt, possibly trying the Bright Mask. I love that I really noticed a difference straight away in my skins appearance compared to other face masks I’ve used. It costs £28 for a 60ml jar, you only need a tiny amount so it will last quite a while. I wasn’t only left with healthy, firmer looking skin, I felt totally relaxed thanks to the divine fragrance of essential oils.

If you would like to find out which of the four new face masks from Kathleen is best for your skin type, head over to their website for more information.

You may also be interested in my review of Kathleen Tranquil Fields Body Care Duo*, which I also use as part of my self care routine.

*Products have been kindly sent by Kathleen in return for a review.


October Round Up: What I’ve Been Up To This Month

I say this every time, but what the heck happened to October? I seemed to have been catapulted forward in time from the end of September. I feel like the days have wizzed past so quick, I’ve hardly had time to catch my breath. To be fair, I’ve had loads of fun this month which you’ll see later on in this post. The clocks went back, which always seems strange for the first week. The nights are getting darker, yes the candles have been lit and fairy lights are now on, I don’t need an excuse. We’ve been doing plenty of seasonal baking in our house, cakes and cookies as well as casseroles and pasta dishes, so the house smells divine. I finally went to the cinema to watch Downton Abbey and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve got every episode on box set and couldn’t wait to watch the film.

 As we’d had such a great day at Hitchin Lavender in the summer, we decided to go back again for a spot of pumpkin picking. I hadn’t realised they’d even got a pumpkin field until I saw a few photos on my friend’s Facebook page and couldn’t wait to go along to see for myself. Adrian had to lift on the straw bale and I chose that very moment to get the fit giggles. We took along a flask of tea and packet of biscuits to share, which was most welcome. There’s also a very rare sight in this photo…..I’m wearing jean’s.

As if I didn’t think this year could get any worse. On 8th October my sweet little Pepper said goodnight for the very last time. She was 22 years old and we’d had her for 11 of those years after adopting her from our neighbours. My heart was literally broken. Her funny little ways have given us so much joy over the years. I’ll miss the cuddles she gave when I’d been poorly, her cute furry face and soggy pink nose staring over me first thing in the morning and the way she’d snuggle up to any of my clothes or in the washing basket. I’ll miss the look of excitement when she’d hear the sound of her favourite packet of treats and her sweet little meow when she’d want my attention.

We’ve planted a chrysanthemum bush on her grave, so every October it will flower as beautiful as she was. Sleep tight sweet Pepper, Nan will look after you now.

I thought I’d share a few snaps from some of our Autumnal walks. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, cold but sunny, and it seemed the perfect opportunity to get out and explore. We didn’t have to go far to find some beautiful woodland walks and the crisp air certainly blew the cobwebs away. I love seeing all the beautiful colours around this time of year and of course had to collect all things Autumnal.

Speaking of the countryside, while we were out and about in the villages we came across a bus shelter that’s being used as a library where people donate books. What a fab idea, I know where to take my unused books now. Luckily I was able to pick up some inspiration for an Autumn baking session from The Great British Bake Off.

When our friend Andrew invites us to his party, Adrian and I are usually first through the door. Not because I’m eager to tuck into the amazing buffet he’d prepared or anything like that, no I love just love a good party. It was lovely to see our other friends there too, we all lead pretty different lives and don’t get to catch up with each other as often as we’d like to. We all had a wonderful everything, paying silly games, dancing to the music and chatting until the wee small hours.

On the 18th October we took a walk into town to visit a French Market. I tried delicious delicacies, chatted to stall holders and danced along to music being played. I came home with a beautiful blanket scarf for when the weather turns colder and some tasty fruit tartlets. It certainly was a fantastic few hours, plus it was a great excuse to wear the new coat I’d featured in my latest fashion post 8 Autumn Pieces To Wear Everyday.

I couldn’t finish this post without a mention of Halloween. There was a time when I wouldn’t have stepped foot near anything spooky, so to attend a themed party for the third year in a row is such an achievement for me. I chose to dress up as a Grave Yard Bride and oh my word did we have an absolute ball. I’ll leave a link here if you’d like to see a few more photos. I’d love to say that I baked these Halloween cookies but sadly not, they were in the window of a local bakers and I thought they looked delicious. And a great photo to complete my October round up with.

What have you been up to this month? Have you been celebrating Halloween?


Halloween Graveyard Bride Makeup and Fancy Dress

Over the weekend I went to a Halloween party for the third year in a row. A friend of mine invited us along and insisted it was fancy dress. I was so excited that I began experimenting with different looks and deciding on what costume to wear. I finally settled on a Graveyard Bride and I’m extremely happy with how it turned out.

I had quite a few people ask me where my costume was from so I thought I’d share a very quick blog post to give you all the information. The Graveyard Bride outfit is from a company called Fancy Dress Ball and although it may be too late for this Halloween they have a large selection of outfits in case you’re invited along to any parties over Christmas and New Year. I’m sure I’ll be able to wear the wig for a different look but for now the outfit is going in my dressing up box.

For the makeup I used mainly products I already had in my drawer so there was little extra cost. I am by far no expert but what I love about this look is the makeup doesn’t need to be perfect, the smudgier the better.

For the base I used a damp make up sponge and applied a white face paint which I bought for £2 from Wilkos, blending it in along the jawline and down the neck. I set this in place with some loose translucent powder.

On the cheeks I’ve simply mixed a dark plum eyeshadow with a brown one and applied it under my cheekbones and along the jaw line, blending it with a fluffy brush. I’ve used a dark grey eyeshadow along the edges of my nose, right up around my eye sockets to where my eye brows meet. I’ve then used whatever was left on my brush to gently sweep around the inner corners of my cheeks, down and along my chin to give a slightly bruised look.

For the eyes I’ve used the Urban Decay Smoky eyeshadow palette. The shades I chose were Smolder (a dark grey), Black Market ( a dark black), Dagger (a medium grey) and Slanted (a silvery grey). I made sure to blend the dark grey downwards to emphasise dark circles. I also added a touch of silvery white eyeshadow along the bow bone. I’ve lined my upper lash line using a jet black liquid liner and used a black eyeshadow on the outer corners of my lid and along my lower lash line. Inside the water line I’ve used a black gel liner. On my eye bows I used a small brush and applied a black eyeshadow, then a few strokes of black gel liner, smudging it upwards.

For the lips, I covered them completely with white face paint using a damp makeup sponge and went over the top with a pearly nude lip gloss. Using my finger, I smudged in a dark red lipstick, mainly sticking to the inner section of my lips. Finally I used an small makeup brush to dab black eyeshadow onto the very centre of my lips and white powder on the outer section where my lips touch together.


8 Autumn Pieces For Every Day

It’s finally time for chunky knits and knee high boots! As much as I love floaty summer florals, I’ve been excited to start wearing cosy coats and autumnal outfits for weeks. If I’m honest, I’m still not ready to wear thick tights, I’m hanging on for as long as I possibly can. I’ve not bought too many new things this season, last year I added quite a few classic, timeless pieces in neutral shades and you’ll see me wearing them a lot over the next few months. I mix and match my outfits, making sure I get the most wear out of each item.

This year I thought I’d switch things up a bit and go for designs I wouldn’t normally wear, but the silhouette is very much in keeping with my personal style. I thought I’d share 8 pieces from my wardrobe that I’ve already had great fun styling up and will continue to do so for many years to come.

A Long Coat

A warm coat is the ultimate wardrobe staple that everyone needs during the colder months. Choosing a classic style means you can wear it with so many pieces, even a floral dress and thermals underneath yet still look feminine and super chic. Most of my long coats are in camel or beige so they literally go with everything. This year I fancied a change and fell in love with this gorgeous pink herringbone coat* from Topshop. After having a try on session at home I quickly realised how many great outfits I could style. It looks amazing worn with chocolate brown or burgundy items, I’m especially excited to start wearing it with over the knee boots and a chunky roll neck. I love the over size collar and large belt, which I can always swap to a brown one for a different look. It’s super warm and snuggly while looking chic and stylish for an everyday look.

Thin Roll Neck Jumper

A long sleeve, thin roll neck jumper is a great basic item to have during Autumn. It’s extremely versatile, great for layering and looks different with every outfit, from jeans, skirts and dresses. I pop a thin roll neck under summer dresses to get even more wear out of them through Autumn. Neutral colours, camel, cream and black, look chic and go with everything. A thin knit can smarten up a blazer and jeans, or look super cute worn with midi skirts and ankle boots.

Ankle Boots

As the temperatures begin to drop I’ll start replacing my summer sandles with ankle boots. For me, they give any outfit an instant lift. This year I’m obsessed with this nude pair* from H&M, the pointed toe and stiletto heel gives my outfit a touch of glamour. The design and colour is so versatile they look great with jeans, midi skirts and dresses.

Bow Blouse

A pretty blouse is a wardrobe staple all year round for me, I have a number of different styles but I love this bow blouse which I picked up in a vintage store. It not only looks chic worn with a skirt or trousers but it’s great for layering when the temperatures drop. It suits my feminine style and because I’ve chosen a neutral shade it’s extremely versatile. You’ll see me wearing a pretty blouse whatever season we’re in.

Maxi or Midi Skirt

Midi skirts are an ultimate wardrobe staple, especially in Autumn. They come in various styles from pleats, checks, florals and faux leather and a midi skirt looks great worn smart or casually. They look chic and stylish paired with knee high boots and a roll neck, a blouse for work or a sparkly top and heels for the office party. It’s the type of skirt I wear on an occasion when I’m not sure what the dress code is. I’m currently in love with this black, gold and cream pleated midi skirt* from the Richard Allan collection at H&M this year, I’ve been constantly wearing it and had so many complements every time.

If you’d like to see how else I’ve been styling this stunning 60s inspired midi skirt then I’ll leave the link to my blog post here.

H&M X Richard Allan Collaboration

Chunky Knit

I can’t get enough of wearing a snuggly chunky knit during Autumn, although in the UK it’s not been cold enough for me to pull them out of my wardrobe. I’ve still got quite a few gorgeous styles that I’ve bought previous seasons, they still look good as new so I won’t be investing in any news ones. A chunky knit looks great paired with midi skirts or over a floral dress. I’d usually opt for one in cream, beige or nude, that way I know it’s going to go with everything in my wardrobe.

Knee High Boots

There will always be a special place in my Autumn Winter wardrobe for over the knee boots but this year I’m getting even more wear out of these tan knee high ones. I’ve had them for so long and they come out year after year. They’re extremely versatile and instantly make any outfit look pulled together, from jeans and a chunky knit to a midi skirt and bow blouse. There are so many on the high street right now, I’d always go for a neutral colour like brown or tan as I find I’ll get a lot more wear out of them.

Midi Dress

I adore midi dresses, they look feminine and chic. It’s your outfit sorted, just add a coat with a few accessories and you’re good to go. It’s such a versatile piece for every day, they come in many different designs but I happen to love florals and polka dots. If the weather turns chilly just add a long sleeve thin knit or a thermal top underneath, I’ve been doing that with a few dark floral summer dresses to make sure I bring the cost per wear right down. A midi dress can also take you from day to night just by adding a clutch and strappy heels. My absolute favourite this season is this wrap style from the Richard Allan collection* at H&M. It’s a beautiful design and the material is soft and flowly, I’ll be wearing this for many years to come.

If you’d like to see what else I’ll be wearing over the coming months, then head over to my 10 Winter Wardrobe Staples. They’re classic, timeless pieces that will be in my wardrobe for many years to come.

What's New In My Wardrobe

*items have been gifted in return for a blog post


My Current Skincare Routine

When I find a skincare product I absolutely love I tend to stick to it and shy away from testing too many other items. I know what works well on my skin, also what keeps it hydrated and glowing. I thought I’d share my current skincare routine and favourite products, there are a lot to get through so I’ll jump straight in.


Boots No7 Revitalising Hot Cloth Cleanser – Whatever time of year it is I need a hydrating cleanser to take off my makeup. I love this one from No7 and I’ve repurchased it so many times over the years. It’s super creamy and doesn’t dry out my skin, yet still removes every scrap of dirt and makeup. I also use this to cleanse my skin in the morning, removing it with the damp muslin cloth helps to gently exfoliate my skin, leaving me feeling fresh faced and ready to apply my moisturiser.

Boots No7 Revitalising Micellar Cleansing Water – At the end of the day I like to double cleanse, especially if I’ve been into London or worn a lot of makeup that day. This  one is gentle and doesn’t cause any irritation, I pump some onto a large cotton pad and sweep it all over my face to remove the top layer of makeup. Even doing this makes me feel slightly fresher.


Pixi Skintreats Retinol Tonic – After cleansing I love to use a toner and this one from Pixi ticks all the boxes. It contains Jasmine Flower which not only has great health benefits for your skin but it smells amazing. The Retinol helps rejuvenate your skin to give a natural glow, antioxidants help reduce fine lines and Peptides firm skin & boost collagen production. It’s the best skin tonic I’ve used in a long time and I won’t be giving it up anytime soon.

Summer Skincare Favourites


Decleor Prolagene Lift and Firm Day Cream – I find my skin needs a rich moisturiser to stop it drying out. This one from Decleor is a thick cream yet it feels light and fluffy on my skin and massages in beautifully without leaving it feeling greasy. It’s super nourishing, helps get rid of any dry patches and leaves my skin feeling really hydrated. My complexion looks wonderful and healthy, and feels comfortable all day.

Lancome Anti Stress Moisturising Night Cream – I’ve always used a night cream before I go to bed and this one from Lancome gives my skin a boost while I sleep. It reduces signs of fatigue and leaves my complexion looking like I’ve had a fabulous nights sleep. It’s incredibly moisturising and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Kathleen Skincare
Kathleen Caviar Enriched Eye Cream

Serums and Eye Cream

In the morning I love to apply Kathleen Skincare Amazing White Illuminating Serum*, I’ve written a full review here if you’d like to know why it’s one of my skincare essentials.

Caudalie Firming Serum – In the Evening I make sure I apply a few drops of this lightweight serum from Caudalie. It’s an aromatic infusion of chamomile flowers, lavender water, petit grain, thyme, sage and fresh mint. The oil-free texture glides beautifully onto the skin and absorbs in quickly. It contains hyaluronic acid which helps make the skin look firmer and more toned. It restores a youthful looking complexion and as a 30+ blogger I noticed the difference right from the moment I started using it. I’ve lost count how many bottles I’ve bought, I literally love it that much.

Kathleen Skincare Caviar Enriched Eye Cream – The best eye cream I’ve found is this one by Kathleen, I apply it both in the morning and evening. It’s incredibly hydrating on the delicate skin around the eyes. and great for reducing dark circles and puffiness. My eyes look brighter and more awake, the skin feels soft and looks smoother. This eye cream contains 23 natural and marine extracts which specifically help to firm and lift, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Summer Skincare Favourites
Summer Skincare Favourites

Weekly Skincare Treats

Decleor Aromessence Neroli Amara Oil –  I love giving my skin an extra treat a few times a week and I find using a facial oil helps give me a glowy complexion. I’ve been using this one from Decleor and my skin feels extremely soft and genuinely looks as though I’ve been to the beauty salon. This oil also smells incredible and not only are the essential oils beneficial for my skin but they help to relax my mind. Anything that’s left I will massage into my hands and cuticles to give them some extra nourishment too.

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask – For a real deep clean I love to apply this face mask when I want my skin to be looking it’s best. It’s extremely gentle on my skin and doesn’t cause any irritation. I usually apply it before getting into the bath so it has time to get to work, afterwards my skin feels extremely soft, hydrated and looks positively glowing.

Handbag essentials

Lanolips Tinted Lip Balm –  I chose the shade Perfect Nude, not only does it tint your lips in a natural pinky, nude colour but it keeps them feeling incredibly soft and hydrated throughout the day. It contains factor 30 so you’re protecting the delicate skin while out in the sun. I love wearing this alone or as a pirimer before adding my lip colour over the top.

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream * – I have a tube of hand cream everywhere in the house and I’ll make sure to carry one in my handbag. I’m currently using this one from Caudalie which came as part of a gift set, it’s the perfect size to carry around with me. The cream doesn’t leave my hands feeling sticky, yet it’s extremely nourishing and keeps my hands feeling super soft.

Summer Skincare Favourites
Summer Skincare Favourites
Summer Skincare Favourites

Body Care

Boots No7 Gorgeous Glow Body Scrub – I like to use a body scrub before I apply a fake tan. This one from No7  is incredibly gentle with soft grains in a thick cream, It’s enriched with Almond Oil, Argan Oil and Rosehip seeds, I can’t describe the scent other than it has a fresh, soapy smell. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and removes any dry patches, ready to apply my fake tan.

Another body scrub I absolutely love is Sanctuary’s Hot Sugar Scrub which warms up when you massage into your skin. It’s quite thick when you first scoop it out but it soon melts over the body as you work it in. It’s so gentle yet so effective, especially on the dry areas.

Kathleen Tranquil Fields Body Oil* – This wonderful massage oil contains Lavender Essential Oil, Almond Oil, Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E which help to nourish the skin and keep it feeling silky smooth, even those stubborn areas like knees, elbows and ankles. It’s designed to be used on wet skin, straight after a bath or shower. I love that moment when I add a few drops onto the palms of my hand and simply inhale the relaxing scents and I immediately feel a million times calmer. I’ll leave my full review Here if you’d like to find out more.

Palmers Coconut Oil Body Lotion* – This rich lotion feels so luxurious and smells divine. It contains natural fatty acids which help to keep the skin looking radiant and healthy. My skin feels incredibly soft and moisturised, luckily I bought 3 bottles of this when they were on offer in Boots.

*This post contains products that were originally gifted but I’ve since repurchased from the brand out of my own money.


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