Luxe Studio Rose Gold Makeup brushes There was a time I only used my fingers to apply makeup, then I began discovering more about cosmetics and started experimenting with various brushes and applicators until I found the best beauty tools that worked for me. When I came across Luxe Studio UK The Everything Brush Set* which is designed for both skincare and cosmetics I was interested to try them out. How did these makeup brushes compare to my standard ones?

Luxe Studio Rose Gold Makeup Brushes

I’ve only tried this style of makeup brush once before and I must admit I didn’t get on well with it. The Luxe Studio UK K1 brush set has already scored points with me as they come in rose gold, don’t they look stunning?

These beautiful brushes are designed to multitask and can be used with either cosmetics or skincare products including pressed and loose powder, cream or liquid makeup, moisturisers, serums and even sun cream. They can be used to apply practically any beauty product on your dressing table and I was incredibly surprised when I put each brush to the test.

Rose Gold Face Brush

Each brush has a stunning rose gold handle and look far more expensive than they are. The handle feels extremely light and comfortable to hold, yet easy to control, it didn’t take me too long to get used to handling these brushes in the same way I would hold a toothbrush. The oval shaped brush is made of synthetic fibres which mimic natural hairs and are super soft, yet still dense enough to collect up whatever product you’re applying.

I usually prefer a cosmetics sponge to apply foudation but I was amazed at the results after using the larger Luxe Studio UK brush. I put a few drops of foundation onto the brush and applied it to my face, the product blended in evenly and gave a beautiful smooth finish. I got the same amazing results when I used a cream blusher which I’m not usually a fan of, and my liquid highlighter and powder contour both blended in incredibly well. I will be sticking to my big fluffy brushes to apply translucent powder and bronzer though.

It was such a wonderful experience when I used the larger brush to massage in a night cream, it almost felt as though I’d given myself a mini facial.

Rose Gold Eye makeup brush

The smaller Luxe Studio UK makeup brush was perfect for blending concealer under my eyes and around my nose, there were no harsh lines left behind. I played around with the smaller brush to see how it performed with eyeshadow, I’m still not sure about it yet, maybe I need more practice. However, I was extremely pleased when I used this brush to apply the shade in the crease of my eyelid, the eyeshadow had blended in beautifully and exactly where I wanted it.

As I was testing these brushes out with so many different products It was a great opportunity to see how well they cleaned up and I wasn’t disappointed. It took just a tiny amount of baby shampoo to remove any trace of makeup and they look as good as new again. There wasn’t any shedding and both brushes kept their shape when they had dried.

Overall I am pretty impressed with these stunning rose gold brushes, they are extremely good quality and are wonderful to use. I’ve been reaching for them a lot throughout my beauty and makeup routine.

The brushes are available from Boots stores and Boots Online and the Luxe Studio UK  K1 brush set costs £.18.99, plus you can  find out more about Luxe Studio UK on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Have you tried this style of cosmetic brush? How did you get on?

*Products in this post have kindly been sent to me but all opinions and photos are my own.


flowers, makeup and makeup brush

Being on social media is a huge part of writing a blog, I didn’t realise quite how much when I first started just over a year and a half ago. As well as it being a great opportunity to promote my blogs posts, I absolutely love chatting to other people and finding amazing bloggers to follow.

Blogging was never meant to be full time, only a hobby. I love being on social media, but at one point I felt the need to be online every minute, of every single day. I felt so overwhelmed with trying to keep up that I almost stopped blogging altogether. I’d forgotten how to be me and stopped spending time on other hobbies I enjoy, so I learnt to balance my time better and now keep a list in my diary in case things get too much and I need reminding to step away from technology for a while.

I thought I’d share some of my non-blogging hobbies with you.

Makeup and Makeup Brushes

  1. Pamper evening – who doesn’t love a few hours of pure indulgence? Playing with makeup or painting my nails or a face mask, anything that’s a hour or two by myself.
  2. Reading – I love crime, romance, history, fantasy, or comedy books, I also enjoy reading a good biography.
  3. Scrapbooking – I keep everything from postcards to cinema tickets and photos to event invites. It’s the perfect way to look back on all those happy memories.
  4. Art Journal/Diary – I’m not great at drawing, I love to doodle, cut photos or words out of magazines to make collages and generally get creative. I write down how I’m feeling, good or bad, and what’s been happening in my life.
  5. Baking – I’m rubbish at cooking a meal from scratch but I’m pretty good at baking muffins, cookies or a sponge cake.
  6. Exploring – new places or old, I love to get outdoors, a walk in the woods, country gardens, a day by the sea or a historical town with amazing architecture.
  7. Visiting museums – the two I absolutely love are Victoria and Albert Museum and The Natural History Museum, there are some great smaller museums in my local area. Not sure if this counts but I’d love to visit Harry Potter World, maybe one day!
  8. Tarrot cards/Rune Stones – I am definitely not an expert, I have a couple of sets at home and my friends love doing them with me just for fun.
  9. Visiting Art galleries – there are some wonderful pieces of art around, I also love learning about the artist who painted each piece of work.
  10. Watching Films – either at home for a movie night or an evening out at the cinema, preferably with popcorn and a takeaway.
  11. Spending time with friends and family – coffee dates, afternoon tea, meals out, a day trip somewhere exciting, a games night or simply just chilling at each others houses.
  12. Netflix – I’ve discovered some great TV series since having Netflix, I enjoy dramas, crime shows, comedy dramas, documentaries and psychological dramas, if I love something that much I’ll watch it more than once.
  13. Photography – I love taking photos for my blog or Instagram, usually beauty products or something pretty around my home. I enjoy taking photos to go in my scrapbook, people, places I’ve visited, something special I’ve created or a funny moment captured in time.
  14. Vintage fashion – I’m fascinated by clothes ranging from the 1920s upto the 1970s. I often visit museums and make a beeline for the costume section, I enjoy shopping in vintage shops and flicking through books I have with beautiful photos of outfits people wore in decades gone by. My fashion icons are Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe. I’d love to create my own fashion brand but I can’t see that ever happening.
  15. Writing to penpals – I’ve made new penpals on line but I also love writing letters to friends or family who live far away. A girl can never have to much stationery, right?
  16. Collecting things – anything Disney or unicorn related, cute or commemorative mugs and thimbles from places I’ve visited.
  17. Going to the theatre – Before I started suffering from seizures I’d love to see my favourite band or artist at a music concert, but too many flashing lights have made it almost impossible now. Instead I’ll stick to seeing a show or ballet, something I’ve done ever since my Grandmother first took me when I was very little.

I’m not quite sure what this vast selection of hobbies says about me but that’s everything I love doing when I when I’m not on the internet.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time and away from the internet?


Skincare products I can't live without

My obsession with skincare started when I was in my teens and I began by trying my Grandmothers various lotions or creams as she always had beautiful clear skin. Later I began experimenting for myself to see what skincare suited me best. Like many  young women I read magazines or blogs to see what new wonder product was on the market and felt I had to buy every single item that promised amazing results. At one point I had three different night creams, four different cleansers and a number of other serums, tonics, toners and buffers, all on the go at once and this probably wasn’t doing my skin any good what so ever.

Luckily I’ve never suffered with any major problems, I have dry, sensitive skin with the odd breakout and a few areas of eczema on my body which usually flares up if I’m stressing about something. I also don’t want to pay over the top prices for my skincare products when I know there are some amazing brands out there that do the job just as well.

These are the skincare products that I’ve been using over the past couple of months.

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and No7 Gentle Toner

I first fell in love with Liz Earle Cleanse And Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser after buying a mini sample size and I’ve been using it to cleanse my face ever since. It’s a gorgeous rich, creamy consistency, full of natural ingredients and it’s super gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling so soft, yet still very effective at removing all of my make up. It gently exfoliates your skin too, without being too harsh and stripping all the natural oils from your skin.

If I’m wearing heavier makeup then I’ll occasionally use Boots No7 Micellar Water first, just to remove the top layer of dirt and grime. It’s also been a brilliant cleanser to take on holiday with me, it’s quick and easy to use plus I usually only wear tinted moisturiser, mascara and bronzer when I’m away.

I use No7 Soft and Soothed Gentle Toner after I’ve cleansed or used a face mask to make sure that every scrap of product or makeup has been removed. It’s super gentle and doesn’t sting my skin.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum and Moisturiser

The Body Shop Vitamin E range has been around for a number of years and one I keep going back to. After I have cleansed or used a face mask I’ll apply the Moisture Serum, followed by the Moisture Day Cream, both are light enough to wear under makeup, leaving my skin feel so soft without being sticky. In the evening I’ll switch to using the  Vitamin E Over Night Serum In Oil, this has the benefits of a serum and oil all in one, it’s lightweight and non greasy. To finish off I’ll use the Moisture Night Cream it’s super rich but absorbs into my skin beautifully. I absolutely love the Vitamin E range, it’s fantastic, it almost feels as though I’m having a mini pamper session every time I complete my skincare routine. My skin feels hydrated and nourished, it looks radiant and healthy, what more could a girl ask for?

It’s important to me to look after the delicate skin around my eyes as I get older. I’ve been using Superdrug B Nourished Eye Cream, it feels incredibly soothing and helps reduce any puffiness and dark circles. It’s a delicate, lightweight cream and makes my eye area feel so soft after gently dabbing on a few drops.

Formula 10.0.6 Mud Mask

Once a week I love to apply a face mask for a real deep clean and right now I’m using  Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Skin Clarifying Mud Mask. It’s been quite hard to find a face mask that’s gentle on my sensitive skin and doesn’t cause any irritation, but this one is absolutely amazing. My skin feels extremely soft and looks positively glowing after I use it. It’s incredibly relaxing to pop on a face mask while soaking in the bath, listening to music and I have to say this one also smells absolutely delicious!

Lush Lip Scrub and The Body Shop Rose Hand Cream

There are a couple of extras I use as part of my skincare routine including Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub as it helps to remove any dry, flaky skin. I mainly use this if I’m wearing a lot of matte liquid lipsticks, as they can be quite drying. I gently apply the scrub using my finger tip and it leaves my lips feeling super soft. It smells incredible and leaves your lips with a gorgeous sweet taste afterwards. Then I apply my favourite lip balm before applying whatever lip colour I’ve chosen that day.

I have to say The Body Shop British Rose Soft Petal Hand Cream  smells divine, before I even mention how wonderful it is! It’s a thick, creamy constancy and it melts into into my skin really quickly. I like to look after my hands just as much as I do my face, this hand cream is super nourishing and leaves my hands feeling so soft. I use it after I’ve washed my hands or whenever they feel a bit dry, I’ve even chucked a tube of it in my handbag so I can apply some when I’m out!

The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Body Cream and The Body Shop Skin Defence Essence

I’ve been using The Body Shop’s Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence on my skin before I go out in the sun. It’s a lightweight milk that makes my skin feel so soft, it contains SPF 50 so it will protect my skin against sun damage. It’s seen a lot of use recently and came with me on a few trips away.

I apply The Body Shop’s Atlas Mountain Rose Body Cream after my morning shower, it’s super creamy and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. It has a slightly different fragrance compared to the plain rose one, this body cream has less of a sweet smell due to rose mixed with warm spices and amber, so it’s a really comforting fragrance. It’s helped sort out any dry areas, especially my elbows, knees and ankles. Plus it’s a wonderful body cream to apply after having a relaxing bath!

Do you have a regular skincare routine? What products are you really enjoying at the moment?


Beauty and makeup products I've loved using this month

Well my plans to do an Instagram Story every day during July went right out the window, although I did manage a few days, this is something I’d really like to make an effort with next month. I’ve really been enjoying taking more lifestyle photos to share on Instagram. When I looked back over my Instagram from before I was blogging, my feed was full of life, hardly a beauty product insight. Gradually it shifted more towards “Rosie Loves Life” and “Sharon” kind of disappeared, it used to be my online photo album to share with friends but then I suppose that’s what Facebook is for.

Anyway, July has been a busy month for me with some very exciting things going on, I met new people, explored new places and went to the cinema for a girls night out. I’ve also been trying out some fab new products and most of them have made it to this months favourites along side some of the other things I’ve loved in July.

W7 Eyeshadow Palette Delicious

W7 Eyeshadow palette in Delicious

This is an absolutely stunning eyeshadow palette and I’d been trying to get hold of it when it first appeared online. Finally I managed to purchase the palette as soon as it came back into stock and I’ve been absolutely obsessed with it ever since! It’s a dupe for the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, but much more affordable at only £12.95. There are 14 different eyeshadows with a mix of berry and neutral shades, including matte and shimmer, some of which are totally out of my comfort zone. I’ve mainly been using the darker, berry tones, which are highly pigmented, but a few of the lighter shades don’t really show up much on me at all. I’ve been getting much braver with my makeup looks but I’m not quite ready to dye my hair pink just yet!

The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Body Cream and The Body Shop Skin Defence Essence

The Body Shop has been a place I’ve loved for years but hadn’t been in for a while. I needed to replace a few bits and picked up the Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence and I’ve been using it on my skin before I go out in the sun. It’s a lightweight milk that makes my skin feel so soft, it contains SPF 50 so it will protect my skin against sun damage so it’s seen a lot of use this month and came with me on both trips away.

I’ve also been using The Body Shop’s Atlas Mountain Rose Body Cream as part of my daily skincare routine, it’s super creamy and leaves my skin feeling extremely soft. It’s has a slightly different fragrance than the plain old rose I usually go for, this body cream has less of a sweet smell due to rose mixed with warm spices and amber, so it’s a really comforting fragrance. I’ve been suffering with a lot of dry areas on my skin, especially my elbows, and this has been the only body cream that’s sorted them out. Plus it’s a wonderful body cream to apply after having a relaxing bath, oh that’ll be the next thing on my list, the bath foam to go with it!

NYX HD Foundation and Barry M Lipstick Mannequin

For a drugstore foundation I’ve been pretty impressed with NYX HD Studio Photogenic Foundation, I tend not to wear to much base in the summer but occasionally I need more than a tinted moisturiser. After being outside in the sun a lot I had to get a foundation that was a few shades darker than my winter one, so thought I’d try the NYX range. This foundation applies really lovely with my damp beauty sponge and gives a lovely dewy finish. I only apply a light layer but the coverage is incredible. It doesn’t feel too heavy on my skin and didn’t stick to any dry patches. Plus it comes in a handy size tube, so it’s easy to pack for a holiday.

Barry M Satin Super Slick Lip Paint in Mannequin is a beautiful peachy, nude shade and has been my go-to lipstick on many occasions this month. It contains Shea Butter, so it’s extremely moisturising on my lips, it almost acts like a lip balm and lipstick in one which has been great on busy days. It’s incredibly glossy and last pretty well considering it’s a satin lip product. I’ve also seen a gorgeous wine shade, which will be perfect for Autumn!

Sass & Belle Trinket Dish

The month started of with the most amazing trip to Brighton, I was extremely excited as it was my first time visiting there and I was going to meet my blogging friend Holly. We both had an amazing day together, exploring the sights, eating ice cream on the Pier and generally having loads of fun hanging out together. Holly very kindly gave me this pretty trinket dish as a reminder of our day together and it has sat on my dressing table with my favourite pieces of jewellery on it . Isn’t it so pretty? If you’d like to find out more about what we got up to, I’ll leave a link to my blog post here.

W7 Nail Polish in shade Fluorescent Pink

I adore pink nail polish but this has to be my favourite shade ever! I’ve been wearing W7 Nail Polish In Fluorescent Pink for most of the month and it seemed to go with most outfits I was wearing and looked pretty good when I was holding products for close up shots in my photos too! It applies really nicely, quick drying and stays chip free for days, which is pretty good going for me.

Pink Beach Hut in Southwold

My second trip of the month was a few days in Southwold. I’d never been there before so really didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be a really beautiful, quaint seaside town. When we fist arrived I had the most amazing vegetarian cooked breakfast in a cafe by the sea, it was so huge that I was full up for most of the day! We took a walk along the promenade and past the pastel coloured beach huts, had a stroll around the shops and walked along the pier where Adrian and I got caught in the heaviest rain shower ever! We were laughing so much and both looked like we been for a swim in the sea, but luckily soon dried off.

A painting from Dorkface Shop on Etsy

By now you’ll all know how much I adore Jemma and everything she sells on her Etsy store and I couldn’t let the month go without mentioning this gorgeous pink, white and blue painting from her. When Jemma started selling one off pieces of artwork I’ve fallen in love with every single one. She even shows little snippets on her Instagram Stories as she’s creating each piece, it’s so therapeutic I could watch them all day. It is first come first served with these larger canvas paintings, but each one I’ve seen so far has looked amazing. This one is now in my bedroom and I absolutely love it, the colours are beautifully put together. When someone commented on this on her social media they mentioned having the feeling of candy floss, clouds, flamingos and 1950’s tea dresses (sorry, I can’t remember who, so I can’t credit them). These canvas paintings are different to her usual drawings, you see what you want to see in them, she had a stunning orange, yellow and green one which had the feel of freedom in the sunshine and exploring in the woods. Jemma even had one with pom poms and glitter on!

What things have you been loving recently?


I always get very excited when brands bring out their new season products, especially when it’s a brand I’ve loved for a while. The very first item of makeup I bought from GOSH was a clear eyebrow gel back in 2015. Back then I thought they were a relatively new company, so imagine my surprise when I discovered GOSH has been around since 1945!

I was over the moon when GOSH emailed me to invite me to the launch of their new AW17 collection up in London, I would’ve absolutely loved to have gone but I sadly I couldn’t make it that evening. GOSH* very kindly sent me out some of their new products to try, how lovely is that?

It would have been amazing to see some of the other bloggers I know there too, like Holly (from Golly Miss Holly) and Tania (from When Tania Talks), but hey, there’s always next time!

The Strobe ‘N Glow Kit in 002 Blush has a gorgeous matte blush, two highlighting blushers and a highlighter, all four shades are stunning and the powder is incredibly soft.

GOSH also have a Strobe ‘N Glow Kit 001 Highlight, which has three stunning shades for bronzing and a highlighter. If that’s as amazing as the blush kit then I’ll be adding that to my basket next time I’m in Superdrug!

The Mix and Fix Blender brush is perfect for mixing liquid foundation with concealer or liquid highlighter such as GOSH Lumi Drops. The brush is so soft and applied my makeup evenly, without leaving any streaky lines. It’s 100% synthetic and suitable for vegans.

If you love GOSH Lumi Drops as much as I do, then you’ll be pleased to know there are two new shades, Gold and Rose Gold (definitely need that one in my life!) These liquid highlighters can be used on bare skin, over the top of your foundation or just on certain areas of your face to give a healthy glow.

I was particularly interested in trying out the Prime ‘N Set Primer and Mattifying Powder in Banana. You can use it under your makeup as a primer help minimize pores, fine lines and redness. The powder can also be used to set your makeup in place and help control  shine to create a flawless look. It’s so incredibly lightweight that it didn’t feel like I was wearing any powder at all.

GOSH Colour Corrector Kit has 5 different shades for high coverage of any problems areas, a concealer (for small imperfections), Yellow (for under eye circles), Green (to cover any red patches), Purple (for any yellow tones) and Peach (for brightening under the eye). It’s a super creamy consistency which blends in beautifully, I found it best to apply a primer first as this stops the corrector from creasing.

The Lift and Highlight 2 in 1 pencil helps to define, lift and highlight, one end is matte and the other is a shimmery shade. It’s perfect for under your eye brow, the inner corner of your eyes and your cupids bow. Again, it’s a thick creamy formula that blends in easily using your finger tips. The shimmer shade is absolutely stunning and certainly gave me a more “wide awake” look!

Primer Plus+ is pretty amazing, it made my skin feel extremely soft and gave my complexion such a healthy glow. The primer is super lightweight and it’s a pale nude shade when you first apply but quickly adapts to most skin tones. It contains oak extract, plus it’s anti pollution and is perfume free, which is great for my sensitive skin.

My Favourite Mascara gives your lashes a wonderful, natural, everyday look. The large fibre brush helps to lengthen and define each lash, yet adding loads of volume without going all clumpy. It’s smudge proof, it lasted all day and still looked amazing when I got home, even after my eyes were watering thanks to hay fever!

These products are all available from Superdrug, either in store or online, if you fancy getting your hands on GOSH’s new collection!

Have you bought anything from the new collection? What would be your favourite item?

*These items were sent to me by GOSH but all opinions are my own.