Beauty Favourites

It’s that time of the month again where I round up all of the beauty must-haves I’ve been reaching for during the last 4 weeks. It’s mainly about skincare this month and a few of them have been beauty lifesavers when my skin has needed a little extra TLC. I’m even quite proud of myself as I managed to get through the whole month with only one makeup purchase, hurray, more money in my piggy bank towards Christmas!

So here’s the run down of all the beauty products I’ve loved using during October.


Lush The Comforter Shower Cream

I’m such a big fan of the Lush Bath Bombs but last month I’ve been using one of their shower creams and it smells incredible! It has a warm blackberry and vanilla fragrance and my morning showers have been feeling very cosy indeed! Not only does it smell good enough to eat but it lathers up really well on my sponge. The Comforter shower creme is full of essential oils so it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised, the perfect start to a cold, chilly day.


Bee Good Honey and Camelina Exfoliator

This wonderful facial exfoliator from Bee Good is so gentle on my sensitive skin and doesn’t leave it feeling as though my face has been scrubbed with sand paper. It’s excellent for getting rid of any dry, flaky patches, it’s creamy consistency soaks into my skin which helps to moisturise and keeps it feeling extremely soft and smooth. Bee Good exfoliator really has brightened up my complexion since I’ve introduced it as part of my weekly skincare routine.


Lush Rosy Cheeks Face Mask

After trying quite a few face masks in the past year this one has to be my all time favourite and one I’ve been using over the last month to give my complexion an extra boost. This light pink clay mask smells absolutely amazing with a hint of natural rose, which is one of my favourite scents. It gives my skin a real deep clean and gently removes all the dirt and grime, helping to unclog my pores, especially around my nose area. This mask has a real soothing and calming effect on my sensitive skin which is looking more even toned and feeling super soft. This will be one of my skincare saviours for a long time to come!

Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser

Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser

During the colder months my skin does tend to feel slightly drier than normal, so I switch to a heavier moisturiser as part of my daily skincare routine. I’ve been using Liz Earle’s Superskin Moisturiser, which is is absolutely amazing. It’s lightweight enough to be applied during the day under makeup, yet thick and creamy enough to use as a night cream. It’s non greasy and absorbs really quickly into my skin, I love how soft and nourished my skin feels and it stays hydrated all day.

MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer

MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer in shade Dash

I’ve been so impressed with this MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer that I’ve been using it a lot during October. I really love how well it applies and the amount of time it lasts, it won’t budge until I physically take it off with cleanser at the end of the day. It’s also great that for a long lasting lip product it doesn’t dry my lips out, oh and Dash is just the most adorable berry shade ever!

That brings me to the end of my monthly beauty favourites. What products have you loved using this month?



There are some amazing lip products on the market right now but I’ve found a few that I’ve seriously been loving over the past few months, and as Autumn is well and truly underway I’d thought I’d let you have a peak at what lip products I’ve been using.


No7 Matte Lip Crayon in shade Raspberry Red

This shade is just the most gorgeous deep pinky red colour, perfect for day wear and not so in your face as a pillar box red.  I found this lightweight chunky lip pencil so easy to use, it glides on smoothly and gives a beautiful matte finish which stays put all day.  The colour is highly pigmented and doesn’t dry out my lips, so for a matte lip product it’s actually quite moisturising. With it being a crayon I also found that I didn’t need to use a lip liner, an added bonus if you’re in a hurry!


MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquer in shade Dash

This shade is just a gorgeous deep berry shade and will suit most skin tones, I absolutely love it. The velvet lip lacquer comes with a sponge applicator making it really easy to apply the colour and it just glides onto your lips. It is super pigmented and dries ever so quickly into the most beautiful silky matte finish. Oh my word, once this stuff is on your lips, it’s on for the day, there wasn’t even the slightest bit of colour left behind on my coffee cup! It’s budge proof! Well at least until I physically take it off with makeup remover at the end of the day. It also doesn’t dry out my lip which is fabulous. So if you’re after a lip product that has amazing staying power and still looks as good at the end of the day as when you applied it in the morning, then check out these lip lacquers, and at only £3 they are such a great bargain!


4U2 Lipaholic in shade 11

This shade is a beautiful warm toned browny nude shade, so it’s absolutely perfect for everyday wear. This lipstick gives an incredible creamy finish and is super easy to apply, it just glides on so nicely and took just one coat to give my lips a beautiful wash of colour. I was seriously impressed with how long the lipstick lasted, only having to top up once through the day. It feels super nourishing on my lips, so it doesn’t dry them out unlike some budget lipsticks.  4U2 are based in LA and will be available in the UK soon but you can check them out via their Twitter page.


NYX Butter Lipstick in shade Hunk

This beautiful creamy lipstick is just the most amazing moisturising lipstick I’ve ever had and this shade is a gorgeous plum colour so it’s perfect for Autumn. My lips always feel super soft and hydrated after using this lipstick, it’s a bit like having a highly pigmented lip balm which is just what I need in the colder months. It’s such a lovely lipstick to apply and just glides on really smoothly. This has to be one of my all time favourite lipsticks!


Barry M Lip Liner in shade Mulberry

With a few of my lipsticks I do need to apply a lip liner before putting them on and it can be quite difficult trying to find a lip liner which isn’t so hard that it’s not going to drag the delicate skin on my lips. This lip liner from Barry M is just what I’ve been looking for, it has a really velvety soft texture, it wasn’t too soft that I don’t get a nice precise line and not too hard that I’m scratching every bit of skin on my lips.

PS Pro Longwear Lip Liner Pen in shade Ultimate Nude

This lip liner pen from Primark is absolutely wonderful, it acts like a lip stain! So I’ll start off by filling my lips in first with this felt tip liner and then apply my favourite nude lipstick. The liner has such amazing staying power, it basically lasts all day, and the lipstick leaves my lips with a creamy smooth finish. What a perfect combination!

Thanks for reading. What lip products have you been loving?


If you know me by now, you’ll know how much I love doing my nails with my favourite nail polish. However, I don’t always have the time, or the patience, to sit and wait for each coat to dry for my perfectly manicured nails.
I’ve always wanted to try nail art, but me doing something that fiddly would most probably end up a disaster. So you can imagine how excited I was when I got hold of a set of Dinki Belle Nail Wraps.


Dinki Belle is a small brand in the UK but they offer a wide range of beautiful, colourful nail wraps and I was so delighted to be able to try out the Marble set. Instantly instagramable! I think they are the perfect treat for a night out or that very special occasion where you want something a little different to your normal nail polish.
For £6.99 you get 20 nail wraps which come in the a cute little drawstring bag, complete with easy to follow instructions, a nail file and a manicure stick. What a bargain.

I began by prepping my nails as I would normally do, filing and buffing to get my own nails into a shape I was happy with. Next I selected a nail wrap for each of my nails and found that there was one that fit the shape of my nails perfectly, however they are easy to trim into shape for a better fit as I later found out.

The Instructions for use:

  • Clean and buff your nails
  • Select the size to suit your nail and remove the clear cover
  • Lift the wrap using the silver tab and apply to nail smoothing out any wrinkles
  • Wrap around the nail and file off excess in a downward motion
  • Remove with nail polish remover or gently peel off

And hey presto, I had beautiful marble nails.
Dinki Belle do suggest using a top coat, so I just applied my normal Barry M top coat over each nail wrap.
I found the first couple of attempts a bit tricky because I don’t have a very steady hand so I had to use one of the nail wraps which needed to be trimmed, but I had no problem fitting it the shape of my nail. Afterwards I managed to do all of my nails and they looked absolutely amazing.
On the packaging Dinki Belle say the nail wraps lasts up to 14 days, I was so pleased that mine lasted 11 days which is pretty good going considering they are basically stickers and I do think applying the top coat helped. I’ve even got some left so I could be a bit creative and apply a marble nail wrap on alternate fingers with a normal nail polish in between.
I think these are the cutest nail wraps I’ve ever seen and will probably buy another set for a special ocassion I have coming up soon.

Have you used nail wraps before? What pattern did you choose?



I’ve been so excited at the thought of trying out a sheet style mask ever since they came on the beauty scene a while back. They are wonderful little masks full of amazing ingredients and promise to give super hydration to the skin, which is just what I need when we’re going into a new season where my skin can start to feel a little bit drier than it normally does.
The Vitamasques Hydro Face Mask has been designed to give super hydration thanks to the Artificial Moisturising Factor (AMF) which enhances the skin ability to retain moisture for up to 120 hours, that’s nearly a whole week! It also contains extracts of Rose of Jericho for an extra moisturising boost, which is fabulous if you’re like me and can suffer from dry, dehydrated skin.


I was keen to try out the Vitamasques Hydro Face Mask, especially now I’m starting to think about switching up my skincare routine to cope with the effects the colder weather can have on my skin.

Vitamasque suggest thoroughly cleansing and toning before applying the mask and then sitting back to relax for 30 minutes, sitting quiet for that length of time was going to be a challenge in itself as I’m used to a mask that only takes 15 minute, so I popped on some relaxing music and prepared to be pampered.

I thought the Hydro Face Mask was going to be made from a cotton sheet type material impregnated with the product but instead it consists of a face shaped gel which comes in 2 parts. I applied the mask to my face which I found really easy to do and smoothed it carefully over my skin. Due to the type of material it’s made of it sticks to the face so easily without slipping off. After about 15 minutes I did start to have a tingling sensation on my skin and I thought I may be having a reaction, but as this has happened before with a wonderful minty clay mask I’ve used and been fine with, I decided to just go with it and give the Hydro Face Mask the full length of time to work it’s magic.
However, after the 30 minutes I was so relieved to be able to remove the mask as the tingling sensation had got worse. I followed the instructions for removing the mask and gently massaged any remaining product into my skin which soaked in really well without leaving any sticky residue behind.
My skin did feel soft and hydrated but it also looked extremely red and felt really itchy, so after a while I splashed some cold water on my face to soothe it down a little. I think there may have been something in this mask that I found didn’t agree with my sensitive skin, which I’m a little bit disappointed with as I’d heard such wonderful things about the Vitamasques Hydro Face Mask. This mask may be perfect for someone else with normal or dry skin who wants an extra moisture boost, but sadly it wasn’t for me.
Unfortunately, it took a good few days for the redness and sensitivity to settle down, so next time I shall be sticking with my usual clay or mud style masks to give my complexion a refresh or for my weekly pamper routine.

Thank you for reading. Have you tried a sheet mask or a hydro gel mask? How did you get on?


Well, here we are again, another month has passed by and I’m searching through all of my beauty products to see what I’ve really enjoyed using the most throughout September. Can you believe that Summer has been and gone, and we’re now going into Autumn which I’m really looking forward to so much this year, it could be my new favourite season. My pumpkin candle has already been lit a couple of evenings this week and I’ve been eyeing up all the gorgeous new coats and knitwear that are in the shops right now. And I’ve even been making plans for Christmas, which is so organised for me it’s unreal! One thing I can’t bring myself to enjoy is a Pumpkin Spice Latte, yuk, it’s just too milky for my liking, no I’ll always be a cappuccino girl!

I have a lot of new additions this month so I’d better stop chatting and talk you through what’s made it into this month’s beauty favourites.

Sleek MakeUP Highlighter Palette – Solstice
This little beauty had been on my wishlist for what seemed like forever and I just hadn’t got round to buying it, but at the beginning of September I was extremely lucky enough to win one in a competition which was run by lovely Holly from Closing Winter. And wow, it is just amazing. With 4 different highlighters all in one palette, three powder and one cream, it covers just about everything I need from some shimmer on my cheeks to adding a lift to my brow bone. The pigmentation is just incredible so you don’t need to use too much and I found it best to use my finger tip for the cream highlighter.

Liz Earle Cleanse And Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
I fell in love with this wonderful cleanser after buying the mini sample size in Boots, so before that one ran out I had to purchase the full size product and have been using it to cleanse my face ever since. It’s a gorgeous rich, creamy consistency and full of natural ingredients, it’s so gentle on my skin but still very effective at removing all of my make up. My complexion looks really radiant and my skin feels so soft. I’ve loved that my skin doesn’t feel all dry and tight after using this cleanser, but it still felt really clean. This is definitely going to be repurchased after I have finished using this bottle!

NYX Butter Lipstick in shade Hunk
This is the perfect addition to my Autumn make up bag as not only is it a gorgeous plum colour but I found it to be a cross between a lip balm and a lipstick, just right for the colder weather. My lips felt really soft and hydrated after using this lipstick. It has amazing staying power, I only had to reapply it once throughout the day which is pretty good for a moisturising lipstick. I also think it’s a great lipstick for everyday use as the colour isn’t too overpowering, plus it’s such a bargain for just £5.50!

Natural Collection Nail Colour in Black Cherry
I realised that most of my nail polishes are summer shades, so I’d decided to pick up at least one new colour that was more Autumnal. Natural Collection is a brand I’ve only just recently discovered and if I’d have known the nail varnish was going to be this good I’d have picked up another shade at the time. At first I thought it may be quite fiddly to apply as it only has a short handle and a thin brush, but no, it was completely the opposite! The polish is super glossy with a slight glitter effect and this shade is just gorgeous. It dries really quickly and I do find I need to apply a couple of coats to get a solid colour, however the nail polish lasts for quite a few days, which is amazing considering they are only £1.99.

Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow in shade Asteroid
I had a slight mishap with a beloved eyeshadow palette and my favourite shade is no more. I didn’t want to fork out for a whole new palette just for one eyeshadow, so while I was looking at the nail polishes I had a browse to see if I could find a single replacement. This single eyeshadow is the perfect one, it’s the prettiest khaki brown shade with a slight gold shimmer to it so it’s great for my everyday make up routine. The colour is buildable so I will start off going in light all over my eyelid and then add a bit more to the outer edges for a slightly deeper colour. I find this wonderful little pot of eyeshadow easy to apply and it blends in lovely for a really soft finish. The colour lasted all day but I do use a primer underneath as I would with all of my eyeshadows and this can really make a difference.

NYX Setting Spray in Dewy Finish
I was so happy when my local Boots started stocking the NYX make up range but I swear they need to move it’s position now as I’m becoming slightly addicted to it! Anyway, I was after a setting spray that wasn’t too powdery as they can be extra drying on my already dry skin. Honestly, this one is just amazing and keeps my make up looking fresh and dewy throughout the day. It’s lightweight and so comfortable to wear and gives my make up that little extra staying power so I don’t have to do any touch ups during the day. Fabulous!

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Flat Buffer Brush (no F20)
This one actually came with my July Glossy Box but I’ve been so impressed with it that of course it had to feature in my monthly favourites. The brush is super soft with short flat bristles making it easy to blend in my foundation and gives a really natural, flawless finish. I absolutely love it and it’s just the best foundation brush I have ever tried.

Amelia Moss Rose Water*
I’ve been really enjoying using this gorgeous Rose Water toner as part of my skincare routine. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped of all it’s natural oils and it’s so refreshing to use. I absolutely love the delicate rose fragrance which isn’t too overpowering. This is 100% natural and can be used as a cleanser as well. If you’d like to read my full review you’ll be able to find that here.

What have your favourite beauty products been this month? Have you ever tried any of these? How did you get on with any you’ve tried?

*Items have been sent for review but all opinions are my own.