a selection of makeup

For me, a change in seasons usually means a change in my makeup routine, or at least delving to the back of my beauty drawer and bringing out some long forgotten favourites. After months of wearing pastel pinks and a bronzy look, I’ll swap my every day makeup to something a little warmer, with the main additions being darker lip products. I feel much more confident when I wear makeup and use products I know will give me the best possible result.

a selection of make up from GOSH, Urban Decay and Too Faced

Before I go anywhere near my face with a scrap of makeup I’ll prep my skin by carrying out my daily skincare routine. Then I’ll apply GOSH Primer Plus+ is pretty amazing, it smooths out my skins texture and helps my makeup last longer. This primer is super lightweight and comes in a pale nude shade when you first apply it, it will quickly adapt to most skin tones. I only need one pump to cover the whole of my face and it blends in easily using my fingers, making my skin feel super soft. It contains oak extract, plus it’s anti pollution and is perfume free, which is great for my sensitive skin and a perfect base for my makeup.

a selection of makeup

Having the perfect base allows the rest of my makeup to come together for a flawless finish. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation has a lovely creamy consistency and doesn’t dry out my skin. I use one pump on the back of my hand and dot some across my face, blending it in with a damp beauty blender. This foundation is incredible, it’s smooth application gives my complexion a wonderful flawless finish with a medium to full coverage, concealing any blemishes. It’s lightweight, lasts all day and still looks amazing. This is my new go-to foundation, so I’ll be using this one for quite a while!

I simply love the Makeup Revelation Iconic Lights Contour Palette if I want to add a little shape to my face, taking a medium sized makeup brush I’ll sweep the warmer shade (bottom row, second right) into the hollows of my cheeks and across the top of my forehead. These powders are so soft and creamy and incredibly pigmented, so don’t go over board at first!

GOSH The Strobe ‘N Glow Kit in 002 Blush is a gorgeous cheek palette which includes a beautiful matte blush in a peachy shade, two highlighting blushers and a highlighter. All four shades are stunning, the powders are incredibly soft and blend in beautifully.

Hourglass Highlighting palette

To brighten up my complexion I’ll add dusting of Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder all over my face. I’m using the shade Dim, which is a neutral peach beige, without being too sparkly. It helps to blurr any imperfections and gives me a healthy radiant glow.

a tube of concealer from Urban Decay

I’ve been using Urban Decay Naked Skin Complete Coverage Concealer for covering up the dark circles under my eyes, it’s my little magic wand. I dot a small amount where I need it and blend it in with a beauty sponge, it has the most amazing coverage, concealing blemishes in a smooth matte finish.

yellowed toned face powder

I set my concealer in place with GOSH Prime ‘N Set Primer and Mattifying Powder in Banana, occassionally I use it after I’ve applied my foundation to help control  shine and create a flawless look. It’s so incredibly lightweight that it didn’t feel like I was wearing any powder at all. You can also use it under your makeup as a primer to help minimize pores, fine lines and redness.

eyeshadow palette

The Urban Decay Naked Palette is one of my all time favourite eyeshadow palette for an everyday look. The palette comes with 12 golden neutral toned shades, including matte, satin and  shimmer. Each eyeshadow has a silky texture and blends in effortlessly, the shades are super pigmented and have amazing staying power. I apply Naked all over my lid, Smog in the crease, then I’ll take Darkhorse in the outer corners, blending it up into the crease and along my lower lash line. I’ll finish with Sidecar on the inner part of my eyelid and Virgin right in the inner corner.

a mascara from GOSH

I use Kat Von D Tattoo Liquid Liner to line my upper lash line, it’s absolutely incredible. I am rubbish at creating the perfect winged eyeliner and this one makes it so much easier to get right. It’s super pigmented in bold black and stays put all day, no amount of crying, eye rubbing or getting stuck in a downpour  is going to smudge this little beauty!

GOSH My Favourite Mascara gives your lashes a wonderful, natural, everyday look. The large fibre brush helps to lengthen and define each lash, yet adding loads of volume without going all clumpy. It puts quite a lot of mascara onto my lashes, making them look thicker and fuller, one coat is definitely enough. It wears lovely throughout the day and I’m not left with any flaky bits that have dropped onto my cheek. It’s smudge proof, lasts all day and still looked amazing when I got home, even after my eyes were watering!

a selection of lip products

For everyday I’ll apply NYX Lip Liner in Nude and Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in the shade Monogamous, which is a gorgeous browny nude and is creamy, a moisturising formula. I’m also obsessed with Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit in Allure which is a stunning metallic plum shade. I love wearing a bolder lip and some my favourites this season are NYX Butter Gloss in shade Red Velvet, Sleek Matte Lipstick in shade Russian Roulette, GOSH Lipstick in the shade Amethyst, and Rodial Suede Lips in shade Big Apple. These lip products are all incredibly long lasting and feel really comfortable to wear without drying out my lips.

rose gold makeup brushes

Rose Gold Makeup Brushes and a selection of makeup


I have a vast collection of different makeup tools including brushes from Real Techniques, Spectrum and Indy Luxe. More recently I’ve been using these rose gold oval ones from Luxe Studio Uk, if you’d like to read more about them I’ll leave the review I wrote about them here.

Have you got a favourite product you always use or do you change your look with the seasons?

*This post contains PR products but all opinions and photos are my own.


Brush cleaning tool

Does any one really love cleaning their makeup brushes? It can seem like a real chore, I try to clean my beauty tools at least once a week, however I will admit to occasionally using a small amount of makeup remover to swipe over some of my favourite blending brushes if I’m using quite a mixture of shadows. Even then, it’s pain to wait for one brush to dry completely before using it again. You can guarantee that I’ll want to do a neutral look after doing a smokey eye the day before and there’s one brush that’s absolutely filthy.

brush cleaning tool and eyeshadow brushes

Guess what? There’s a little tin available from Beauty Essentials which allows you to swipe a makeup brush over it and switch between eyeshadows!

Shadow Switch* is a dry brush cleaner, so their is no need for water or baby shampoo and waiting for ages for your brushes to dry before swapping to a different shade of eyeshadow.

Brush cleaning tool

The little tin contains a spongy, wiry block and promises to eliminate the possibility of product transfer between powders and help preserve your brushes. I think it’s quite a clever tool and so simple to use. The Shadow Switch costs £5.99 and is available from Beauty Essentials or Amazon. I think the pink and white packaging is super cute and it’s also perfect if you’re on the go and want to do a quick clean up of a couple of eyeshadow brushes.

brush cleaning tool

When I put the Shadow Switch to the test I chose a bright blue eyeshadow as that’s a shade I really wouldn’t want smudged in with a neutral colour. After swirling the brush around on the palette and making blue patterns on the back of my hand it was time to see how well the Shadow Switch actually performed. I began by gently pressing and rotating my brush in a circular motion over the wiry block until I was sure all traces of powder had completely disappeared. I swiped the brush over a white tissue just to double check and not a scrap of blue eyeshadow showed up! I could now start to use a different shade without mixing this colour into it. Brilliant!

brush cleaning tool

brush cleaning tool

The Shadow Switch didn’t remove any stubborn staining from the white areas of my makeup brushes but if definitely removed any product build up from the previous colour. I wouldn’t swap my weekly deep clean as I think makeup brushes need a thorough cleanse to remove all traces of dirt and grime, but for a quick clean up in between applying eyeshadow colours then the Shadow Switch is an excellent tool to have in my beauty kit.

Have you tried the Shadow Switch? How do you do a quick clean up for a change in eyeshadow shades?

*This post contains items that were sent for review, all photos and opinions are my own.


Makeup and notebook with a quote

Very often it’s the simplest of things in life that make me happy. Those little things that I can sometimes take for granted.
I’ve always loved writing and have kept a diary for years where I’ve written down what’s made me happy on that particular day, as well as what’s made me really angry or upset. I’ve recently been reading through some old teenage diaries and that gave me the inspiration for this post, so I thought it would be quite nice to share what things make me happy throughout the year.

So here goes:

  • Watching a beautiful sunset
  • The feel of freshly washed hair
  • Fresh, clean sheets on the bed
  • A tidy desk
  • Listening to the sound of rain against the window
  • Cuddles with my cat, Pepper, and listening to her purring
  • The sound of the sea washing over pebbles
  • Collecting sea shells on the beach
  • Dipping my toes in the sea
  • Snuggled under a warm throw
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Baking a cake
  • New pyjamas
  • Reading a good book before I go to bed
  • A hot mug of tea with jam on toast
  • A soft, warm towel after a bath
  • An early morning walk when it’s foggy
  • Disney movies

A mug of warm tea near a pile of fluffy cushions

  • A hot chocolate or bowl of hot soup on a cold day
  • A hug from someone special
  • Doodling in a notebook and colouring books
  • An unsuspected phone call from a friend
  • Receiving a handwritten letter
  • Having fresh flowers in the house
  • Sitting in the garden on a warm summer’s evening
  • Lighting a candle in my room
  • Spending time with my friends and family
  • Someone leaving a lovely comment on my blog or my social media

There are so many more things I could add to this list but I’d be here all day! Above all else, the one person who makes me happy no matter what is my hubby, Adrian.

What simple things make you happy?


A mug of warm tea near a pile of fluffy cushions

I’ve lost count how many night’s I’ve spent tossing and turning because I’ve not been able to get to sleep and this was putting added strain on my health. I’d finally had enough when it started to affect my relationships and stopped me doing activities I enjoyed doing during the day. I would be at the point of exhaustion where I’d almost fall apart at any stressful situation and don’t even get me started on the dark circles and heavy bags under my eyes, there’s only so much a concealer can do! Obviously going to bed earlier would be a good start and I decided to make a few changes to make sure I got a better night’s sleep.


Changing my bedroom into a place where I’d want to spend time relaxing before finally going to sleep was one of the best things I ever did. At one point It was so cluttered it made me feel super stressy and this was having a huge impact on my sleep pattern. So after having a massive clear out and a few tins of paint later, I started adding those extra touches to my bedroom that would make it a really cosy environment. Most sleep experts would advise a colour scheme of blue or green as they are calming colours but I chose lilac, pink and cream. I added a few scented candles to give a relaxing fragrance to my bedroom and bought some pretty, squidgy cushions for extra cosiness, most of mine are from Home Bargains or B & M and I absolutely adore the ‘Cloud Nine’ cushion with soft pom poms on from Zoella Lifestyle. The most recent addition to my cushion collection is a this gorgeous rose printed cushion from The Yorkshire Linen Company*. I’ve always loved having fairy lights in my room, even before I was blogging, so I bought some new pink rose shaped ones to hang above my bed which give off a warm glow and perfect for getting me in the mood for sleep. I also make sure my bedroom is kept at a temperature that’s comfortable for me, if I get too hot or too cold then that’s bound to have an effect on my night’s sleep.


Choosing the right curtains for your bedroom is also important for a good nights sleep. Hang a pair of blackout curtains to keep early morning light out or stop a brightly lit street lamp shining right through your bedroom window. Again this all depends on your colour scheme but I love these ones from The Yorkshire Linen Company*, they come in pink, beige or black and a variety of different sizes. The Yorkshire Linen Company have a wide range of ready made curtains to choose from, so there’s something to suit everyone’s taste.


There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable bed on nights when you’re having trouble sleeping. So to help improve the quality of my sleep I invested in some soft cotton sheets and a medium weight duvet, B & M and Home Bargains are great stores for finding bedding that is affordable but still really good quality. It’s all down to personal choice and there are plenty of bed specialists around who will be able to give you advice if you’re looking for a specific type of mattress to help to get a better night’s sleep. I also keep a selection of cosy throws near my bed in case I do get too cold and need to chuck something over the duvet for added warmth.

Bedtime routine

I had to be extremely tough on myself to get into a proper bedtime routine but it paid off in the end after I started going to bed at the same time every evening. I came off social media about an hour before and guess how difficult it was not to have a last minute check on my notifications! The only way I stopped myself from doing this was to leave my tablet and mobile in another room (or at least turned off completely) so there were no distractions. After a bath and doing my skincare I’ll read for a while before I go to sleep, I keep whatever book I’m reading on my bedside cabinet, along with a notebook so I can jot down anything that’s rattling around in my mind that could possibly keep me awake. I also keep a relaxing Sleep spray next to my bed so I can squirt a small amount onto my pillow just before I go to sleep.

All these changes have ensured I get a good night’s sleep, yes there are still night’s when no matter what I do it’s just not going to happened, but at least I want to spend time relaxing in my bedroom and actually get into bed, rather than seeing it as a chore.

Do you have any tips for getting a good night’s  sleep?

*This post contains PR products or has been sponsored/in collaberation

Rose Gold Makeup brushes and a selection of cosmetics

There was a time when I only used my fingers to apply my makeup, as I started learning more about makeup I began to try out different brushes and various applicators until I found the beauty tools that did the job best for me.

So when I came across Luxe Studio UK The Everything Brush Set* that is designed for both skincare and cosmetics I was interested to try them out. How did these makeup brushes compare to my standard ones?

Rose Gold Makeup Brushes and a selection of makeup

I’ve only tried this style of makeup brush once before and I must say I didn’t get on well with it. The Luxe Studio UK K1 brush set has already scored points with me as they come in rose gold, don’t they look stunning?

These beautiful brushes are designed to multitask and can be used with either cosmetics or skincare products including pressed and loose powder, cream or liquid makeup, moisturisers, serums and even sun cream. They can be used to apply practically any beauty product on your dressing table and I was incredibly surprised when I put each brush to the test.

Rose Gold Face Brush

Each brush has a stunning rose gold handle and look far more expensive than they are. The handle feels extremely light and comfortable to hold, yet easy to control, it didn’t take me too long to get used to handling these brushes in the same way I would hold a toothbrush. The oval shaped brush is made of synthetic fibres which mimic natural hairs and are super soft, yet still dense enough to collect up whatever product you’re applying.

I usually prefer a cosmetics sponge to apply foudation but I was amazed at the results after using the larger Luxe Studio UK brush. I put a few drops of foundation onto the brush and applied it to my face, the product blended in evenly and gave a beautiful smooth finish. I got the same amazing results when I used a cream blusher which I’m not usually a fan of, and my liquid highlighter and powder contour both blended in incredibly well. I will be sticking to my big fluffy brushes to apply translucent powder and bronzer though.

It was such a wonderful experience when I used the larger brush to massage in a night cream, it almost felt as though I’d given myself a mini facial.

Rose Gold Eye makeup brush

The smaller Luxe Studio UK makeup brush was perfect for blending concealer under my eyes and around my nose, there were no harsh lines left behind. I played around with the smaller brush to see how it performed with eyeshadow, I’m still not sure about it yet, maybe I need more practice. However, I was extremely pleased when I used this brush to apply the shade in the crease of my eyelid, the eyeshadow had blended in beautifully and exactly where I wanted it.

As I was testing these brushes out with so many different products It was a great opportunity to see how well they cleaned up and I wasn’t disappointed. It took just a tiny amount of baby shampoo to remove any trace of makeup and they look as good as new again. There wasn’t any shedding and both brushes kept their shape when they had dried.

Overall I am pretty impressed with these stunning rose gold brushes, they are extremely good quality and are wonderful to use. I’ve been reaching for them a lot throughout my beauty and makeup routine.

The brushes are available from Boots stores and Boots Online and the Luxe Studio UK  K1 brush set costs £.18.99, plus you can  find out more about Luxe Studio UK on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Have you tried this style of cosmetic brush? How did you get on?

*Products in this post have kindly been sent to me but all opinions and photos are my own.