Things I Want To Do This Autumn

Blimey, it honestly doesn’t seem a whole year since I was last thinking about everything I wanted to get done during Autumn, where has time gone? I don’t know about you, but  the Autumn is my favourite time of year, I’m sure I say that about every season but right now it’s Autumn. I love everything about it. yet there doesn’t seem to be enough weeks to enjoy everything I want to do. Just like  my Autumn Bucket List from last year, I’ve written down all the things that get me super excited for the season and I plan on having loads of fun over the coming months.

What better way to tick off a few things from my list than while my sister is staying with us, all the way from Canada. Perfect timing.

My Autumn Bucket List

Make The House All Cosy

A simple way of getting myself in the mood for the season is by making my home a little cosier, just in time for those colder temperatures. Drape a fluffy blanket over my sofa, and squishy, soft cushions everywhere. I want to stock up on candles that smells like apple and cinnamon or gingerbread, or maybe have a go at making my own potpourri using cinnamon and nutmeg mixed with dried flowers and orange peel. Then display it in a pretty bowl with items I’ve collected from a woodland walk, like acorns and pine cones. This year I also want to hang an Autumnal wreath on the front door.

Cook From An Old Family Recipe

I do miss my grandmother’s home baked apple pie and biscuits. I’m sure my Aunt has some of her old recipes written down in a book, and I’d like to have a go at making some of my own just the way she used to. I’ll be sure to invite family round for a tasting session and they can give me their honest opinion. I also want to make a stew from scratch and start using my slow cooker, can you imagine how divine the house would smell when I come home that day.

Enjoy Pumpkin Spice

I’ll admit that I’m a true convert to the seasonal pumpkin spice latte (be right back after I’ve just popped to Costa!) For breakfast I’ll be swapping granola for a bowl of hot porridge made with almond milk, berries and bananas and a hint of pumpkin spice, believe me it tastes so gooood. It wouldn’t be Autumn without having made enough pumpkin spice muffins to feed an army. Oh this is making my mouth water.

Attend An Autumn Fair

We have quite a few held in Church Halls near where I live and they are a great place to find unique gifts for Christmas and Birthdays. The stall holders sell items they’ve made such as jewellery, ceramics, modern and classical art, glassware, haberdashery and clothing, I’m sure I’ll even find a section for homemade jams chutneys and cakes. I love to have a good natter with local people over a steaming hot cup of tea.

Stock Up On New Season Makeup

There are so many new Autumn makeup launches I have my eye on right now, they have got me rather excited. This time of year I live for Berry, Plum and Burgundy. I’m just about done with pinks and peaches of Summer and ready to wear a bold plum lipstick, a smokey eye look or a beautiful burgundy nail polish.

Go To The Seaside

This may sound a bit strange but I’d love to stroll by the sea on a chilly day, with the wind blowing the cobwebs away, snuggled up in a cosy coat and jumper, eating chip shop chips and freshly made donuts with a hot mug of tea. Finishing the day by watching the sunset over the sea, getting some amazing photos.

Visit a Local Market

These are the last few months to enjoy seasonal, locally grown food from a market. When I get home I’ll aim to be creative with apples, beets, leeks, parsnips, and mushrooms and cook something amazing for all the family. Well, wish me good luck.

Pick My Own Pumpkin

I’d like to find where the best pumpkin field is near me and bring home one I’ve literally handpicked. I’ve never done this before and it always looks great fun, have I left it too late? Maybe I’ll have to buy one from the shops again this year, either way I want to make the traditional jack-o’-lantern, or have a go at carving a unique picture into my pumpkin just in time for Halloween.

Make Caramel Apples

Autumn is definitely apple season, making it the perfect time to enjoy some sweet, sticky caramel apples. I’ll have a cosy evening in with some friends and set up dishes with toppings such as crushed peanuts, granola, chocolate chips, and marshmallows ready to dunk them in. It could get messy, but an awful lot of fun and we’ll have something really tasty to eat.

Play In The Leaves

I plan on for a long woodland walk, collecting leaves and conkers. I love watching the leaves change to their bright autumnal colours and the crunchy sound they make.  I want to rack up huge piles just to have a kick about and yes, I will be letting out the inner child in me, but who cares, it’s all great fun. Autumn is such a colourful season, it smells different too, there’s more of a crisp, earthy smell or as I used to say when I was younger “It smells like potatoes!”

Make Leaf Art

I’ll hold my hands up, I am the least creative person when it comes to art but even I can manage to make something with all the leaves I’ll have collected on my walk. Possibly pressing and painting a couple in a frame that I could mount on the wall to make an autumn inspired artwork that I’ll be able to keep forever.

My Autumn Bucket Lis

Watch A Scary Movie

Until recently I had a huge fear of masks so I couldn’t celebrate Halloween. Thanks to therapy I had to help me over that fear I’m able to join in with everyone else. This year I want a full on scary movie night, with the lights turned off and huddled under a blanket. I’ll also be decorating the house with all things Halloween to really get us in the mood.

Stock Up On Halloween Treats

I may be be too old to go trick or treating, but I’m definitely not too old to enjoy sweets. Watch out Poundland because I’ll stocking up with all the jumbo bags of treats ready for our Halloween movie night. I could quite possibly end up on the biggest sugar high ever.,

Dress Up For Halloween

I’ve been invited to two parties this year and I can’t possibly go in the same outfit twice, that would never do. I’ll need to get a move on if I’m going to sort out two Halloween costumes, last year I dressed up as Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family and so many people didn’t recognise me.

A handful of conkers over autumn leaves

Start A Gratitude Journal

Although we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the the UK, there’s no better time to appreciate everything I have to be thankful for. I want to get into the habit of acknowledging something I’m grateful for every day of the year, and record it in a journal. Then I’ll be able to flick through whenever I’m feeling down.

Enjoy Bonfire Night

I am so excited to for 5th November, getting all cosy round bonfire with our friends. We’ll be roasting jacket potatoes and marshmallows, and telling stories while we gather around the flames. There’s bound to be loads of laughter too as they’ll most definitely be alcohol involved. It may be freezing cold, but that’s half the fun and I’ll be wrapped up in my thickest Parker (ok, more like a duvet!)

Celebrate Adrian’s birthday

It’s 24th November (in case I forget) and I hope to get all the family and his friends together for one big party. I already know what I’m getting him this year, it’s been something he’s wanted for quite a while.

Do you love Autumn? Have you got any plans for this year?



Sandringham is one of my favourite places to visit. It’s about an hour and a half’s drive from where I live, so Adrian and I decided to go up there last week and take a tour round the house, gardens and museum. We also had a delicious picnic on the Queen’s lawn, unfortunately she wasn’t at home on the day we went but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind us having tea and sandwiches in her back garden. I would loved to have bumped into her and caught up on family gossip.

Sandringham House is the Queen’s country home and is situated in North Norfolk, about 20 minutes away from Hunstanton (which, might I say, is the windiest seaside place on the planet!) Sandringham House has the most amazing gardens and woods where you can walk round, it’s filled with beautiful flowers and statues. If you don’t fancy walking all that way, there’s even a shuttle that will drive you round to take in all the wonderful sights.

Sandringham House

Sandringham House

We didn’t go inside the house on this visit as we’ve been in many times before. There’s a section that is open to tourists and a tour guide will show you around each room and talk you through some very interesting facts. The bronze statue of the horse Estimate is a new addition since we came last, it stands right outside the main entrance to the house. The Queen is the first reigning monarch to win a Gold Cup when her horse, Estimate, won in 2013. You learn something new every day!

Sandringham House

Sandringham House

Sandringham House

Sandringham House

Sandringham House

Sandringham House

I had to do it, didn’t I? If there’s a place to have a slice of cake then you can guarantee I’ll be there. We went into the Stables Tearoom, which has a wonderful selection of cakes and sandwiches, I naturally choose the chocolate cake and it was absolutely delicious, I’m surprised it lasted long enough for me to take a photo. There’s also a restaurant that sells home cooked hot and cold meals, but it was extremely busy on our visit, plus I think we’d already eaten enough from the picnic we’d brought with us.

Sandringham House

Sandringham House

Sandringham House

There are so many hidden little places at Sandringham, it’s such a beautiful place to sit and relax, enjoy a picnic and take in the scenery. It’s an extremely popular place for tourists but the further into the woods you go, the less chance you’ll bump into crowds of people.

I had to have my photo take outside York Cottage, which is on the other side of the lower lake at Sandringham and will be the country home of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I did wonder if Harry and Megan were in one of the upstairs rooms measuring up for nursery furniture, but no, there wasn’t any sign of them. Oh well, maybe next time.

Just a bit further up from York Cottage is Queen Alexandra’s Nest over looking the picturesque view across the lakes, this charming summer house was built for her in 1913. Sadly I couldn’t get up any closer as it’s not wheelchair accessible, it would have been the perfect place to chill and listen to the sounds of nature.

Sandringham House

Sandringham House

We must have walked round every inch of the stunning gardens, one of the prettiest and most interesting areas was the North Garden, where you’ll see a statue of Father Time, the Buddha Statue, colourful flowers and beautiful box hedge lined walkways. You could literally get lost in there, it’s almost like something out of a fairy tale. Whatever time of year you visit the gardens look amazing,  Spring leading into Summer is probably the best time as the displays of rhododendrons are quite simply breathtaking. On a sad note, somewhere in the grounds of Sandringham I lost one of earrings that Adrian bought me for our wedding anniversary in 2011, I didn’t notice until we got back to the car.

Sandringham House

Sandringham House

Sandringham House is absolutely amazing with the most spectacular views of the house, woods and gardens, as well as inside the house and museum. There’s also a gift shop where you can buy something to remember your visit including jams, cookies and little trinkets. I bought my Aunt a jar of Sandringham Strawberry Preserve as she loves some on her toast in the mornings, and for myself I picked up another thimble for my collection. Next door to the Gift Shop is an outdoor clothing shop, you could always pick up a pair of walking boots if you fancy an extra long walk round every inch of the woodland. Inside the museum there are all kinds of items that have belonged to various generations of the Royal family. One I found particularly interesting were these wheelchairs that belong to Queen Victoria, I’d quite like mine to have a plush royal red cushion.

I love coming to Sandringham House, it’s such a beautiful place. Each time I’ve come there’s always been something new to learn or different to see. I’ve been a few times but still haven’t quite made it to the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, it’s right next to Sandringham and is used by The Queen and members of the Royal family. You’ll be able to watch them walk from Sandringham House down to the church on Christmas Day. I’d definitely recommend Sandringham to anyone, even if you’re not a royal fan, it’s such a stunning stately home with amazing architecture and a wonderful history. The gardens and woodland are quite simply beautiful.

I can’t wait to come again soon.

Sandringham House

Sandringham House

Sandringham House


5 Good Things That Happened This Week

A few weeks ago I was feeling really rough, the kind of thing that leaves you flopped in the bed, absolutely miserable and utterly sorry for yourself. I’m sure you’ve all been there at some point. Thankfully I’m much better now, but it did give me a chance to read through a few more blog posts than I normally get chance to do and watch a few extra YouTube videos, so it wasn’t all bad.

I have been reading Amie’s posts for a number of years and she is one of only two people that I know who love Autumn more than I love chocolate. Her posts are so warm and cosy, and can brighten even the dullest of moods. Amie is such a lovely blogger and has been there to support me  whenever I’ve felt ready to give up. It was her blog post 6 Amazing Things From The Last Couple Of Weeks that inspired me to write a few of my own and to remind me that life is not all bad even when I’m not feeling that great.

So here goes.

5 Good Things That Happened This Week

1 I found out that my sister from Canada is coming over and staying with us for a few weeks, I am so looking forward to seeing her I’m bursting with excitement. We’d never met until a few years ago, we both have the same dad and were brought up in different countries. I feel as though I’ve known her forever as we’ve become so close.  I’d better start getting in a few supplies and making the spare room look pretty. It definitely needs some lovely fresh flowers for when she arrives.

2 The latest Blogosphere Magazine dropped through my letterbox, it’s so much better than searching round different WH Smith stores only to find they haven’t got it in stock. I always find loads of inspiration from amazing bloggers. I’d treated myself to a raspberry muffin and a large cappuccino to enjoy while I flicked through the pages. Pure indulgence, I know, but we all need a little me time every so often.

5 Good Things To Happen This Week

3 Hurray, Strictly is back, bringing glitz and glamour to my Saturday night TV. I love everything about the show, the dancing, the music, the costumes and this year sees an amazing line of celebs all fighting for the glitter ball trophy. Another show I’ve been absolutely gripped by is Bodyguard. It stars Richard Madden, who is better known for playing the role of Robb Stark in Game Of Thrones. I’m sure there will be a lot more twists and turns before the series finishes.

4 I finally finished a crochet blanket that I’d started years ago, then lost all interest. After watching a few YouTube videos where people are either knitting or crocheting, it gave me the motivation to carry on. It’s nothing special and literally made up of scraps of wool I’ve picked up in charity shops, but it’s the cosiest blanket ever. I’m pretty bloomin proud of myself for actually getting it done.

5 On a final note, can I just say I’m finally ready for Autumn. The shops are full of it, everyone seems to be talking about it on social media. I sent Adrian up into the loft to bring down the boxes that have been in storage all over summer. I dug out the autumnal candles, thick fluffy throws and most of my autumn clothing. I found some items I had forgotten all about, like the Monsoon animal print clutch bag and Topshop heels that are in the main photo. I’m bang on trend, just by shopping my own wardrobe. How great is that?

And I’m sure before the month’s over I will have bought at least one pair of new pjs!


Hitchin Lavender

A few weeks back Adrian and I spent the most relaxing afternoon at Hitchin Lavender. The last time we visited was back in 2014 and considering I only live a short distance away I can’t believe this is only the second time I’ve been. This year we made a conscious effort to go and make the most of the beautiful flowers over the last few weeks of summer.

I’ve never been one to just pack a bag and go anywhere on the spur of the moment, I’m the kind of person who needs to both mentally and physically prepare for an outing, even if it is just down the road. Since I started my blog I won’t relax until I’ve got the photos I’m after. The visit to Hitchin Lavender was going to be more of a challenge than normal. I’d seen everyone’s gorgeous photos pop up all over Instagram,  I began wondering how on earth I was going to get any kind of content without having a bench to sit on and not include my wheelchair. Thanks to my very kind husband and an old picnic rug I think we managed quite well.

Hitchin Lavender

Hitchin Lavender

I’ve been to a couple of lavender farms before but none quite as large and beautiful as the one in Hitchin. There are around 25 miles of lavender rows which you can walk through and pick your own fresh flowers from. I had forgotten the amazing smell that hits you the moment you arrive, then you are immediately greeted by a sea of purple as the views from inside are quite simply stunning. The farm is well equipped for all visitors, including a gorgeous cafe and gift shop, which I obviously had to pop in before we left.

I hadn’t realised how many other bloggers came to visit Hitchin Lavender, there was a number of fashion bloggers taking photos for their Instagram and parent bloggers taking photos of their little ones collecting lavender. I was determined to get my shots too, however difficult it was.

Hitchin Lavender

Hitchin Lavender

Hitchin Lavender

It was a boiling hot day when we visited the lavender farms and I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to stay. I’ve been taking a white umberella out with me to use as a parasol, I’m sure people wonder what on earth I’m doing holding a brolly in the middle of a heatwave but it’s one way of keeping the midday sun from directly beating down on me. There are a couple of shaded seating areas right near the entrance, on the day we came it was full up with people sheltering from the heat, but it is something to bare in mind if you are planning to visit.

The first place we headed for was of course the rows of lavender, after all that’s what we came for. The entrance fee to Hitchin lavender costs £6 for each adult (£4 for wheelchair users) and £3 for a child, the price includes a brown paper bag which you can fill with lavender cuttings using a pair of scissors you’re loaned for your visit. We collected two bags full of gorgeous lavender and it’s now in a vase in my bedroom, the smell is absolutely incredible. Once it’s dried out I plan on making little lavender bags to go in my wardrobes and chest of drawers. I still have a bowl of potpourri in my living room from lavender collected on my last visit and it still smells lovely.

The farm is wheelchair accessible, however the ground can be a little uneven in places but you are in the middle of a field. We were both laughing ay how I was bouncing around in my wheelchair, that’s just our sense of humour, life’s too short for taking everything seriously and I want to make the most of every moment while I can. I’d taken a large bag with me and made sure to pack sun cream, my large flask of cold water and a few other essentials.

Hitchin Lavender

Hitchin Lavender

The view of the lavender and sunflower fields were absolutely stunning. Adrian pushed me up the slight hill to where it was a bit quieter. Being the gentleman that he is, he laid the rug down amongst the lavender and lifted me down onto the ground. These are the kind of experiences I would never be able to enjoy without him and not a day goes past when I take him for granted.

It felt wonderful to be rolling around amongst the lavender, I felt totally free. There are more than one type of lavender and you can see all the different colours as well as some wild flowers. We took loads of photos and, let’s face it, the backdrop is pretty amazing. I think we both enjoyed a little time relaxing for a while, the farm was very busy yet still peaceful at the same time. Despite the heat we headed up to the field of sunflowers, however the ground was much more difficult to get across so Adrian cut me two beautiful sunflowers to take home (which you are also allowed to pick.) For about a week afterwards they were in a vase on my desk and made me smile every time I saw them. It’s always the simple pleasures in life that seem the best.

Hitchin Lavender

Adrian and I both needed a sugar boost before we went onto the next part of the fields, I had to sample a slice of one of the delicious cakes in the cafe. I was really impressed with the choice there was, not going for my normal chunk of chocolate cake, I sampled the passion fruit sponge instead and it was rather yummy. We both sat outside the cafe under a parasol and enjoyed the views, it was too lovely to sit indoors even on a boiling hot day. It really did feel lovely being with nature, even the bees didn’t bother me too much, just be careful if you are planning on walking amongst the lavender. You can literally hear the buzzing where ever you go.

Hitchin Lavender

Hitchin Lavender is such a dreamy place to visit and close to both London and Cambridge. It’s open later in the evenings on certain days, how amazing would it be to watch the sunset over the beautiful fields of lavender. Can you imaging how amazing the photos would be? Well there’s always next year.

It really was the perfect summer’s afternoon collecting flowers from Hitchin Lavender. we felt so relaxed when we got home, not sure if it was from the gorgeous fragrance or that we’d both switched off from everyday life. I recommend this place to anyone planning a visit over the summer. On certain days throughout the year there are workshops, events and cinema nights, so you really do have a little bit of everything while you’re there.

Have you been to Hitchin Lavender or another farm just like this one? Are you planning on visiting one next year?

Top: Izabel

Broderie Anglaise Culottes: Topshop

Shoes: River Island


Finding The Confidence To Pose For Outfit Photos

A couple of months ago I was out in town with my husband and he happened to take a few “snaps” on my mobile phone, when I checked through them I absolutely loved them. They were never meant to be for a blog post but everything felt right and I felt more confident than I had done for a while prior to taking them. They seemed such natural photo’s rather than posed, so before changing my mind I quickly typed up a post on How I Style A Pleated Midi Skirt. It’s now one of my favourite posts this year.

Considering I had always been a fairly confident person, I had always felt comforable in front of the camera, but last year a few things happened that really knocked my confidence. I stopped writing fashion posts and concentrated on Beauty and other kinds of posts. I desperately wanted to get back to sharing my outfits, which was one of the reasons I started my blog almost 3 years ago.

Slowly but surely my confidence has started to come back. Now I’m no expert when it comes to what you should or shouldn’t do in your photos. I only know what’s worked for me, so I thought I’d share a few things that have helped me when I’m in front of the camera.

Finding The Confidence To Pose For Outfit Photos

What You Are Wearing

You’re outfit should never make you feel uncomfortable, you need to feel fabulous in what clothes you’re wearing. If it’s not your normal style then you won’t feel good about yourself and that will come across in any photos you take, we’re after confidence here. I made the mistake once of wearing an outfit just because everyone else was and it was “on trend”, I felt awkward all the way through having my photos taken and when I looked back at them I hated every single one. Pull items out of your wardrobe and try on every single piece of clothing you own, stand in front of the mirror, take a snap on your mobile and look back through them. If you feel 100% amazing in each outfit then those are the items you’ll feel good wearing for a photo session.

Know you best features and focus on them. Do you have amazing legs or do you love your beautiful cleavage? If you’re like me, then you’ll find it so much easier to point out areas of your body that you dislike.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Stand in front of a mirror, and practice different poses, yes you may feel strange at first, but believe me it works. Move about, find which angle you like best, we all have a side of our body that we feel more confident with. Practice with your mobile and take photos from different angles. Next time you’re in front of the camera you’ll start to feel much more confident, it’ll come naturally and you’ll just feel as though you’re taking a selfie.

Finding The Confidence To Pose For Outfit Photos

Be Inspired

Scroll through Pinterest and Instagram and check out some poses you’d like to try. I don’t mean the ones of models on magazine shoots, I’m talking about bloggers or maybe you have a super confident friend who always knows just how to stand in front of the camera. experiment in front of the mirror first until you find one that’s naturally you and makes you feel really confident. Create a board on Pinterest especially for poses you like, so it’s always there for inspiration if your mind goes blank.

The Location

I’d think nothing of having that family snap taken on a day out or busy town on holiday, yet as soon as I thought about an outfit photo my confidence just fizzled away. Find somewhere quite for your first few sessions, even your back garden if you have one. These photos were taken on a quiet afternoon at Broadway Gardens in Letchworth Garden City, so there was hardly anyone about to watch what I was doing and put to put me off having my photo taken.

For me, I need to not only think about the location itself, but also there needs to be somewhere for me to sit as well, such as a bench, wall or a place to lay a rug. I honestly don’t feel confident in photos where I’m sitting in my wheelchair and thankfully I have a husband who is able to assist me out of my wheelchair onto something else.

Finding The Confidence To Pose For Outfit Photos

What About Those Hands?

I never knew quite what to do with my hands and very often ended up looking like I was trying swat a fly. I always had a laugh afterwards but they weren’t quite the look I was going for. I found holding some sort of prop made it much easier. Use whatever you’ve got, a bag, sunglasses, book, magazine, flowers, a coffee cup and even holding the loose folds of a skirt or casually placing your hands in the pockets of a pair of jeans will stop those arms flapping about all over the place.

Know Your Photographer

You wouldn’t have a photographer turn up on the morning of your wedding without getting to know them first. Research their work, scroll through the gallery of their website and meet up with them a few time to discuss what sort of photos you’re after. If it’s a friend, your mum, sister or partner who will be taking the photos explain to them what kind of photos you’d like. Maybe show them your Pinterest board and those angles you took of yourself on your mobile. Explain whether you’d like close ups of your bag or shoes and do you want to include more of the background in some of the photos. Most of all, trust them. They may take a few photos at angles you’d not thought of simply because you’re moving around naturally as they are snapping away. You might even come across some photos they’ve taken which you absolutely love and will want to share with the world.

Finding The Confidence To Pose For Outfit Photos

Get Moving

Don’t be afraid to move about, turn around, move your head up, look over your shoulder towards the camera, walk about. Let the photographer take as many shots as they want with you moving around naturally, even if you end up deleting most of them, there’s bound to be some amazing shots in there and ones that you’ll look super confident in.

Finding The Confidence To Pose For Outfit Photos

Finding The Confidence To Pose For Outfit Photos

Have Fun

Some of my most favourite photos are ones where I’m doing something daft and it’s obvious I was having a great time, like this one below. There are photos on my blog where I’ve got the fit of giggles and Adrian’s taken a photo at that precise moment, it shows that I was really enjoying myself. If I get tired or start to feel uncomfortable, then I’ll have a break, go for lunch and a coffee and try again later.

Finding The Confidence To Pose For Outfit Photos

Don’t Worry About Anyone Else

It’s so easy to think about what other people might be saying when you’re in public having your photo taken. You might feel like someone will judge you, even after you’ve posted the photos on your Instagram, Facebook or Blog. It’s easier said than done but wipe all those thoughts out of your mind. If you’re in a town or busy area having your photos taken, most people are just getting on with their own business. So what if couple of people stop to look, it’s only because you look absolutely amazing in your outfit, looking super confident and having the time of your life. Ignore and delete the odd negative comment you may get on social media and completely forget about it. Concentrate on the positive feedback people leave you so that the next time won’t be half as scary.
Finding The Confidence To Pose For Outfit Photos

Finding The Confidence To Pose For Outfit Photos

Finding The Confidence To Pose For Outfit Photos

And remember, even if you end up with 10 photos after the photographer has taken 500, those are the ones you’ll look at and feel great about yourself. There may be some hilarious photos were the camera has gone click when you’re mid sentence or faffing around (his words) making sure everything is in place. I’ve kept some on my computer where I’m telling Adrian something and the expression on my face is priceless, it makes me laugh every time I see it. I won’t delete it, but I definitely won’t be sharing it either.

Do you have any tips on taking outfit photos? Are you super confident or a little on the shy side when it comes to having your photo taken?

Dress: River Island

Shoes: Topshop (Similar)

Bag: Amazon

Sunglasses: Coconut Lane

Umbrella: Free with a magazine many years ago