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I love having fresh flowers in my house, especially in my favourite vase on my dressing table in the bedroom so it’s the first thing I see in the morning. I think they really add a touch of colour and brighten up any room. I’ve had flowers sent to me for my birthday or if I’ve left a company where I’ve been working and it’s always wonderful to receive them from special people in my life. Other times, I’ve usually been to a local shop and bought a bunch of flowers if I need to cheer myself up.

A few weeks ago Abby from Blossoming Gifts emailed me to asked if I’d like to receive and write about one of their beautiful bouquets. Of course, it didn’t take me too long to reply and say that this is would be something I’d love to do. The only problem I had was deciding which bouquet to have!

One very special thing I do have for all of you is an exclusive discount code! But more about that later.

Blossoming Gifts is an online florist, delivering bouquets 7 days a weeks. They sell so many wonderful bouquets of flowers for every occasion, plus they sell personalised gifts to suit everyone and also some amazing hampers.
It took me absolutely ages to look through all the different bouquets they have as they were all just so gorgeous. I finally decided on the Pink Bunting bouquet as roses and lilies are my favourite flowers, so I emailed Abby back to let her know which ones I had chosen. This bouquet was made up of pink oriental lilies, sweet avalanche roses and antique carnations. I think they work really well together.


Pink Bunting Bouquet
Within a few days my flowers were waiting for me when I got home after quite a stressful day, so it really made me smile. The flowers had been beautifully packaged to protect them during the delivery process. I carefully opened the box and there was this absolutely stunning bouquet of flowers and I was so pleased that the flowers had arrived fresh and in good condition.
Blossoming Gifts had even included a lovely little card, which you can have personalised for whoever you are sending them to.
The little card has the care instructions written on the back, so after reading through them I carefully trimmed about an inch off the bottom of the stems and filled up a vase with fresh cold water. I then added the pack of flower food which had been provided.
This time I thought i’d put my vase of flowers in the living room as I hardly ever have flowers in there, so it made a lovely change to see them everyday when I got home. I love the mix of the beautiful bright pink carnations and pretty white roses together.
The flowers are picked early so you get to watch them open over a few days which is one of the things I loved about them. The lilies opened fully a day or two later into the most vibrant pink colour I’ve ever seen and filled my house with a delicious scent.
The bouquets are a bit more than you would pay in local supermarket but I think they are much better quality and you do get a lot for your money. This bouquet originally cost £36.99 and had been reduced to £26.99 but prices start from £12.99. You can even pay an extra £5 to get a larger bouquet, which is a great offer considering how many flowers you get. When you’re ordering your flowers there’s also the option of including extras such as a vase, teddy bear or chocolates, so it makes it even more special for the person you are sending them too.

The flowers are fresh and hand picked and if you order them by 9pm you can chose to have them delivered the next day, which is great considering the amount of times I have left it until the last minute to get something for a friends birthday and end up rushing around trying to pick up flowers, then hope I get them to the person still in one piece! With Blossoming Gifts, I could order them right from my computer in the comfort of my own home, knowing that the bouquet I had ordered for someone special was going to arrive in fresh and in perfect condition.


 Candle – New Look / Wooden Letters  – Wilkinsons

If all this isn’t tempting enough then I have something really special for you!
If you use the following discount code BGIFTS33 at the checkout you will receive massive 33% off your order!! What’s even better, there isn’t an expiry date on the code and it’s not just for use on flowers.
So if you have someone’s birthday coming up, a colleague is leaving your place of work or a friend has just had a baby, then why not have a look at what’s on offer at Blossoming Gifts.

Have you ever used an online gift company?
What one thing made you smile this week? Let me know in the comments box below.

Blossoming Gifts
*PR gift but all opinions are my own


Blimey, I can’t believe we are well over half way through this year and July seemed to fly past so fast that I barely had time to catch my breath. Mind you, it was a busier month that normal for me after a few lows the month before so I was probably making up for things. We lost a close member of our family and even though she had been ill for some time it still came as a shock and my way to deal with grief is to shut myself away from the rest of the world. I suppose we all deal with these things differently. Ruth was a cheeky, fun loving lady who was always the life and sole of the party and I’ll always remember the good times we spent together most Wednesdays. I know she would want me to make the most of everyday and do whatever made me happy. I can hear her now saying “Stop worrying about it and just get on with it!”
You see, she knew me well as I’m a natural worrier. It’s all too easy for me to think of reasons why not to do something, rather than hey, give it a go and if it fails then at least I’ve tried.
One of the things I’ve wanted to do for a while is introduce a few more lifestyle posts, but my blog mainly covers fashion and beauty so I just kept putting it off. I think the last post I wrote about what I’ve been up to was in the New Year. I thought it would be a nice way to look back on what I have done but somehow I’ve found it hard to sit at my computer and let the words flow in an “On Line Diary” kind of way.
So I’m going to stop worrying and just get on with it!

Jordans Mill


Jordan’s Mill has to be one of my favourite local places to visit. Adrian and I love to go for a long walk by the river next to the mill and around the beautiful flower gardens. They also have a wonderful restaurant which not only sells teas, coffees and cakes but also a full Sunday roast dinner and the most amazing porridge and fruit for breakfast. Adrian and I had gone over to meet up with my friend Tori, who I’d not seen since April. Adrian went off for a walk on his own to take some photographs by the river. I think he actually quite enjoyed the peace and quiet plus it gave Tori and I some girl time to have a really good catch up! I did have to try out the homemade scones with jam and cream as we sat on the balcony over looking the gardens.


After Tori had left, Adrian and I went for a short walk. It turned into a boiling hot day and I’d forgotten to take my sunglasses so I borrowed his hat! I’d not worn anything special, just a sleeveless shirt, a pair of casual flat shoes and a pair of jeans. I’d hardly worn any makeup, not really done anything much with my hair apart from brush it, but do you know what? I felt really comfortable and so relaxed that I wasn’t bothered about what I looked like.


Family Time
I’ve loved spending Sundays at my Aunts house in small village in Bedforshire where a lot of the family come together and we’ll all sit round the table to an amazing meal she’s cooked, usually followed by a choice of 3 homemade desserts and, me being me, I have to try a little bit of each just in case one was more delicious than the other! After dinner we’d end playing some sort of game and all be in a fit of giggles or just chatting about what’s been happening in our lives. With recent events it’s made me cherish every moment I spend with Adrian and my family even more.
French Market
Every Saturday, Hitchin market has something different on in the main market square. My friend Angela and I had popped into town to do some shopping and this particular week it was The French Market. Each stall was selling a different type of food or craft, so we started at one end and worked our way round sampling food and drink along the way! Ha ha, well, it had to be done, didn’t it? We didn’t need any lunch after that but we did come home with a few treats. There were also musicians and street artists performing which was great fun to watch.





The Garden
We had to make the most of the gorgeous weather so for a few nights Adrian and I sat outside in the garden during the evening to have our main meal and a few glasses of wine. It was really nice to just relax and enjoy each others company. Our garden is a T shape with the top part being completely hidden from view by trees and high hedges, the only way to get to it is through a wooden arch covered in climbing roses and some years ago our friends named it “The Secret Garden” and it kind of stuck. There were some mornings when it was so hot and stuffy indoors that we even had our breakfast outside, with me still in my pyjamas which I’m sure looked very odd. I’m not the only who does this am I?
Anyway, I think it’s time I went and got myself a cup of tea and put my pjs on, I can assure you, I don’t live in them but they really are the most comfortable things to wear.
Thanks for reading. Let me know if you’d like to see more of this style of post. What have you been up to recently?

Yes, it’s time for the monthly favourite post again! I have a few makeup items that I’ve just really enjoyed using and a couple of lifestyle things that have made me really happy this month.
So I’ll jump straight to it.

 Hylamide HA Blur Surface Hydrator
This will probably come as no surprise as I’ve been going on about it all month but it really is the best primer I’ve ever tried. It’s smoothing, leaves my skin looking plump and radiant and makes a really wonderful base for applying my makeup.
If you’d like to read my full review then I’ll leave the link HERE



When I first saw this cushion foundation I wasn’t convinced as I’m used to a bottle with a pump. I was on the hunt for a foundation that was light enough to use through the summer months but had slightly more coverage than a BB cream and I can never seem to leave the shop without picking up something extra when there’s a 3 for 2 offer on! So of course it came home with me (whoops!). Well I’m glad it did because it gives such an amazing, natural dewy finish without being too heavy and it’s so easy to use. I didn’t get on too well with the applicator that came with it though, so I used my Real Techniques makeup sponge instead. You simply press your makeup sponge into the cushion sponge of the foundation, then dab your makeup sponge over your face to apply the foundation. I actually found it really easy to blend in and I wasn’t left with any streaky lines across my skin, just beautiful flawless makeup. You can start off light for a sheer coverage or build it up for something a little heavier. I don’t always want to be caked in heavy makeup and I’m not a lover of foundations with a matte finish so this was perfect for me, plus the size of the packaging makes it ease to carry in your makeup bag to apply quick touch ups through the day if you need to. I chose the shade Rose Beige which is perfect for my skin tone.


NYX Butter Gloss in shade Cupcake
Oh my word, I adore this lip gloss! Once I’d eventually managed to fight my way through loads of people when the NYX counter finally arrived in Boots and I’d swatched nearly every colour they had, I settled on the shade Cupcake which is a bright peachy pink. This one is really moisturising and makes my lips feel really soft. It gives a creamy sheer to medium coverage but the pigmentation is really high for a lipgloss. It’s not sticky and lasts extremely well, even after eating or drinking. I found having a smaller wand made it so much easier to apply the product with too. Such a bargain at only £5 and a really gorgeous product to wear!

NYX Colour Correcting Concealer

 This is the first all in one colour correcting palette I’ve tried and I’ve really loved using it. Like most people I suffer from blemishes and dark circles and the shades in this palette seem to not only suit my skin tone but actually conceal those problematic areas too. The green one is great for redness, the yellow for brightening, the peach for covering up any blemishes and the pink for concealing under dark circles. I’ve even used the darker shade for contouring, which is something I don’t find easy using cream products but this one seem to be the right shade and easy to blend out with a make up sponge so I didn’t get any harsh lines. The consistency is super soft and creamy but not greasy and really easy to blend in. I dabbed the corrector and concealer shades on with my finger tips and applied them under my liquid foundation, then blended it in using my makeup sponge before applying a light dusting of loose powder to set it all in place. I found it lasted really well and didn’t go all cakey, which I am so pleased about! I was worried that my face would look like a mixture of colours but luckily it really didn’t. This will definitely be a repurchase!


 New Stationary
So many of my friends and I are are used to sending emails or texts to stay in touch and a few months ago some of us were discussing how writing an actual letter to a friend seems to be a thing of the past and that we only get something hand written at Christmas or birthdays. We decided to purchase new stationary and exchange letters once in a while. Do you know, it’s been so lovely to hold a letter in my hand that’s come from friends all over the country as well as those who live near by. I think it gives a more personal touch than just typing a few lines on a keyboard.
I’ve even swapped addresses with a few blogger friends I’ve made on Twitter and its been great fun having some new penpals. It makes me feel as though I’ve met them in real life rather than just a name on a screen.

Blossom print paper and matching envelopes: AMAZON
Notepad and pens: Pound Land stores

My Portrait
I couldn’t go the whole month without mentioning how over the moon I was after receiving a portrait of me drawn by Jemma (@dorkfaceblog). I was not only excited but a bit emotional as well because the photo this drawing was based on has a really special meaning to me (I did tell you I was a sentimental old thing, didn’t I?). I think she has done a wonderful job so I’m now on the hunt for a lovely frame to put this picture in once I have printed it off and it will have pride of place hanging on my wall.
Jemma is an amazing, talented artist and also designs blog headers, stickers and other artwork.

Phew, well I think that’s just about it for this month! Oh, another thing I have enjoyed is the gorgeous weather we’ve been having in the UK over the past few weeks. I think they call it summer?!

Thanks for reading. Let me know one thing you’ve really loved using or doing lately.


It was a gorgeous sunny June day and I’d got all excited that the sun was out which meant I could finally wear a summer’s outfit. So I went riffling through my wardrobe and found just what I was looking for.
I was going for a day out at The Swiss Gardens in Bedfordshire and I just knew this was also going to make the perfect setting for taking a few photos for my next outfit post.



The Swiss Cottage is a beautiful rustic cottage which is a focal point right in the centre of the gardens.


There are lots of walks to explore and each one has something different to look at along the way with a story behind each feature. The gardens have a huge verity of beautiful flowers, plants, trees and wildlife and whatever time of year you visit the gardens they can look completely different with an array of seasonal colours. The style of the Swiss Gardens makes it perfect for wedding venues and ideal for photographers. It’s so peaceful and relaxing that I could visit time and time again.


The gardens have seen many changes over the years with the most recent restoration in 2014 to make it more accessible for everyone. There;s also a tea room, although it was such gorgeous weather on the day I went that I chose to take a picnic with me and sit in the lovely picnic area so that I could take in the beautiful scenery and enjoy the fresh air.

Even the peacock wanted to get in on the action!

I chose to wear a white skirt and top which seemed just perfect for a summers day and where we were going. The cotton top has short frill capped sleeves, it features two lines of crochet detail down the front and a tasselled tie around the neck. The midi length cotton skirt has stitched panels making it loose and flowy, ideal for keeping cool in hot weather. I also wore one of my favourite straw hats, not just because it was hot but because I thought it looked good too! I popped on a pair of camel strappy heels and added a camel bag. I absolutely loved wearing this outfit as it had a real vintage feel to it. The top is such an easy piece to wear and I’ve also worn it with some cropped jeans and a pair of diamante flipflops for a more casual look.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed visiting there. Have you visited some lovely places recently? I’d love to hear about them. What’s your favourite summer outfit?

Top New Look
Skirt Primark
Shoes TK Maxx
Bag Next

I do enjoy sitting down to a cup of tea and a slice of cake, particularly on special occasions such as my birthday. I think it’s great that you can send flowers or gifts through the post but now you can even send a personalized cake to someone, delivered straight through their letterbox.
I’d seen Baker Days come up a few times on social media, so when they contacted me asking if I’d like to try their letterbox cake I thought what a lovely idea.
Baker Days is a company that specialises in personalised celebration cakes and they provide a delicious range of fillings and sizes for any occasion.

This letterbox cake measures 5 inches in diameter and comes in it’s own tin which fits perfectly through the letterbox. No need to wait in for a parcel to be delivered or going to the post office to pick it up because of a missed delivery. Perfect!
With this size you get 3 to 4 portions and you can choose from 6 different flavours, vanilla, chocolate chip, fruit, gluten free and dairy free. So Baker Days cater for everyone.

Baker Days also have 3 other size cakes to choose from, small 7″, medium 9″ and large 12″ or even 12 cupcakes, and with the larger cakes you can choose from a range of cute little extras including balloons, banners, bubbles and candles to add that extra special touch.

My cake arrived with a mini pack of love heart sweets and a card telling me to enjoy my cake. I’d chosen the vanilla filling and I found the sponge moist with a light fluffy texture. The cake was absolutely delicious!

For the design I was spoilt for choice but I decided on this one as I thought it fits perfectly with my obsession with shoes! I was really impressed with the actual print on the cake, how the cake was delivered and the little extra special details that Baker Days have thought of to make it a lovely package for anyone to receive in the post.

Baker Days are changing the way we send greetings to loved ones through the post and what a tasty gift to receive straight through the letterbox. I can think of a few friends of mine who would absolutely love to receive one of these cakes on their special day!

The price of the 5″ Letterbox cake is £14.99 and delivery is included in the price. The Baker Days website offers a huge range of designs for you to choose from and you can add your own special message for that personal touch.
If you order before 2pm you get next day delivery. My cake arrived with the normal post the following morning, well packaged and undamaged. All I had to do was open it and tuck in!

Are you a cake lover? Would you love to recieve a cake through your letterbox?

Baker Days Website / Facebook / Twitter
Thank you so much for reading
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