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When I came to write this post I suddenly realised there has been a lot of coffee and cake involved over the last month. If you follow my Instagram stories you’ll probably know a lot of what I’ve been up to but I thought it would be nice to have it all in one place. I’ve been exceptionally busy getting out and about, plus we’ve had a lot of repairs and maintenance done to the house, which has meant it’s felt like I’ve been living in a building site. We’ve had new windows fitted and a new downstairs toilet put in as the old one was practically hanging off the wall.

Chatty Post

I finally decided to take out a Blogosphere magazine subscription. For over a year now I’ve been going into my local WH Smith’s store whenever I saw a new issue was out and they never had it in stock, it would be at least 8 weeks after the release date before it was on the shelves, by which time the new edition would soon be on sale. Yes I could have gone to another store but I literally live a 10 minute walk from the WH Smith’s in Hitchin. At least now it will be delivered straight to my door.

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It doesn’t matter how many times I visit the Swiss cottage gardens at Shuttleworth it’s still my favourite place to escape from everyday life. Whatever time of year you go the gardens always look different with beautiful displays of flowers and shrubs. It’s also extremely peaceful, with only the sound of the wild life and the odd vintage aeroplane flying over, I can spend hours there and totally get lost in my own thoughts.

We’ve been a few times this month for what was initially a place to take photos for an outfit post, but ended up taking a picnic and having a walk round the beautiful gardens. Naturally, we finished up in the cafe at the end of the day and enjoyed the most delicious piece of Victoria Sponge and a large mug of coffee.

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Chatty Post

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At the beginning of the month we went to Biggleswade Retail Park where there are a lot of large high street stores like H&M and River Island. One of my favourite places to shop for a bargain is TK Maxx and I managed to pick up quite a few items on this trip. I couldn’t resist this gorgeous velvet quilted cross body bag by Marc B, it was reduced from £45 down to £20, considering it’s size it actually fits so much in and it goes with a lot of my outfits. I also came home with a pair of peachy pink wide leg trousers which had been reduced down to £10, I don’t normally wear trousers but these will look cute with so many of my lace summer tops and a pair of strappy heels. If you’re anything like me then you’ll not be able to go in TK Maxx without checking out the  beauty section. I was like a child in a sweet shop, especially when I saw this Too Faced lip gloss for £3 and Stilla Lip and cheek palette for £4, luckily they hadn’t been opened to use as testers. Next I popped into Matalan to check out their nightwear section as I was in need of some new summer pyjamas. I found this cute set with a tassled edge and flammingo print on the shorts for £10. I like to size up with my nightwear as I hate being restricted when I’m in bed. No surprise that we had to stop in at Costa for a caffeine fix, shopping is a physical workout, you know.

Another place I love to escape to is  Jordan’s Mill, again there are beautiful gardens and a woodland area which is so peaceful, we don’t even get a mobile signal meaning I can totally switch off. Adrian and I take the long walk all the way past the river and farmer’s fields. It’s extremely over grown but great fun trying to duck under the over hanging branches and work our way through the long grass.  And yes,we did stop in at the riverside cafe for coffee and cake.

Chatty Post

I couldn’t resist showing you these beauties which I won as part of a beauty competition which was run by Tessa Holly over on Instagram. The Princess Powders Eyeshadow palette from Technic has 4 gorgeous, sparkly highlighting colours, perfect for a glowy summer day or evening look. I wore the shade Cosmic Cotton Candy in my recent makeup post and it looked absolutely stunning. I wasn’t sure whether to eat or use the Miss Patisserie Vanilla Bath Melt as it smells absolutely divine. It looks so realistic I want to keep it forever.

Chatty Post

There have been two recent weddings, one I actually went to and the other I blooming well wish I had. My friend Emily got married and talk about fairy tale princess, she looked absolutely beautiful. The service was so lovely and yes I cried when she said her vows. I shared my outfit and a few snipets on my Instagram stories, so hopefully you will have seen them. I felt well and truly honoured to have been invited to share in their special day.

And how could I forget to mention the Royal Wedding and yes I am not ashamed to say I am slightly obsessed with Megan Markle, or The Duchess of Sussex as she is officially titled as now. On the day we had our own mini Royal wedding Party with cakes and nibbles. A few close friends came round to join in the fun so of course I had to dress for the occasion and wear my crown. I’d even painted my nails in the shade Party At The Palace* by Leighton Denny, which is a gorgeous sparkly purple shade and very regal indeed.

Chatty Post

Last but not least, I live in the beautiful little market town, Hitchin, and my friend Izzy had come to stay with her parents for a few days. It was a great chance for us to meet up for lunch and have a good catch up. She works in London so we don’t often get to see other but she had some very exciting news to tell me. She’s expecting her second baby in December and I couldn’t be more happy for her. After lunch we took a walk by the  river and treated ourselves to some flowers, roses and peonies are my favourites (in case my husband ever reads this!)

Hope you enjoyed seeing the highlights from this last month. I can’t wait until my holiday to Norfolk, I’ve already started packing. What have you been up to recently?

*PR Sample


Samsung mobile phone case

I don’t know about you, but I get as excited about a new case for my mobile as I do when I buy a new pair of shoes. The annoying thing is, I’ll see a case with a pretty design, only to find out that a particular brand stocks every pattern you can think of for the iPhone, yet nothing for my beloved Samsung. I want to invest my money in a good quality case that will protect my phone as well as look nice, I’d get bored with a standard black or brown one.

Not only do I want to get my money’s worth but I want to be able to choose from a range of pretty deigns, or even design my own. Well that’s exactly what you’re able to do with CaseApp.

Samsung mobile phone case

I was contacted by the lovely people at CaseApp and asked if I’d like to review one of their phone cases. I was literally amazed by the vast choice of pre-made designs they had, and if you wanted to, you could choose your own design or photo, with the option of adding text or quotes to personalise it even more. That way you’re  unlikely to see someone with the same phone case as you.

Expecting to see an iphone as the only option, I was over the moon to see that my Samsung S8 Plus was listed. It took me absolutely ages to decide whether to have a custom mobile case or pre-designed one, I was spoilt for choice. It was good to find a company that produces cases for more than just one brand of phone.

samsung mobile phone case

I finally settled on this pink, marble and rose gold design* which looks so pretty. Yes, I know it’s very predictable for me but I  was naturally drawn to it and couldn’t resist it. The case arrived a few days later and popped easily onto my phone. My mobile not only looks beautiful and matches most of my stationery, but it’s also protected against knocks and scratches.

samsung mobile phone case

The phone case is made of a tough, lightweight plastic that fits snugly around the phone, covering the top and each corner, saving any damage if the phone is dropped. The bottom edge  of the case is open, so the charger and head phone sockets are easily accessible. There’s also a cut away section on both sides so the power and volume buttons aren’t completely covered. The phone case itself comes in both a matte or glossy finish, it isn’t too bulky and feels comfortable to hold.

If you fancy brightening up your plain looking laptop , you can also design your own custom skin to match your mobile case. The laptop skin is basically a huge sticker which you carefully stick to your laptop. CaseApp have got different size laptop skins as well as tablets, so you’re bound to find one to fit your device in there as well.

samsung mobile phone case

The phone case prices start at £19 and laptop skins are £22. You can use the SHARONREID20 which will get you 20% off your total order. Just head over to their website to have a look at all the wonderful designs. It’s definitely worth spending a little bit more to make sure your mobile is fully protected, and looking pretty cute too.

*This post has been in collaboration with CaseApp and the mobile case was very kindly sent to me in return for a review. All opinions and photos are my own.



calming down after a bad day

We’ve all had them. You know those really rubbish days where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong, you just want to curl up into a ball, wishing the day was over. I aim to be quite a happy, positive person most of the time, but no one can be upbeat every minute of every day and some days can feel worse than others.

After a really bad day I like nothing better than coming home, getting into my pjs, lighting a few candles and shutting myself away for a while, but there are a few things that I also help me get over a tough day.


Having a good cry and letting it all out really does make me feel better, especially if I’ve been bottling  things up all day and putting on a brave, smiley face. I’ll sob my heart out, get through a million tissues and then somehow that makes me feel able to get through the rest of the evening, Yes, I love nothing better than a good cry.

Talk To Someone

I finding talking through whats gone wrong that day with another person really helps me see things clearer. Whether it’s sounding off about stuff to my other half or phoning a friend or family member and talking about whats made me feel angry or upset, it all helps. Plus I may end up listening to their problems which completely helps take my mind off whatever has been upsetting me.

Write It Down

If talking isn’t your thing, then maybe try writing it down. I’ve kept a diary since I was 12 and written all kinds of stuff in it, what’s made me angry or making me cry that day. Some of my diaries have made interesting reading when I’ve gone back to them at a later date, only to find out things weren’t quite as bad as I thought they were but at the time it really helped me to vent off in my own private little world. I also try and write down something that’s made me feel happy or that I’m particularly proud of achieving that day, just so my diary’s not all full of doom and gloom.

Have A Sort Out

Do you know, I have a corner in my bedroom that’s a “dumping” corner, whenever I can’t find a home for something or can’t be bothered to put stuff away it gets dumped in that corner. So on a day when I am feeling really wound up about something I find that taking my temper and frustration out on all the stuff that’s built up in my dumping corner and having a good clear out really helps make me feel a lot better after a bad day.

Get Creative

It can be anything from painting, drawing, baking or even knitting, whatever you like as long as it takes your mind off your problems. I find baking helps to de-stress my mind plus there’s something tasty at the end of it. I also like to colour in adult colouring books, it takes real concentration so I’ll completely forget about things for a while and feel much more calmer afterwards.

Have A Bath

I close the door, turn the lights down, light some candles and run myself a nice warm bath filled with whatever my favourite bath product happens to be at the time. I find the water and the relaxing smell really help to soothe things away and puts me in a much better frame of mind for the rest of the evening.

Read A Book

I grab whatever book I’m reading, snuggle up under my blanket and totally get lost in the adventures of someone else. I find this really helps to take my mind off whatever else may have been troubling me that day.

Get An Early Night

I’ve usually had a bad day because I’ve been up in the early hours of the morning and this makes me an extremely grumpy person the following day. Believe it or not, I can be the moodiest person ever after 3 hours sleep so I’ll aim to get to bed at a more sensible hour. I’ve been using the Calm app and reading the Calm book, which have both helped me drift off into a much better sleep and I find it’s easier to deal with any problems the following day.

And if all else fails then I’ll have a mug of tea and a bar of chocolate, they always seem to do the trick!

Hope you’re having a good day today. Let me know what helps you after a really bad day.


For the past month I seem to have been busier than normal and time has flown by. There was family time over Easter and then I was unwell for about a week where I really wasn’t up to much at all, apart from lovingly cuddling my duvet. But I’m enjoying the lighter mornings and evenings, they certainly lift my mood. It’s been lovely to see all the Spring flowers out and have the windows open to let in fresh air.

Here’s a run down of everything I’ve loved using over the past month.

Current Beauty and Lifestyle favourites

Now that the sun has finally made an appearance and I brought out all my summer clothes  I’ve been using a fake tan, so I don’t have my lilly white legs on show. I like to use a body scrub before I go anywhere near myself with a tanning product. Boots No7 Gorgeous Glow Body Scrub is incredibly gentle with soft grains in a thick cream, It’s enriched with Almond Oil, Argan Oil and Rosehip seeds, I can’t describe the scent other than it has a fresh, soapy smell. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and removes any dry patches, ready to apply my fake tan.

Current Beauty and Lifestyle favourites

If ever there was a product that I wasn’t sure whether to eat it or apply it, then it would have to be the Lee Stafford Choco Locks Butter Cream Treatment. Just close your eyes and you can almost imagine having a pot of Cadbury’s chocolate mouse slathered all over your hair. This hair mask not only smells absolutely divine, it leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft.

Current Beauty and Lifestyle Favourites

I absolutely love the new range of One Step Manicures from ImPress Nails*, I think they are simply beautiful for Spring Summer. Whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid, wedding guest or just fancy having pretty nails for a special occasion, then these are the ones to go for. These stick on nails are so easy to apply and you don’t need any glue, simply peel of the tab to reveal an adhesive strip and away you go. They’re really strong and last for ages, I still had mine after about two weeks after I put them on. I’m wearing Next Wave and the ones in the box are Rock II.

Current Beauty and Lifestyle Favourites

I’ve mentioned before how I love multipurpose products and I’ve totally fallen in love with  Boots No7 Skin Illuminator. It instantly enhances your complexion for a natural looking radiance. It can be used in 3 different ways, as a primer before your foundation, mixed in with your base product or used as a highlighter on your cheeks and brow bones. I apply a small amount all over my face, under my foundation, it makes me look so glowy and my skin looks so healthy. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this one.

GOSH Lip Oil shade Flower Essence

I couldn’t write a Favourites post without mentioning this lip oil from GOSH, it’s in the shade Flower Essence (006) which is a beautiful pearly pink colour and is fabulous for a natural radiant look. These lip oils are packed with essential oils and vitamins that help nourish and keep your lips extra soft. They help to repair any damaged skin as well as being incredibly hydrating, it’s basically like having a lip gloss and lip balm all in one. I’ll leave the link to my full review if you fancy finding out more.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Another makeup favourite for this month has to be the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette. I love everything about this palette, the colours, the packaging. Each shade is simply stunning, they blend in beautifully and look great whatever time of day, my favourite two are Antique Bronze and Warm Taupe. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to invest in this little beauty.

Victoria Secrets Love Eau De Parfum

The fragrance I’ve loved wearing over the past month is Victoria Secret’s Love Eau De Parfum, it has a light, fresh smell with hints of juniper and apricot blush, making it perfect for wearing on a Spring day. After I’ve done my hair and makeup, and put on my chosen outfit, I’ll add a couple of spritz and I feel completely ready for the day. It has a real feminine smell, which suits my style perfectly.

Spring Trends

I love wearing accessories to brighten up an outfit and I adore wearing pretty gold jewellery with any outfits, most of the items I own are dainty, feminine pieces that work for day or night. My most worn item of jewellery over the past month has to be this Ted Baker cuff bracelet from ASOS, it’s so pretty with a pink floral design at each end. and looks beautiful with my Spring Wardrobe.

Current Beauty and Lifestyle favourites

I always like to take a drink out with me when I leave the house, either water or juice, and it can be a real pain finding a drinks bottle that doesn’t leak all over the inside of my bag. This Ion8 Leak Proof Water Bottle* does exactly what it says on the tin, meaning I can keep my fluids topped up throughout the day and not have to worry about spills. It’s comfortable to hold with a slip free grip and easy to flip open using one hand with the touch of a button, then the lid clicks shut and you can just throw it back in your bag. The bottle’s a handy size for going to the gym or travelling, plus it comes in a range of colours, obviously I chose pink. It’s not cheap for a water bottle, costing £14.45, but when you think about how much you’ll actually save on buying drinks it brings the cost per use right down, and the peace of mind that the contents of your bag won’t be soaked before you’ve reached the end of the road.

well that’s it for this month. I hope you enjoyed seeing what my current Beauty and Lifestyle Favourites are? Let me know what things you’ve loved using this month.

* Items have been sent as PR samples but all opinions and photos are my own


wax melts

Candles and melts are all around my home, no matter what time of year. A cosy Autumn evening with the delicious smell of gingerbread, a pamper night with relaxing lavender drifting round the bathroom or zingy citrus to brighten up a Summer’s day. They’re not just those little luxuries that fill my home with all kinds of delightfulness but candles and wax melts are a brilliant way of masking those other less pleasant smells that I’d rather not have wafting through the air, especially when you have an indoor cat!

I’d never heard of the brand Whiffy Wax until they contacted me to ask if I’d like to try out some of their melt pods. I’ll be honest, it was the brands fun name that caught my eye but when I looked into the company a little more I learned that they have been selling their products from their Facebook page for just over a year. Whiffy Wax now have an online store and you’ll also find them on Twitter.

Jodi very kindly sent out three packs of wax melts to try and they arrived a few days later.

Aloe Vera and Cucumber has a refreshing crisp fragrance with touch of citrus, imagine the smell of clean bedding right after you’ve changed the sheets and it makes you want to wrap yourself up in the duvet.

Country Clothesline reminds me of laundry gently blowing in the Spring breeze, surrounded by fresh flowers, I can just see myself sitting outside in the garden with my glass of wine right now. These pod melts have notes of pineapple, jasmine and lily which make them smell absolutely divine.

If you can’t quite decide on a fragrance the wax melts also come in double packs which contains different scents. The Scent booster Lavish and Scent booster Dream duo is probably my favourite of them all. Lavish has a delicious peachy smell with hints of vanilla and caramel, while Dreams has a warming lavender fragrance, perfect for those cosy nights in.

wax melts

Each pack costs £3.50 and contains 6 wax cubes which are so easy to use. Simply pop one onto a wax burner and light an unscented tealight below, before long the beautiful fragrance will fill your whole house but without being too over powering. They are such a handy size as you don’t need to cut them to shape like some of the larger ones I’ve used before. I already own a burner but Whiffy Wax also sell those as well.

On their website you’ll also be able to buy clamshell wax melts, carpet fresheners and room sprays, they literally have thought of everything when it comes to making your home or office smell incredible.

If you fancy getting your hands on anything from Whiffy Wax, I have a special discount code where you can save 20% off your purchase. Just type in rosie20 at the checkout on there website.

*Disclaimer: These products were sent for the purpose of a review, all photos and opinions are my own. I don’t earn anything from anyone using this discount code, I just thought you’d like to save some money on these fabulous products.