I simply adore having candles in my home, no matter what the season, I’ll make sure to stock up on them whenever I’m in a homeware store. They give my room a more cosy feel and I particularly love using anything with Lavender in, so this candle from Roam by 42 Pressed is absolutely perfect for when I want to feel calm and relaxed.

Roam 42 Pressed have a range of candles based on cities around the world and can be used for travelling as well as at home. I chose the London candle*, not only does it contain Lavandin, but London will always have a special place in my heart. I’ve travelled there on many occasions, creating so many wonderful memories. Each time I’ve been burning this candle it not only puts my mind in a happy place, it makes me think of what new adventures my life will take me on.

They are made from natural soy wax and the London candle contains notes of:

  • Lavandin
  • Black Pepper
  • Oak Moss
  • Labdanum

The scent is described as:

“The vibrant mist off the River Thames sets the tones for the days adventures. From the earthy aroma of Kensington Palace to the aura at Buckingham Palace during the Changing of the Guard. Regal notes of lavender  and bright citrus mix with sharp spice; a bold mix of modern and traditional paring properly together in the cosmopolitan hub.”

It has a slightly more spicy fragrance than the sweeter lavender candles I’ve owned, however it smells incredibly divine. I’ve been burning this candle at any time of the day, not just the evening but when ever I’ve felt stressed or wound up, I have it burning beside me on the desk as I write this post. Even when it’s not lit I can’t help but give it a sniff to take in the beautiful scent.

I recently had a relative staying over from Canada and she would absolutely love the London candle* as a reminder of her visit to the UK.

I have to mention how gorgeous the packaging is, the cream textured paper with rose gold print making a simple glass jar look so pretty. Overall, I think this candle looks and smells beautiful and I just love having it lit in whichever room I’m in.

If you love anything travel related then you’l love the range of candles and prints that Roam by 42 Pressed have to offer, there’s one for London, Paris, New York, San Francisco and Chicago. You can also find Roam by 42 Pressed on Twitter and Instagram.

Have you tried these candles? Let me know which fragrance would bring back memories for you and why.


Any products marked with a * have been gifted or sponsered, all opinions are my own.


I love birthdays, whether it be my own or someone else’s. I enjoy planning a small party complete with balloons and birthday cake, but the best bit is seeing the smile on someone’s face when they open a gift that I have carefully chosen especially for them. Spring seems to be a busy time of year for me, looking in my diary I found I had quite a few friends and family members with birthdays all at the same time. When it’s my birthday, I tell everyone weeks before and give them some idea of what’s on my wish list, not everyone is like that, making it a bit harder to find the perfect gift. I had great fun shopping for suitable gifts for people who I know, and came across these goodies that may give you a little inspiration too.

  1.  L’Occitane gift sets* all smell absolutely divine, my favourite is the cherry blossom one, and the packaging is so pretty. They range from skincare, bodycare and fragrance, making wonderful treats for just about anyone who needs a little bit of pampering. the Moments of Pure Delight set, not only smells incredible but would be perfect to take on holiday, it contains 5 mini products including shower gel, conditioner, shampoo, bath foam and hand cream.
  2. I’ve fallen in love with this gorgeous pink and rose gold makeup brush set from IndyLuxe, who are a brand new company. The pearlescent unicorn set includes 8 different shaped brushes for highlighter, blusher, contouring and eyeshadow. They look so luxurious and would make a wonderful addition to any makeup lovers collection!
  3. This adorable Boudoir Old Romance Earring Holder from Lylia Rose would look amazing on any woman’s dressing table, it has a beautiful vintage finish and comes in duck egg blue. The frame is large enough to hang other necklaces or bracelets over the corners, as well as attaching earrings to the wire grid. Who wouldn’t want their favourite sparkles on show with something like this?
  4. This embroidered back pack from New Look has such a cute design on it and perfect for anytime not just Spring, I don’t know about a gift but I need it in my life too! It’s large enough to carry all your stuff around with you, either for work or Uni, plus it has a smaller pocket either side making them ideal for your mobile or keys.
  5. If you know someone who loves their make up, they’d be over the moon if they received the heart shaped makeup bag from Kat Von D/Too Faced. It includes four mini products (a lipstick, liquid lipstick, blusher and highlighter) and features the adorable dog design on either side.
  6. These mini gifts from The Body shop are just about the right size for sending in the post. I know quite a few beauty lovers who would be so pleased with the Shea Butter set, containing a body butter, shower gel and hand cream, leaving the skin and hair feeling beautifully soft and smooth.
  7. A friend who has just had a room makeover or moved house would absolutely love something to go with their new decor, like this pink fluffy cushion for her bed. It’s so cute but would look great almost any where, especially that chair in the corner that needs jazzing up.
  8. Who doesn’t love to luxuriate in the bathroom for a good few hours for a pamper session when they get the chance, one of my friends does this at least once a week and doesn’t surface until she’s done the full top to toe beauty treatment. She would be squealing with delight if I got her this Hello Gorgeous set from Lush, and she’d most probably use the pretty box for storage in her bedroom!

If you’re never too sure what to get someone then a gift card is always a winner, Amazon, iTunes, a restaurant or one for their favourite fashion store. possibly a subscription to the magazine they love to read every month on the bus to work.

I’m sure what ever you choose to give to someone on their birthday, they will absolutely love it!

Let me know your most favourite gift you’ve ever been given.


Any products marked with a * have been sponsored or gifted but all opinions are my own.

It seems like forever since you had a day off and you know you should be doing all those chores that have built up over the week, but you just want to do something fun during those precious hours before your next shift begins. I know the feeling well!

Even when the weather is pretty dismal and I can’t get out, I still like doing fun things indoors, it stops me getting bored or grumpy and snapping at the first person I see.

So if you’re at home or want to get out and about, I have a few ideas that anyone can do to make your days off seem a little more enjoyable.

  1. Start a Scrapbook – use anything that makes you happy, photos, cut outs from magazines, quotes or cards.
  2. Colouring in – there are some great adult books about.
  3. Bring out some old photos and put them in an album.
  4. Read that book you’ve been meaning to start.
  5. Visit a museum or art gallery – great for inspiration.
  6. Go on a bike ride.
  7. Write a handwritten letter to someone.
  8. Start an art journal – don’t worry if you can’t draw, only you’re going to see inside it.
  9. Declutter your makeup drawer – you never know what’s lurking at the back.
  10. Create a new makeup look – now you know what products you’ve got after your declutter.
  11. Do a DIY project – there are loads of ideas on Pinterest.
  12. Make a mood board to hang on your wall – I used an old cork board and completely covered it with anything I could lay my hands on.
  13. Visit the library – I know it’s a bit old school but you don’t have to buy the books, so it saves you money, and once you’ve read the books, just swap them for new ones.
  14. Visit a friend or family member – you know the one you’ve been promising to have a catch up with for ages.
  15. Plan a party – who says it needs to be your birthday to invite all your friends round, why not make it a themed night?
  16. Bake something different – always baking cakes, trying making a savoury meal from scratch.
  17. Be a tourist in your own town – it’s amazing what little treasures you can find and you never knew they existed.
  18. Clear out your wardrobe – make way for a few cheeky purchases and donate your old stuff to charity.
  19. Try a new skill – learning a different language ready for your holidays, how to play an instrument or your way round the camera settings to improve your photography.
  20. Play a board game – yes, the traditional game from years ago, these will keep you entertained for hours.
  21. Go on a picnic – if the weather is nice enough, get out with a few friends and explore somewhere new, find a picturesque village or a beautiful walk by the river. Don’t forget your camera!
  22. Have a sleep over – get whoever comes along to each bring a different treat to eat, paint each other’s nails, stick on a movie and wear the cutest pjs ever.
  23. Start a photo a day challenge – it’s harder than you think!
  24. Visit an elderly neighbour – yes, they’ll chat to you for hours about their youth and offer you biscuits you can’t refuse, but having your company for a while will have brightened up their day.
  25. Visit an animal shelter – both of my dogs, Sandy and Cassie, were rescue dogs  and I’ve made crochet blankets for Woodgreen animal shelter.
  26. Have a room makeover – paint the walls a different colour, buy some cute cushions, trinkets and prints for the walls.
  27. Customise a jacket – check on Etsy for some cute patches or pins, it could be a whole new look for you.
  28. Make up a care package for a friend – know someone who’s not well, has a birthday coming up or generally needs cheering up, put together a few mini treats in a pretty box and send it through the post.
  29. Start a Diary – write whatever you want, poems, quotes, essays, your feelings, just let your thoughts run away and be in your own space for a while.
  30. Plan a visit to the seaside – either a day trip or a few days away, do all the things you only do by the sea, collect sea shells, walk along the pier, have cake in a quaint tea shop, run away from the tide and laugh like you’ve never laughed before.
  31. Have an at home pedicure – always painting your finger nails but forgetting your toes, show those feet some love and pop on your brightest nail polish.
  32. Watch a new T.V. series – all your friends are talking about it and you’ve been promising to watch it for ages, now’s the time to do it.
  33. Listen to a podcast – there are some hilarious ones out there.
  34. Plan a girls night out – drinks in the local or a trip to the cinema followed by pizza.
  35. Try a new hair style – go on, experiment, dig out those curlers you were given for Christmas but haven’t used yet, learn to French plait or dye your hair a completely different colour.

What Do you like to do over the weekend to have fun?


I’m sure I’m not the only one who day dreams about winning the lottery. I often wonder how I’d react and what I’d spend the money on if all my numbers did come up in the lottery, just enough to be comfortable would be fine by me, but what about 10 million pounds? That’s a huge amount, mind you, I should probably start doing the lottery on a regular basis to be in with a chance. I’ve done it a few times, the most memorable win for me was winning £20 on my birthday, and I spent in on my other half!

So how would I spend 10 million pounds?

Buy A House

I’m not talking mansion size, but one with enough space for me to have a dressing room and a room dedicated to blogging, where my equipment can be set up all the time.

Pay Off Any Debts

I know it’s a bit practical but wouldn’t it be nice never having to worry about debts any more? Never seeing those envelopes drop on the door mat just before pay day with a fear of dread at how much I owe that month.

Go on Holiday

I’d have to go abroad and my first stop would be Disney World, I’m feeling dizzy with excitement just thinking about it! I’ve never been out of the UK, don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved holidaying in this country, but there’s a whole wide world out there. I’d book a long holiday to Australia for me and Adrian, then I’d visit New York with a few of my friends most probably over Christmas and New Year.

Go To Ladies Day At Ascot

I’m not even worried about placing a bet, after all, I’ve just won a load of money, I’d absolutely love to go to Ladies Day at Ascot. I’d buy a fancy new outfit and buy the best tickets available, with a private lounge/bar area and enjoy the luxury food. Of course I’d have to have a tiny flutter, but mainly I’d be going to Ascot for the whole amazing experience.

Buy A Special Jewellery Set

I am a lover of sparkly things, but to own a beautiful jewellery set would be amazing. I mainly own costume jewellery but I do have a few sentimental pieces. I’d have a bracelet, earrings and necklace with Diamonds and Sapphires, I’ve always loved these and they’d match my engagement ring. I’m sure I’d get to wear this gorgeous new set now I’m a millionaire!

Donate Some To Charity

This is something I’d have to do, I’d feel terribly guilty if I didn’t  help out some charities who are close to my heart. Top of my choices would be British Heart Foundation, followed by Tommy’s (Stillbirth, Premature birth and Miscarriage), Mind and Cat’s Protection.

Put Some In A Savings Account

Another practical one, but you never know what the future may bring and it could be earning me interest while it’s in the savings account, so I’d have enough for emergencies.

Give Some To My Friend and Aunt

While I was growing up my family hardly had two pennies to rub together, yes my Aunt and Nan treated me with those cute things that little girls had, but they were always worried about money. I wouldn’t want to be enjoying the high life while my friend struggled with her son, so I’d put some in a bank account for his education and future.

Have A Huge Party 

I’d invite all my close friends and family for one big knees up, complete with music, entertainment, cocktails and goodie bags (sounds like a Bloggers Event). I would most probably book a hall in a nice country hotel , where everyone could stay over night and we’d all gather for breakfast in the morning.

Treat Adrian To Something Nice

He is quite hard to buy for when it comes to gifts, but he would definitely love a new camera and all the stuff that goes with it. I couldn’t win all that money without sharing it with Adrian, we’ve been through so much together and I’d want him to enjoy my good fortune too.

You never know, dreams can come true!

Let me know what you would do if you won 10 million pounds on the lottery.


I have a nice selection for you in this month’s favourites, instead of the usual beauty products that I’ve loved during March I’ve also added in a couple of fashion and lifestyle things as well.

As there’s a lot to get through I’ll get straight on with it and give you the rundown of everything I’ve recently loved this month.

W7 Colour Me Nude Eye Colour Palette

It made my day when I found a good replacement for my beloved Urban Decay palette, but for a fraction of the price. I absolutely love this Colour Me Nude eyeshadow palette from W7, it comes with 12 rosey toned shades, including matte and shimmer and is perfect for both day and night. I found the eyeshadows to be highly pigmented and were easy to blend, I’m also pretty impressed at how long they last, as with some budget eyeshadows the colour fades after a few hours. The packaging is a good quality tin and looks more expensive than it is, a great bargain at only £5.99!

Milani Powder Blush in shade Blossomtime Rose

This Milani powder blush is a wonderful new addition to my makeup collection and all I can say is it’s gorgeous! The rose design and the beautiful rose gold packaging make it look so expensive. Blossomtime Rose is a peachy pink shade with a slightly golden highlighter to it. The powder is so soft and applies beautifully on my skin, either a lighter touch for a day time glow or something a bit bolder for an evening out. This beats any other blusher I have ever owned!

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk

A little bit of luxury and a special treat was needed for a night out with my friends, so I invested in a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick. I chose the shade Pillow Talk so it would look just right with the darker eye look I’d gone for and I could also wear it anytime during the day. Yes, ok so it’s another nude and I probably own enough of those to get me through a world lipstick shortage, Pillow Talk is a rosey pinky brown shade which suits my skin and hair tone. It applies beautifully with a square shaped tip so it glides perfectly around the shape of your lips. The matte formula doesn’t make my lips feel dry, it’s also incredibly long lasting but to be honest I really wouldn’t mind having to touch this lipstick up in public with it’s gorgeous rose gold packaging.

Rose Gold Bangle

I hardly ever wear bracelets but saw this gorgeous rose gold one while I was browsing through lyliarose.com as they had a sale on at the time. I couldn’t resist using it to go with some of my spring outfits, it’s so pretty it would also look fabulous worn out in the evening without looking over the top. I love the small white diamante clasp, which adds some extra detail. The bangle feels sturdy but also looks dainty and feminine, I’ve just loved wearing it. I was amazed at the speed of the delivery, it arrived the day after I ordered it!

Boohoo Unicorn Pyjamas

In case you didn’t know, I am obsessed with unicorns and I finally own a pair of pyjamas with them all over! These are flippin amazing, they are made of silky satin material and just so comfortable to wear. I love them so much I almost want to stick on a pair of heels, pop on a blazer, grab a bag and wear them out, I’m sure I’d get some strange looks if I did! They feel so luxurious, especially slipping them on after a warm bath, I’ve not wanted to take them off, but obviously I had to so they could go in the wash.

Pixi Glow Tonic

This has to be my number one skincare favourite, of all time! The Pixi Glow Tonic is super gentle on my sensitive skin and I’ve been using this every evening after cleansing to remove any last traces of dirt and make up before using a serum. It’s definitely worth every penny, if you would like to read my full review you’ll find that here.

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit

I was so excited to get hold of a Barry M Lip Kit, mine’s in the shade Runway, a gorgeous pinky red, it also comes in 2 other shades Go To Nude and Pose. I love everything about it, the shade, the texture and the price, £6.99 for a lip paint and lip liner, bargain! The lip paint applies well, stays on for ages and feels so lovely to wear, the lip liner is soft enough to out line your lips with colour but not to hard that you have too push down much that you almost stab your lips.

Beauty and The Beast

I couldn’t end my favourites post without mention my trip to the cinema to see Beauty and The Beast. This is one of my all time favourite animated Disney Films, so I was excited to see this version. To say I absolutely loved it is a slight understatement, I think I fell in love with all the characters even more, even Beast before he became the Beast (without giving any spoilers away!). I think the cast were fantastic, I love Emma Watson anyway but I think she does an amazing portrayal of Belle. The director and production team have done a fantastic job of bringing this much loved film to life once again. I could quite happily watch it all over again!

What have you been loving this month? Are you excited about Spring and Easter? Let me know in the comments below.