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Faking Winter Bronze Skin With Norvell Tanning

We may have had a few days with glorious sunshine but it’s hardly the kind where you’d go rushing down to the beach to top up a tan. We are in the middle of November, after all, and it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be jetting off abroad any time soon. So when I was asked to try out the Boost Color Building Tan Extender from Norvell Tanning, I jumped at the chance. I’ve used their products before and have been extremely happy with the results.

I know this is technically the time of year when I’m hidden under a zillion layers of clothing but with the party season coming up I still wanted bronzed skin when wearing my sparkly dresses. The Boost Color Building Tan Extender seemed the perfect option as it not only tans but it has the wonderful skincare benefits of a CC cream to help dry, dull winter skin. If you’ve had a spray tan, this multi-tasking lotion also helps to make the colour last longer. The Boost Color Building Tan Extender is infused with natural oils and vitamins which help to brighten, moisturize and firm your skin.

I loved the sound of an anti aging, skin softening CC Cream that gradually bronzed your body as well. So here’s how I got on.

Firstly, I have to mention the smell. It’s said to be a vanilla fragrance, but it actually reminded me of a sweet chocolate scented candle. It wasn’t unpleasant or over powering and faded after a while.

On the first night I carefully squeezed a small amount onto a tanning mitt just as I would with any tanning product. I then dotted the lotion along a section of my body at a time, massaging it in using circular motions with the mitt. I find this is the best way to get my tan looking even and avoiding my palms getting brown.

It takes around 2 to 3 hours for it to develop so I applied it during the evening and waited to see the results. After around 3 hours my skin had a hint of colour, which is what I’d expect from a gradual tanner. On the second evening I left it to develop over night while I slept. The next day my skin looked slightly more golden and I wasn’t left with any streaks. I’ve been repeating the same process every evening before bed and I’m extremely happy with the beautiful, bronzed tan I now have. It didn’t dry out my skin like other tanning products have done. I’ve also noticed that the stretch marks at the top of my thighs are less visible thanks to the skincare benefits of the vitamins and natural oils. Over all, this a fabulous gradual tanning lotion which I can’t recommend enough.

The Boost Colour Building Tan Extender is a moisturizing tanning lotion and is designed for every day use. I find it easier to apply just before bed and luckily it didn’t transfer all over the sheets. It costs £29.99 for a 250ml bottle, so you’ll have plenty to keep you looking bronzed throughout the winter months.

*This item has kindly been gifted in return for a review.


Getting Ready For Summer With Norvell Tanning*

Norvell Sunless Tanning

I’m not one for laying around in the sun to get that holiday look so I love a good fake tanning lotion. Summer is just around the corner and my pretty short sleeve dresses will be getting an airing. There are so many tanning lotions on the market now it’s hard to know which one to use, the last thing I want is to have an orange glow or streaks down my limbs.

Too much sun exposure can cause real damage to your skin, UV rays can increase signs of ageing, discoloration and loss of elasticity, which is why I’d rather use a fake tan to achieve a gorgeous summer glow.

Norvell have designed a range of sunless tanning products, which have added skincare benefits and DHA to maximise results for a more natural tan. They are perfect to achieve a bronzed look without any orange tones or streaks, and not a whiff of a nasty smell.

Norvell Sunlees Colour Extender

Venetian Sunless Color Extender* is a rich moisturiser mixed with an effective amount of DHA, it’s buildable formula gradually develops intensity over multiple applications, perfectly prolonging your tan.

I absolutely love this stuff, I began by applying the Colour Extender every night for about two weeks and couldn’t have been happier with the beautiful, natural sunkissed look it gave my skin. It took a few days to build up a colour at first as I’m really pale and I started off using this on it’s own. I’ve tried gradual tanning products before where I’ve ended up with orange patches, my skin tone looks “fake” and the texture feels drier than ever. This one has a  violet and brown tone formula to counteract any orange, and it doesn’t dry my skin out at all .

Then I used my normal self tan and applied the Venetian Sunless Colour Extender every evening. After about 3 hours my colour started to deepen, my skin looked really bronzed, you could almost believe I’d jetted off to the Maldives (I wish!). It made my self tanning product last for about a week longer than normal before I needed to reapply.

This is a beauty must. No orange patches, streaks and no marks left on the bed sheets. It’s so easy to apply using a small amount on a tanning mit and it blends in evenly. It’s not only moisturising but it’s packed with vitamins and anti ageing ingredients such as beetroot, tomato and cranberry. For me, the Sunless Colour Extender is literally an all round winner.

Norvell Sunless Tanning

Throughout the summer I usually apply a tinted moisteriser and loads of bronzer to give my face a sun kissed look. I know some people apply their self tan to their face as well, something I’ve never done.

Norvell Venetian 4 Faces* is the perfect answer for a gorgeous summer glow that will match the rest of my tan. It’s a self tanning spray that made my complextion look as if I’d spent all day on the beach. It couldn’t be easier  Spritz some onto a makeup sponge then gently apply to your face and neck, carefully blending it into hair line. This one also doesn’t leave you with orange patches or streaks, just a gorgeous a deep sun-kissed colour. It’s so gentle and is designed especially for the delicate skin on your face. It’s Non-Comedogenic, so it won’t clog up your pores, and it’s enriched with natural enzymes to help repair weak dehydrated skin.  I’m sure this is the one product that has been missing from my life and will definitely be buying another bottle when this one runs out, just what I need for an all year round glow.

Norvell Sunless tanning products do not contain SPF, so you will have to remember to apply your usual sun cream before going outside. They are Cruelty Free, Paraben Free and 100% Vegan.

6 Tips For Applying Self Tan

  1. Shave your body in the morning (don’t apply tan directly after)
  2. Exfoliate well, using a gentle body scrub and exfoliating mitts
  3. Moisturise well, concentrating on areas like elbows, knees and ankles
  4. Use a well lit area
  5. Apply the tan using a tanning mitt (I apply mine before bed so it develops over night and never directly after moisturising)
  6. Wash your hands thoroughly afterwards

All that’s left to say is Happy tanning!

Do you prefer self tanning or are you one for basking in the sun to get your golden glow?

* These products have been sent for the purpose of a review, all photos and opinions are my own.


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