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What’s in my Summer Makeup Bag

I thought I’d let you have a look at some of the makeup products I’m using right now, they are items I use for my simple everyday summer makeup look and they are things I’ll be packing when I go on holiday this year. Some I’ve loved using for quite a while now and others I’ve only discovered recently.

When the weather’s hot the last thing I want is a layer of thick foundation and hopefuly by this time of year I will have started to get a slight tan compared to my usual pale complexion. I’ve been using No7 City Light’s Tinted Moisturiser, which has a creamy consistency but still gives me a lightweight coverage and a healthy even skin tone. I love that it’s not too heavy and it can easily be applied by blending it in with my finger tips.

I’m currently using Milani Powder Blush it is the shade Blossomtime Rose, which is a repurchase as I love it that much! The blusher has a pretty rose shape and comes in the most stunning rose gold packaging. This shade is a peachy pink colour with a slight golden highlighter, so it is perfect for summer days.

I can’t be bothered with all the contouring at the minute, so I’m using my No7 Perfectly Bronzed Bronzing Pearls to give my face a healthy holiday look. It’s highly pigmented so I only use a small amount by swirling a medium sized makeup brush across the pearls and applying the bronzer where I’d naturally catch the sun. Even if I have’t been abroad for two whole weeks, this shade certainly helps give the impression that I have!

GOSH Lumi Drops are a new discovery for me this summer and wow, I really love using them as part of my makeup routine. They came in so handy when I went away for a few days as they are so easy to apply. I simply squeeze a small drop from the bottle onto the back of my hand, use my finger tip to dot the highlighting drops on the tops of my cheek bones and just blend it in using my finger tips, no sponge required! I expected it to be be a runny consistency but it’s more like a gel, making it much easier to handle. I chose the shade Peach (004), after looking at it in the bottle I first expected it to be really dark, instead it’s a stunning pearly peachy colour and looks beautiful after I’ve blended it in. I also love that Lumi Drops are so easy to mix with my foundation or tinted moisturiser for an all over radiant glow.

Luckily at the moment I don’t need much in the way of concealer, so I’m using No7 Instant Radiance which is an old faithful of mine. I use it under my eyes to conceal any dark circles and it instantly brightens that area. It’s a light creamy formula and I find it easy to blend with either my fingers or a makeup sponge, it lasts pretty much all day and doesn’t end up looking all cakey.

I’ve never been a great fan of cream eye products, but when GOSH had a 3 for 2 offer on at Superdrug I thought I’d try out their Forever Eyeshadow Stick and I will say I’m pretty impressed. I have the shade Brown and it’s incredible, it’s creamy and so lovely to wear. On day’s where I’ve not wanted loads of eye makeup on I’ve used a little of this soft pencil on my eyelids, it’s easy to blend with either a sponge tip eye shadow applicator or just using my fingers. The colour is quite intense with a faint glittery highlighter in it, the cream eyeshadow stays put all day, even after hours on the beach on a sweltering hot day, it doesn’t smudge one bit.

I’ve been looking for a waterproof eye pencil for ages and I’ve found the perfect one. I’ve been using GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliner in shade Black, it’s extremely pigmented. The product is super soft so it doesn’t drag the delicate skin around my eyes and I can either use a small amount just to define the shape of my eye or build it up for a more dramatic evening look. It does not smudge or fade throughout the day, it even survived me sweating on the hottest day of the year and a rain shower!

I have two favourite smaller eyeshadow palettes in my makeup bag at the minute. GOSH Eye Expression ‘Back To Nature’ Eyeshadow Palette is a set of four beautiful earthy toned shadows and is perfect for every day wear. The powder is soft and creamy but extremely pigmented so you don’t need too much, I find it blends really nicely too and doesn’t fade through the day. Another palette I’m using is the Makeup Revolution My Sign Complete Eye Wheel, which has 6 stunning shades and just about covers any look from a smoky eye to something more natural. Both eyeshadow palettes are the perfect size to take away on holiday too.

I’m currently loving GOSH Waterproof Mascara  in the shade Black, not only is a super intense black but it also still looks perfect after a few tears, getting hot and sweaty or being stuck in a heavy down pour. The wand is lovely to hold and the slim brush makes it easy to get to even the smallest of lashes. I do find I need to go back to apply a second coat sometimes but my lashes look thicker and full of volume without having any flaky bits drop onto my cheek or into my eyes.

I love wearing liquid lipsticks in the summer as they tend not to melt off in the heat compared to a moisturising lipstick. I find they apply much better if I use a lip scrub and lip balm on a regular basis to keep my lips nice and soft. Depending on my mood or the time of day I have a choice of 3 liquid lipsticks in my summer makeup bag, : GOSH Liquid Matte Lips in shade Berry Me (a stunning berry shade), Barry M Matte Me Up in shade Runway (a pinky red) and NYX Liquid Suede in shade Tea and Cookies (a pinky nude).  All of these have a sponge applicator which makes it easy to apply the lip colour, they are non drying and last pretty much all day, so I can eat or drink without having to worry about reapplying.

What products could you not live without this summer?


Indy Luxe Makeup Brushes

I had been after some new makeup brushes for quite a while and I’d seen Indy Luxe brushes pop up all over the blogging world, so of course I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the pink and rose gold set.  I was so excited when they arrived at my door and I’ve been dying to tell you all about them ever since.

Indy Luxe are a new company and have a couple of different styles of brushes on their website but I decided to choose this gorgeous Pink Pearlescent Unicorn Set which includes 8 different shaped brushes for highlighter, blusher, contouring and eyeshadow. They look so luxurious and would make a wonderful addition to any makeup lovers collection!

Each brush has a pearlescent handle with hexagonal shapes covering them, making them really easy to hold, aren’t they just stunning? The length of the brushes are shorter than most I’ve owned before, but this makes it so much easier for travelling or just popping in your bag for touch ups during the day. The handles lead into rose gold with the Indy Luxe logo with pretty pink bristles at the end. The bristles are super soft, yet strong enough to apply any product, the eyeshadow brushes are amazing and make it so easy to blend in and the angled brush is perfect for applying my favourite highlighter.

They are just the prettiest brushes I have ever seen and at first I didn’t want to get them dirty, but after taking a million and one photos I finally gave in and started using them to apply my makeup. The only one I haven’t tried is the foundation brush, but I’m sure it’s as wonderful to use as all the rest.

It is a seven piece set which includes 2 powder brushes which are perfect for blushers and setting powder, an angled brush which is great for contouring, a fan brush and 3 different types of eyeshadow brushes. The bristles are extremely soft but they feel wonderful when applying my makeup and any product blends in easily. I found they cleaned up really well with a small amount of baby shampoo. I think these would make a wonderful addition to any ones collection, weather you’re new to makeup or have been doing it for years!

They look incredible and have pride of place on my dressing table, along side the Unicorn set!

If you fancy getting hold of your very own set then you’ll be able to get 20% off using my discount code ROSIELOVESLIFE20.

*I will receive 5% commission for every code used.

Real Techniques Brush Cleaning Palette

Cleaning my make up brushes is one of those jobs that I know I need to do but it can take forever and sometimes it can feel like a real chore. I know it’s good hygiene to regularly remove all the oil, make up residue and dead skin cells (sounds disgusting doesn’t it!) and with some brushes not being cheap I also want to make them last longer and get my money’s worth.
Normally I’d clean my brushes using my hands and some baby shampoo, occasionally a tiny drop of baby oil first on sponges and brushes that have been used for foundation or concealer as it helps break down the build up of product.
So when I came across Real Techniques brush cleaning palette a while back I thought it was just one of those things that I didn’t need and that there were other things to spend my money on. I saw more and more people using them and saying how good they were by saving them so much time with this weekly chore. I had a moment of weakness and ended up buying one.

 I got mine from and at the time it was on offer for £11.50 (normal price £12.99) with free postage. It also came with two sample sachets of the Real Techniques brush cleansing gel.

This extremely lightweight silicone palette is about 15cm long and it’s designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. There’s a loop on the back which let’s you slip your hand through for a much better grip, so if your’re clumsy like me then that’s a bonus! The palette has a multi textured surface and allows you to gently swirl the bristles of your brush across them to give a much deeper clean.


As you can see, my foundation brush was pretty grubby and seems to need cleaning the most, so I put this one to the test first.

How to use the palette

  1. Squeeze a small amount of the cleansing gel on to the palette
  2. Add some warm water, taking care not to over fill the palette or getting the roots wet, which will completely ruin your make up brushes.
  3. Give each brush a swirl over the textured surfaces and watch all the gunk lift off. Amazing! You will need to repeat these steps when the water gets really dirty.
  4. Afterwards rinse each brush thoroughly and squeeze out any excess water as you would normally do using your traditional method.


Hey presto! Squeaky clean brushes. It took half the time to actually clean them which I was really impressed with. This brush also has white tips so it was a good example to show you how clean it was after using the palette.

When I’m cleaning all of my brushes together I’d normally leave them on a towel hanging over the edge of my dressing table to allow them to air dry, but if I was just doing a few then I could also use this palette to rest my brushes across and allow them to dry.

Was it worth the money? Well, I love it, simply because it saved me a lot of time and got my brushes a lot cleaner than just using my hands, so it’s a great little tool to have. And it’s in a gorgeous pink colour too! However I won’t be purchasing the cleansing gel as I also tried cleaning a couple of my brushes using baby shampoo on the palette and this worked just as well as the gel had done.

Have you tried this palette? How do you clean your make up brushes?


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