imPRESS Nails

I love having my nails painted, they are part of my normal beauty routine and I’ve found some amazing brands that do actually stay on longer than a few days before they start to chip. When it comes to false nails, that’s where I get in a mess. I remember the very first set of stick on nails I tried as a teenager, the sticky bit was this tiny bit of tape and the nails literally fell off within a few hours. A few years later I gave a different set a try, this time the shape was the problem as none of the false nails seem to fit  properly around my deep nail beds.

However I think I have found a false nail winner with imPRESS Nails.

imPRESS Nails

I was very kindly send two packs of imPRESS Nails to try, one in Power Up*, a deep purple with a gold glittery option, and Swept Away*, a bold red with a black and white polka dot option, both packs look absolutely gorgeous and are right up my street.

imPRESS nails come with the sticky back already in place so no fiddling around with any glue. All I needed to do was find the right size for each nail, peel the clear tab away from the sticky backing and gently press the nail into place. It couldn’t have been any easier, I was so impressed at how simple it was and it literally took me ten minutes. The imPress Nails felt so secure, obviously false nails have advanced a lot since I tried my first set. They were still well and truly stuck on three days later, for me that’s pretty good going. The nails survived me opening packages, washing my hair, even popping out medication from the blister pack which is usually were I’d chip normal nail polish.

imPRESS Nails

I chose to apply Power Up as I think it’s a stunning shade to match my Autumn outfits, I kept turning my hand back and forth like you do when you’ve just had your nails professionally manicured. I also think Swept Away is a beautiful shade, so I’m saving that one to wear on Christmas Day. ImPress Nails are available in a vast range of colours so there’s bound to be something to suit your style. Each set costs £7.99 and you get 30 nails in each pack, so you should find a perfect match to fit. If you have a night out or special occasion coming up, maybe you just fancy having beautifully manicured nails for once without the hassle of going to a salon, then I definitely recommend imPRESS Nails. You can purchase them from Superdrug. in store or online, I’ll definitely be picking up a few more sets for some events I have over the next few months.

Items marked with a * have very kindly been sent to me in exchange for a review, all photos and opinions are my own.


I’ll be honest here, I’m completely rubbish at applying nail polish and for years I had gels to save me the hassle of keep reapplying chipped nail polish. Over the course of time, this just ruined the condition of my nails, and it was costing me a fortune every time I had them done. Now I love spending time painting my own nails, I actually find it therapeutic, plus it’s so much easier if I get bored with whatever shade I’m wearing  or I see a brand bring out a new colour nail polish and obviously less of a dent on my bank balance!

I probably haven’t improved much at doing my own nails but that’s fine, it’s all good fun, right?

Itsy Nails London is a brand I absolutely love as their DuraPRO Gel Effect Nail Polish* acts just like a gel but without going through all the hassle. I’ve bought a couple of their nail colours and thought they were so brilliant I featured them in my February Favourites post. Then I was extremely lucky to get sent four shades from Itsy’s gorgeous Spring/Summer collection and I was over the moon!

All four nail polishes are absolutely stunning shades and have such fun names: Drop Red Gorgeous (a bold orange/red), In Deep (a bright baby blue), Green With Envy (a vibrant green) and City Girl (a lilac/grey).

Each polish only costs £5.99 and in just two coats you have beautiful opaque gel look nails. The shades are highly pigmented and they dry super quick, which is great if you’re doing them before you go out, or impatient like me. The soft, flat brush adapts to the shape of your nail, making it glide on really smoothly and doesn’t leave any streaks. It’s a fantastic alternative to having a gel manicure, saving me extra cash to buy one of Itsy’s other stunning shades.

These nail polishes last incredibly well, the colour on my finger nails was chip free after a week, but I’m more impressed that even after two weeks the polish on my toe nails still looked as it did on the day I applied it! Fantastic, if it can survive me knocking into everything and scraping my nails against stuff, then it can survive anything.

I love the way these polishes leave your nails looking so smooth, it’s almost as though you’ve had them professionally done. There’s no need for a base coat with Itsy nail polishes, although I usually apply a top coat to make it last a lot longer, but didn’t feel I needed it with these.

It’s so simple to take the polish off, you just use your normal nail varnish remover and after a gentle swipe it’s all gone.

Itsy Nails DuraPRO Gel Effect nail polishes are much kinder than having gels done at the beauty salon, they don’t contain harmful toxins and are cruelty free.

I can’t wait to see what shades Itsy Nails have out during the Autumn!

Items marked with a * were PR samples but all photos and opinions are my own.