An Off The Shoulder Dress

Every year I love to add at least one new dress to my ever growing collection. When I purchase each dress I like to know that I’ll pull it out of the wardrobe and it’ll go with the majority of my accessories. I want to be able to wear the dress to any occasion, day or night, without having to think too much about how I’m going to style it.  My style is mainly floaty and floral, and I very often stick to what I feel comfortable in. Yet there’s nothing wrong with trying something different once in a while, is there?

When I think of an off the shoulder dress, I imagine days at the beach and holiday destinations. I see women wearing them all the time, women who are confident and know exactly how to pull them off. I’ve always needed the security of at least a spaghetti strap to make sure I’m held firmly in place. I’ll always remember when I was on holiday in my late teens and wearing a brightly coloured bikini in the sea, a huge wave rolled up and dragged the bikini top down and, well, all I can say is I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life.

So you see, I do expect miracles from one summer dress.

Summer Off The Shoulder Dress

In a moment of extreme braveness I came across this white Off The Shoulder Dress* on the Tobi website and thought, hey, why not give it a try. Not only did I choose off the shoulder but decided on a mini length as well, I would normally have gone for a maxi dress but oh no, I stepped well and truly out of that comfort zone.

There was something about this particular dress that I felt drawn to, maybe the delicate polka dot print made a welcome change from floral or maybe it was the fit and flare skirt that I knew I’d feel more comfortable in rather than a tightly fitting design.

When the dress arrived I couldn’t wait to try it on. It fitted beautifully in all the right places, not too tight or so loose it would fall down. The elasticated part across the chest enhanced my womanly shape, one I didn’t know was there before. It wasn’t low cut so I didn’t feel exposed and wanting to pull it up all the time. The website describes the dress as a skater style, measuring 72.4 cm length, I’m nearly 5 foot 8 inches and on me it reached to about my mid thigh. The skirt section has a sheer top layer and a soft satiny lining underneath. If white isn’t your thing, don’t worry, this dress also comes in red and black.

Summer Off The Shoulder Dress

I love the extra detail around the neckline and the arms, the delicate frill gives a real girly feel to the dress. The tiny polka dot print gave the dress a simple, classic feel rather than being bold and in your face. The material was so soft and not in the least bit scratchy, the dress feels such good quality and looks well made, it could easily have come from a high end store. I felt absolutely amazing while wearing this off the shoulder dress, I felt a strong, confident woman while retaining my femininity. It suited both my shape and style without looking like I’d tried too hard.

Summer Off The Shoulder Dress

I’d set myself a little challenge. I knew I could easily pop on a pair of pretty summer sandals and add a straw bag for a casual day look which would be ideal for a day at the seaside, but would it still look as good styled up for an evening event.

Accessories are a great way to completely change the look of an outfit, from shoes to bags, even jewellery can make a difference. A pair of brightly coloured tassel earrings would bring an element of fun for a day look, however I prefer to wear delicate gold or silver jewellery. With my neckline on show, I chose this beautiful gold layered necklace* to add a hint of glamour to a simple day dress. The smaller chain is in a choker style and the longer chain includes a disc pendent which sits perfectly just below the collar bone. I think it’s one of the prettiest necklaces I have ever seen.

Summer Off The Shoulder Dress

Summer Off The Shoulder Dress

For my shoes and bag I’ve chosen two items I’d picked up from Amazon. For months I’d been searching for a dupe of the Chloe Nile Bracelet bag. I love that this one is practically identical, although it’s not made of leather and definitely doesn’t come with the hefty price tag. I was surprised at how well made it was, it has good quality stitching and doesn’t look or feel cheap. The bag can be worn cross body using the adjustable shoulder strap or as a grab bag using the circle ring handle. It’s the ideal size for an evening out, there’s a slot for a card holder, along with a larger section for a mobile and a few makeup essentials.

Summer Off The Shoulder Dress

Summer Off The Shoulder Dress

My shoes were another amazing find from a brand called Rock On Styles and are a very similar design to the Valentino Rockstud pumps, but for a fraction of the price. The heel height is roughly 3 inches, so not too high if your’re going to be on your feet all evening. They’d also look absolutely beautiful worn for a prom or with a bridesmaids outfit. They are made of good quality faux leather, with studs along the straps and the front of the shoe.

To complete my look is a blush pink and rose gold watch from Anne Klein, which was a birthday gift from Adrian, he knows me so well as I simply adore these colours (it also comes in Chestnut or Navy). I slipped on an off white blazer from Anastasia (Similar), sadly mine’s out of stock but there are loads around like this one from Tobi.

Summer Off The Shoulder Dress

Summer Off The Shoulder Dress

I may have been going out for the evening but I wanted to keep my makeup looking quite natural and fresh. First I applied No7 Aqua Perfect Cushion Foundation, which is your base, concealer and powder all in. It’s also a handy size compact to pop in your bag. For my eyes I’ve used my trusty Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and Better Than Sex Mascara. To finish off the look I’ve used Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy in the shade Insatiable Ivory and Essie Nail Polish in colour Bare With Me.

All I needed was a glass of Prosecco in my hand.

Summer Off The Shoulder Dress

Summer Off The Shoulder Dress

Summer Off The Shoulder Dress

Summer Off The Shoulder Dress

Dress: Tobi*

Necklace: Tobi*

Bag: Amazon

Shoes: Rock On Styles

Watch: Anne Klein

*These items were kindly gifted to me by the PR team at Tobi


ASOS Pastel Pleated Midi Skirt

It was a typical warm sunny Spring day in my home town and we’d decided to pop out for for lunch and a spot of retail therapy. The very first item I reached for was this Pastel Pleated Midi Skirt from ASOS which I first featured in my Spring Trends post back in April. I hadn’t intended on taking any photos for my blog but I just loved the outfit so much, we found a quiet spot just by the market and snapped away. To be honest, I can’t remember when my last full on outfit post was, they were one of the main reasons I originally started my blog as Facebook wasn’t exactly the place to constantly share photos of me in my favourite outfit. For the first 18 months I absolutely loved styling up an outfit and sharing it on my blog, Then something happened that made all my confidence just disappear.

It started off with an invitation to an event which I sadly couldn’t go to, I started seeing amazing fashion bloggers standing for photos with other bloggers, underneath floral arches, pink balloons and all the selfie props you could think of. I knew I wouldn’t have been able to get involved with all that, not really, I let the fact that I am in a wheelchair and am unable to  stand get the better of me. The more invites I got, the worse I felt. Why? I hear you say. I felt the odd one out. Add that on to a couple of comments regarding the fact that I buy most of my clothes from Charity shops and those people felt they couldn’t relate to me because they weren’t able to purchase the exact same item. Thankfully it wasn’t anyone who follows me or who I follow.

I didn’t feel confident enough to share an outfit of the day post any more and I certainly didn’t feel good about myself.

Jump forward to 2018 and a lot of tears later along with a few choice words, I’m feeling like my old self again. I told myself so what if I can’t stand to show off what I’m wearing, there are other wheelchair users who want to look nice as well. Maybe I can give someone a tiny bit of inspiration on what they wear.

And let’s face it, this season was meant for me. Florals, pastels and lace are everywhere right now.

ASOS Pastel Pleated Midi Skirt

I stopped dressing for myself and I tried to dress in a way that I thought I should be as a fashion blogger. It just didn’t work. Then I came across some bloggers who had a similar style to me, oh my goodness, this made me so happy. It didn’t matter that they were posting either designer items, high street or charity shop finds, I felt inspired by what they wore.

Que MASSIVE wardrobe clear out. I’m talking 8 black bin liners of stuff that I didn’t feel good in or that didn’t suit my personal style. I sold quite a lot of it so I could invest in some new clothes, quite a lot was also donated to charity.

ASOS Pastel Pleated Midi Skirt

I completely fell in love with this beautiful Pastel Pleated Midi Skirt from ASOS and thought it would go perfectly with a lot of the tops I still had left in my wardrobe. It’s super floaty and has almost a metallic sheen to the material, this suits my feminine style right down to the last pleat. Here I’ve worn it with a cream lace top to make a pretty Spring Summer outfit, I’ve accessorised with a pair of cream, heeled straw sandals, delicate jewellery and a straw hat. I’ve also used my pink faux suede cross body bag from Topshop, which doesn’t leave my side at the moment. I had so many compliments the day I wore this outfit and believe me that certainly put a smile on my face. It’s the kind of skirt that will look equally as good with a casual T-shirt and pair of flat pumps for a more casual vibe.

ASOS Pastel Pleated Midi Skirt

Spring Trends

ASOS Pastel Pleated Midi Skirt

Skirt: ASOS (similar)

Bag: Topshop

Bracelet: Ted Baker

Lace Top: Old (originally H&M)

Shoes: Old (Originally New Look)

Watch: Bulova (similar)


chatty post and what I've been up to

My last two chatty posts went down really well and I personally love reading other peoples. I also find it’s a great way to look back on my blog this time next year to see all the wonderful things I got up to.

I’m counting down the days until Easter after finding out my half sister is coming over from Canada and staying for the Easter holidays. Can you guess how excited that makes me. Luckily my cousin, sister and I get on extremely well together, I’m sure we’ll all be doing some exciting stuff over the two weeks and taking loads of photos for our scrapbooks.

outfit of the day

chatty post with an outfit of the day

chatty post with an outfit of the day

If you’ve seen one snowy photo over the past few weeks, then you’ve probably seen a million. Unfortunately while most people were able to get out and enjoy making snowmen. have snow ball fights or generally have a moan about how cold it was, I happened to be stuck indoors for almost 5 days and could only look in wonder at this pretty white stuff through the window. The snow was just too heavy for my wheelchair to cope with, it would have got stuck within a few feet of my door. However all was not lost, I had an extremely productive few days and managed to write 4 blog post, yay, and get a load of admin out of the way. On the Saturday, the snow had cleared enough for Adrian to take me out for a coffee, we sat on “our” bench by the church where there happened to be just enough snow for me to get an outfit of the day photo and the all important photo of my feet. I was snuggled up warm in one of my favourite outfits including this beautiful faux fur collar I bought in the sale from Topshop and, apart from having so much, I think the fresh air did me the world of good.

Chatty Post and Pebble Art

A few weeks ago Adrian and I were out on one of our walks and stopped at our usual bench. Who’d have thought that we’d be sharing it with an Alien! He can spot a penny from a mile away, so when he walked off to pick something up from the other end of the bench I didn’t give it a thought. He came back with this pebble which has been painted to look like an alien. On the bottom it had the words Plymouth Pebble Art, it honestly put a big smile on my face considering the night before Adrian and I had both watched the film Paul. The idea behind these pebbles is that someone has visited Plymouth pebble Art, painted their own design on one of them and placed it somewhere in the country. You then take a photo and upload it to their Facebook page, you can then either keep it as a memory or place it somewhere else for others to enjoy, and they do the same thing. This isn’t sponsored, I just thought it would be a fun thing to share with you. Wonder where our alien has visited next?

chatty post and cuddles with my cat

Pepper is still going strong at the grand old age of 21 (roughly!), she’s super clingy at the moment and want’s to be near me all the time. If she wakes up and I’m in another room, she’ll start screeching really loudly. I don’t know if she’s feeling vulnerable, other than that Pepper is a healthy old lady. We adopted her 10 years ago from our neighbour, or rather Pepper adopted us. She used to come into our house while our neighbours were at work, then when they moved they asked if we wanted to keep Pepper. We of course said yes, she couldn’t get her little paws up on our our sofa quick enough and moved her little cat belongings in the very next day. She melts my heart every time I come home and her purring is one of the most relaxing sounds ever.

chatty post and an outfit of the day

How cute is this T-shirt which was designed by Jemma, she had a limited supply on her Etsy store and I was so happy when mine arrived in the post. I think it’s such a fun item to have in my wardrobe for Spring and Summer, the material is incredibly soft and it fits beautifully. I’ll be wearing mine with jeans and flats or a pair of jersey bottoms for slouchy days at home, although I think it;s way too lovely to be hidden away. I hope she designs some more pieces of clothing in the future, I’ll definitely be keeping and eye out for a hoody or sweatshirt!

Chatty post including a girls night in

charry post, what I've been up to

After having some bad news a few weeks back I try to treasure every moment I spend with my friends and family a lot more now. I think I always have, just every now and then something comes along as a gentle reminder that life’s too short. I don’t have a large circle of friends but I’m extremely close to those I do have. While I was snowed in my best friend arrived with some treats and we watched back to back episodes of Friends (again!)

Adrian and I finally got our new oven after our old one cooked it’s last ever meal, it’s not bad as we’d had that for 10 years and it belonged to Adrian’s mum when we first got married. This is the first one I’ve owned that hasn’t been second hand or a hand me down. Yes I was slightly excited when it arrived and the first evening we enjoyed a vegetable casserole followed by apple and blackberry pie, I must say it was divine.

chatty post with a monthly round up

I don’t often share a photo of me wearing glasses but I’ve been trying to get used to these new frames. I’d had my old pair for about 10 years and a week or so back they finally gave up and broke. It was the kind of day where everything went wrong all at once, the screen protector on my mobile cracked, the shower decided to stop working while I was in the middle of washing my hair and a whole host of other things. But hey, it’s all good now and I can look back and laugh about it. I’m sure everyone has days like those.

I’d like to say a huge, huge thank you for all the incredible support from everyone after I published a very personal and sensitive post. It was written in the style of a letter and had been in my drafts for well over a year. I’d never really had the courage to post it until now. Telling your friends and family is one thing, but putting it out there for the rest of the world to read is something quite different. I just hope if anyone who has gone through a similar thing and reads my story will know they are not alone and there will be help out there.

chatty post wearing my pink blanket scarf

I do love finding a bargain when I’m out shopping and if something doesn’t cost me a penny I love it even more.  I very rarely shop in M&Co but when I was given some money for my Birthday I went in store and bought a beautiful burgundy jacket with a faux fur collar. I have a loyalty card for M&Co and was excited when a £5 voucher arrived through my door at the beginning of the month. I totally fell in love with this pink blanket scarf, which was in the sale for exactly £5, it’s incredibly soft and snugly and goes with so many things I own already. My collection of hats is forever growing, well you probably noticed that. I absolutely love this grey and black fedora from Oliver Bonas. Keep an eye out on my Instagram stories as I’m sharing quite a lot of outfits on there too.

I’m really into Audio books at the minute, I find them so much easier to get through and can listen to them while I’m doing other things or just before I go to bed. Last month I read 100 Pieces Of Me by Lucy Dillon which I featured in my February Favourites post. I’m currently reading The Story Teller by Jodi Picoult, it’s got just about everything in it, love , war, murder, forgiveness, I’m only on chapter 3 and loving so far but I’ll let you know what I think when I get to the end.

Last, but by no means least, hurray for the return of The Walking Dead! I’ve watched every single episode, right from season one and I was seriously not ready for the emotional episode after the mid season break. Why, oh why, do I love Negan as the villain, someone please talk some sense into me. And if Daryl happened to roll up outside my house on his motorbike I’d definitely not be sending him back out into a zombie apocalypse.

How’s life treating you at the moment? What’s you favourite TV show or book you’ve enjoyed reading?