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Skinkissed Vitamin C Serum

Sunkissed Vitamin C Serum

I’m very much into my skincare these days, much more than I used to be. Every morning and evening I make sure I do a full skincare routine, spending at least 10 minutes cleansing, toning and moisturising, however tired I am I make sure I get rid of any of the days makeup and finish off with a serum and night cream that will really benefit my skin over night.

I’ve been using a serum for a number of years and have really noticed a difference in my skin’s texture and appearance. It improved so much that there are some days I go without makeup and know that I won’t have to worry about dry patches or blemishes like I used to. Using a serum has helped with a whole host of skin problems from brightening up my tired skin, to giving it some much needed hydration.
Another area I worry about are the signs of ageing. I know that’s something I can’t stop (oh if only!) but by using a serum it has helped with any fine lines I do have.

Skinkissed Vitamin C Serum

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been applying Skinkissed Vitamin C Serum which promises to plump and hydrate dull skin, reduce any wrinkles, remove acne, and leave your skin feeling soft and blemish free. I love that it’s 100% natural and not been tested on animals. If that’s not enough to make you want to give it a try, 20% of all purchases go to a a charity for children with mental health problems.

The serums includes Rose Water, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerine and Marine Collagen. So there’s a lot of good stuff inside one tiny bottle and are enough to get me all excited, that’s for sure. I love anything that promises to give me a youthful glow and and believe me, you don’t know how many times I’ve got in a paddy over fine lines around my eyes. I was interested to see if the Skinkissed Vitamin C Serum lived up to my high expectations.

Skinkissed Vitamin C Serum

Skinkissed Vitamin C Serum

Sadly it didn’t.

Ok, so that’s a bit unfair because it did give my skin a slight radiant glow and I’m definitely all about looking healthy. The website states that you may have a slight reaction during the first week of using the serum. Luckily my skin was fine and there was no signs of irritation, so that’s a bonus. Unfortunately it’s quite a thin runny consistency and my skin felt drier after using it. I think it will be absolutely fine if you have normal skin type, but I have naturally dry skin and need a serum that’s a bit richer. It didn’t improve my skin’s texture or fine lines around my eyes but it certainly didn’t leave it looking as though I’d not used any serum at all. So it’s not all bad.

I love the black and gold packaging, which would look very classy on anyone’s dressing table. The pipet applicator makes it easy to use, simply add 10 to 15 drops onto the palm of your hand and smooth over your face, neck and lips in the morning and evening.

Price wise, at £29.95 I do think it’s a little on the expensive side for a 20ml bottle, considering they recommend you use quite a large amount twice a day. Like I said, it may work wonders on someone else, everyone is different, but sadly it didn’t for me.

Skinkissed Vitamin C Serum

Skinkissed Vitamin C Serum* can be bought from their website if you do fancy giving it a try for yourself.

*This product was kindly sent to me for the purpose of an honest review, all opinions and photos are my own.


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