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The Beauty Lover’s Tool: Shadow Switch

Brush cleaning tool

Does any one really love cleaning their makeup brushes? It can seem like a real chore, I try to clean my beauty tools at least once a week, however I will admit to occasionally using a small amount of makeup remover to swipe over some of my favourite blending brushes if I’m using quite a mixture of shadows. Even then, it’s pain to wait for one brush to dry completely before using it again. You can guarantee that I’ll want to do a neutral look after doing a smokey eye the day before and there’s one brush that’s absolutely filthy.

brush cleaning tool and eyeshadow brushes

Guess what? There’s a little tin available from Beauty Essentials which allows you to swipe a makeup brush over it and switch between eyeshadows!

Shadow Switch* is a dry brush cleaner, so their is no need for water or baby shampoo and waiting for ages for your brushes to dry before swapping to a different shade of eyeshadow.

Brush cleaning tool

The little tin contains a spongy, wiry block and promises to eliminate the possibility of product transfer between powders and help preserve your brushes. I think it’s quite a clever tool and so simple to use. The Shadow Switch costs £5.99 and is available from Beauty Essentials or Amazon. I think the pink and white packaging is super cute and it’s also perfect if you’re on the go and want to do a quick clean up of a couple of eyeshadow brushes.

brush cleaning tool

When I put the Shadow Switch to the test I chose a bright blue eyeshadow as that’s a shade I really wouldn’t want smudged in with a neutral colour. After swirling the brush around on the palette and making blue patterns on the back of my hand it was time to see how well the Shadow Switch actually performed. I began by gently pressing and rotating my brush in a circular motion over the wiry block until I was sure all traces of powder had completely disappeared. I swiped the brush over a white tissue just to double check and not a scrap of blue eyeshadow showed up! I could now start to use a different shade without mixing this colour into it. Brilliant!

brush cleaning tool

brush cleaning tool

The Shadow Switch didn’t remove any stubborn staining from the white areas of my makeup brushes but if definitely removed any product build up from the previous colour. I wouldn’t swap my weekly deep clean as I think makeup brushes need a thorough cleanse to remove all traces of dirt and grime, but for a quick clean up in between applying eyeshadow colours then the Shadow Switch is an excellent tool to have in my beauty kit.

Have you tried the Shadow Switch? How do you do a quick clean up for a change in eyeshadow shades?

*This post contains items that were sent for review, all photos and opinions are my own.


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