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Let’s Catch Up: Social Media Break and What I’ve Been Up To

Well hello, it’s nice to back blogging after almost 6 months off. I’m not rushing into writing two or three posts a week but thought you’d like an update on what’s been going on. Time really does fly, but I can’t say it’s all been fun. In fact, some of it has been extremely difficult.


The year started off with me getting a chest infection, that’s bad enough in itself, but that bought on a relapse with my neurological symptoms. I was constantly in pain, the spasms and tremors got worse and my speech was slurred. The relapse also resulted in the loss of my left arm, I felt useless and my mood was so low I was constantly crying. The next step was a trip to hospital for a course of steroids. Being on the 11th Floor of a hospital miles away from my home was no fun at all, but at least it helped my symptoms return to how they normally are.


Sadly, we lost my Aunt in January. She had been like a mother to me since I was young and was the closest female I’d had in my life for so many years. Suddenly she wasn’t there anymore. If you’ve ever lost someone in your life, you’ll know exactly how I’ve been feeling. My Aunt had been ill for quite some time, I know she’s not in any pain now. It hit me especially hard when Mother;s Day came, I couldn’t go on social media at all. She will never be forgotten.


Adrian and I went to stay with family in Norfolk for a few weeks, as we do every year. I love this area of the country, it has so many special memories. There will be a separate post coming on what we got up to but I will say we had the most wonderful time and a much needed break.

Things I’ve Learnt From A Social Media Break

  1. It’s great to actually talk to someone who is sitting in front of you. A friend who’s bought you doughnuts or a partner who’s made you a hot chocolate.
  2. Living in the moment rather than taking a selfie all the time. Taking in the sights, smells and sounds, there’s more right in front of you than you realise.
  3. No one will notice. Everyone is too busy getting on with their own lives or catching up on the latest social media drama to worry if you’ve not posted for a while.
  4. You suddenly have more time to concentrate on the things you enjoy. Your hobbies, being with family and enjoying the moment.
  5. You spend less money, you don’t feel the need to buy the latest makeup release or an item from a clothing brand’s new in section just because you’ve seen it all over social media.

Have you taken a long social media break? What were the things you learnt?


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