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Halloween Graveyard Bride Makeup and Fancy Dress

Over the weekend I went to a Halloween party for the third year in a row. A friend of mine invited us along and insisted it was fancy dress. I was so excited that I began experimenting with different looks and deciding on what costume to wear. I finally settled on a Graveyard Bride and I’m extremely happy with how it turned out.

I had quite a few people ask me where my costume was from so I thought I’d share a very quick blog post to give you all the information. The Graveyard Bride outfit is from a company called Fancy Dress Ball and although it may be too late for this Halloween they have a large selection of outfits in case you’re invited along to any parties over Christmas and New Year. I’m sure I’ll be able to wear the wig for a different look but for now the outfit is going in my dressing up box.

For the makeup I used mainly products I already had in my drawer so there was little extra cost. I am by far no expert but what I love about this look is the makeup doesn’t need to be perfect, the smudgier the better.

For the base I used a damp make up sponge and applied a white face paint which I bought for £2 from Wilkos, blending it in along the jawline and down the neck. I set this in place with some loose translucent powder.

On the cheeks I’ve simply mixed a dark plum eyeshadow with a brown one and applied it under my cheekbones and along the jaw line, blending it with a fluffy brush. I’ve used a dark grey eyeshadow along the edges of my nose, right up around my eye sockets to where my eye brows meet. I’ve then used whatever was left on my brush to gently sweep around the inner corners of my cheeks, down and along my chin to give a slightly bruised look.

For the eyes I’ve used the Urban Decay Smoky eyeshadow palette. The shades I chose were Smolder (a dark grey), Black Market ( a dark black), Dagger (a medium grey) and Slanted (a silvery grey). I made sure to blend the dark grey downwards to emphasise dark circles. I also added a touch of silvery white eyeshadow along the bow bone. I’ve lined my upper lash line using a jet black liquid liner and used a black eyeshadow on the outer corners of my lid and along my lower lash line. Inside the water line I’ve used a black gel liner. On my eye bows I used a small brush and applied a black eyeshadow, then a few strokes of black gel liner, smudging it upwards.

For the lips, I covered them completely with white face paint using a damp makeup sponge and went over the top with a pearly nude lip gloss. Using my finger, I smudged in a dark red lipstick, mainly sticking to the inner section of my lips. Finally I used an small makeup brush to dab black eyeshadow onto the very centre of my lips and white powder on the outer section where my lips touch together.


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