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A Little Homeware Haul


Would you believe it? Me doing a homeware haul! In the whole time I’ve been blogging I’ve never done a homeware post, but hey, there’s a first for everything, right?
Technically this isn’t all from one big shopping spree but over a course of a few weeks and I thought it would be quite nice to save up all the things I’ve bought to go in my bedroom and actually write a blog post. You may have seen a few of these already on my instagram but I wanted to put them all together in one place.
Now i’m just dying to show you what I got.

I’ve wanted some pretty cushions for my bed for while now and managed to pick up these two little square ones for under £10. I was in New Look when I came across the “Dream Like A Unicorn” one (£5.99) and it was the last one sitting on the shelf in their reduced section. Well you can imagine my delight, so now this sit’s on my bed and reminds me to be happy every night before I go to sleep!
The Applique Owl cushion (£3.99) happened to find it’s way into my basket on a recent visit to Home Bargains along with a few other items. Sadly, I couldn’t find it on line to put a link, so if you ever go into one of their stores it’s a case of grab it while you see it.
Both of these cushion are small enough not to take too much space on my bed but cute enough to make it look a bit more girly.

Homeware2B252810a2529 Homeware2B252852529

One of the things I love about Autumn is having the wonderful smell of candles burning and getting all cosy in the evening. The reason I was in Home Bargains in the first place was because I was trying to hunt down this Wickford and Co Gingerbread candle I’d seen in Saira’s You Tube video and she had mentioned how wonderful it smelt. After searching in a few stores, I finally found the very last one left on the shelf! It’s a really great bargain at only £2.99 and it looks almost identical shape to another more expensive brand! I couldn’t wait to start burning this one (as you can see!) and it has the most gorgeous sweet spicy fragrance, it reminds me of the wonderful aroma in my kitchen after I’ve been doing some baking and this candle really does have the smell of freshly made gingerbread. At such a great price I also couldn’t resist picking up the Halloween candle as well, which I’ve yet to use but it does have a wonderful warm, spicy fragrance.
If you love the smell of pumpkin then I promise you’ll love this Lindsay Lucas Pumpkin Pie Candle. I picked mine up from Etsy for £4.99 and it smells divine and it’s literally as though I’ve just served up a slice of pumpkin pie!


I wanted to add some warmth to my bedroom and thought gold tones would be perfect. So continuing with the candle theme I was so happy when I spotted this rose gold tea light holder in Card Factory for £1.99, can’t complain at that price. The funny thing was I that I’d not even gone in to the shop thinking about home accessories. I’d popped into pick up some wrapping paper. Well it now looks so cute sitting on a shelf in my bedroom.
This pretty gold hanging heart also came from Card Factory and cost me £1.49! Yay, another bargain, and it looks quite at home hanging on my dressing table mirror.
Something I was in need of was some extra storage for my makeup brushes and I’ve seen quite a few about like this one in Wilkinsons and thought this would be just the thing to keep all my brushes tidy. However, I’d already got an unused one in black which was in my office but didn’t quite go with the theme in my bedroom. So my other half very kindly painted it with some gold paint that he had left over (which you can get in most hardware stores) and hey presto, it’s now home to some of my makeup brushes and looks so pretty sitting on my dressing table.

I picked up this mini hanging storage rack in Poundland and absolutely loved the pretty detail on it which I thought would be handy to store some of my most used lipsticks and jewellery, so they would be easy to get to everyday. It originally came in white so my other half painted this in gold as well to match everything else. I’m one very happy lady!

I fell in love with this absolutely gorgeous copper foil print as soon as Jemma put it on her Etsy store. I’d been eyeing it up for a few days and in the end I just had to get it. While I was waiting for it to arrive I picked up this beautiful gold frame from Wilkinsons for £5.50 to continue with the gold theme in my bedroom. I’m extremely happy with this lovely print and it just looks adorable hanging on my wall!

So that brings me to end of my very first homeware haul and I’m so pleased I’ve done it all on a budget. Now my bedroom really is looking all warm and cosy.



Dinki Belle Nail Wraps

If you know me by now, you’ll know how much I love doing my nails with my favourite nail polish. However, I don’t always have the time, or the patience, to sit and wait for each coat to dry for my perfectly manicured nails.
I’ve always wanted to try nail art, but me doing something that fiddly would most probably end up a disaster. So you can imagine how excited I was when I got hold of a set of Dinki Belle Nail Wraps.


Dinki Belle is a small brand in the UK but they offer a wide range of beautiful, colourful nail wraps and I was so delighted to be able to try out the Marble set. Instantly instagramable! I think they are the perfect treat for a night out or that very special occasion where you want something a little different to your normal nail polish.
For £6.99 you get 20 nail wraps which come in the a cute little drawstring bag, complete with easy to follow instructions, a nail file and a manicure stick. What a bargain.

I began by prepping my nails as I would normally do, filing and buffing to get my own nails into a shape I was happy with. Next I selected a nail wrap for each of my nails and found that there was one that fit the shape of my nails perfectly, however they are easy to trim into shape for a better fit as I later found out.

The Instructions for use:

  • Clean and buff your nails
  • Select the size to suit your nail and remove the clear cover
  • Lift the wrap using the silver tab and apply to nail smoothing out any wrinkles
  • Wrap around the nail and file off excess in a downward motion
  • Remove with nail polish remover or gently peel off

And hey presto, I had beautiful marble nails.
Dinki Belle do suggest using a top coat, so I just applied my normal Barry M top coat over each nail wrap.
I found the first couple of attempts a bit tricky because I don’t have a very steady hand so I had to use one of the nail wraps which needed to be trimmed, but I had no problem fitting it the shape of my nail. Afterwards I managed to do all of my nails and they looked absolutely amazing.
On the packaging Dinki Belle say the nail wraps lasts up to 14 days, I was so pleased that mine lasted 11 days which is pretty good going considering they are basically stickers and I do think applying the top coat helped. I’ve even got some left so I could be a bit creative and apply a marble nail wrap on alternate fingers with a normal nail polish in between.
I think these are the cutest nail wraps I’ve ever seen and will probably buy another set for a special ocassion I have coming up soon.

Have you used nail wraps before? What pattern did you choose?


The Autumn Outfit with Sammydress*

I always find Autumn to be quite a tricky season to style an outfit as you’re never sure what the weather’s going to be like when you leave the house in the morning, freezing temperatures and drizzly rain one minute or a blistering heatwave the next.
I’ve been wanting to update my wardrobe for a while now after having a huge clear out of items that I no longer wear. I needed to add a few key pieces in Autumnal colours that would see me through the next few months. And I’ve found just the most perfect dress!


I had great fun browsing through all the gorgeous clothes and cute accessories on the Sammydress website, where there is something that will suit everyone’s style. After spending absolutely ages looking at all the wonderful items they have, I finally decided to go for this beautiful Suedette Dress* in burnt orange as I thought the colour would really stand out on a grey day in the UK. It also seemed the perfect transitional piece to add to my Autumn wardrobe.



I absolutely adore this long sleeve, shirt style dress as it’s made of soft cotton material which feels very luxurious and much more expensive than it actually is. It has buttons down the front half of the dress, which can be done right up to the neck but I chose to leave a few open to give it a collar so I was able to wear my favourite silver diamante necklace. The dress has deep pockets on the hips and a thick elasticated waistline which give it a very flattering shape. I like the pleats at the back and around the waist as I think they add some extra detail. This dress is really versatile and is going to be so easy to style going into the colder weather too. It’s going to become one of my fashion favourites!




I also chose these cute black, kitten heeled ankle boots* with cross over straps and silver buckles. The boots feel so soft and are really comfortable to wear, I think they complement this style of dress really well. I’ve added a pair of classic black tights for this outfit but these boots will also look great worn with a chunky jumper and jeans or a button down skirt.

Rosie2BLoves2BLife2B2528332529 Rosie2BLoves2BLife2B252872529

I couldn’t resist this sweet little camera shaped Cross Body Bag* with a long chain strap to add an element of fun to my outfit. I’ve never seen one like this before! OK, so it’s not the most practical sized bag for a day time outfit but I don’t always want to carry my great big tote bag with me, so this bag is just perfect for taking my lippy, mobile and money! It will also look cute worn with an evening outfit for a night out with the girls!



To  complete my outfit I’ve added a denim jacket, which I’ve had hanging in my wardrobe for ages, and my favourite wide brimmed fedora. I absolutely love this outfit and feel it’s perfect for Autumn.
What do you think to this outfit? What’s your favourite transitional outfit?

Dress: Sammydress*
Boots: Sammydress*
Bag: Sammydress*
You can find more about Sammydress on their website or twitter page.


*This post contains items that have been gifted but all photos and opinions are my own

Hydro Face Mask by Vitamasques


I’ve been so excited at the thought of trying out a sheet style mask ever since they came on the beauty scene a while back. They are wonderful little masks full of amazing ingredients and promise to give super hydration to the skin, which is just what I need when we’re going into a new season where my skin can start to feel a little bit drier than it normally does.
The Vitamasques Hydro Face Mask has been designed to give super hydration thanks to the Artificial Moisturising Factor (AMF) which enhances the skin ability to retain moisture for up to 120 hours, that’s nearly a whole week! It also contains extracts of Rose of Jericho for an extra moisturising boost, which is fabulous if you’re like me and can suffer from dry, dehydrated skin.


I was keen to try out the Vitamasques Hydro Face Mask, especially now I’m starting to think about switching up my skincare routine to cope with the effects the colder weather can have on my skin.

Vitamasque suggest thoroughly cleansing and toning before applying the mask and then sitting back to relax for 30 minutes, sitting quiet for that length of time was going to be a challenge in itself as I’m used to a mask that only takes 15 minute, so I popped on some relaxing music and prepared to be pampered.

I thought the Hydro Face Mask was going to be made from a cotton sheet type material impregnated with the product but instead it consists of a face shaped gel which comes in 2 parts. I applied the mask to my face which I found really easy to do and smoothed it carefully over my skin. Due to the type of material it’s made of it sticks to the face so easily without slipping off. After about 15 minutes I did start to have a tingling sensation on my skin and I thought I may be having a reaction, but as this has happened before with a wonderful minty clay mask I’ve used and been fine with, I decided to just go with it and give the Hydro Face Mask the full length of time to work it’s magic.
However, after the 30 minutes I was so relieved to be able to remove the mask as the tingling sensation had got worse. I followed the instructions for removing the mask and gently massaged any remaining product into my skin which soaked in really well without leaving any sticky residue behind.
My skin did feel soft and hydrated but it also looked extremely red and felt really itchy, so after a while I splashed some cold water on my face to soothe it down a little. I think there may have been something in this mask that I found didn’t agree with my sensitive skin, which I’m a little bit disappointed with as I’d heard such wonderful things about the Vitamasques Hydro Face Mask. This mask may be perfect for someone else with normal or dry skin who wants an extra moisture boost, but sadly it wasn’t for me.
Unfortunately, it took a good few days for the redness and sensitivity to settle down, so next time I shall be sticking with my usual clay or mud style masks to give my complexion a refresh or for my weekly pamper routine.

Thank you for reading. Have you tried a sheet mask or a hydro gel mask? How did you get on?


October Goals

 It’s not only the start of a new month but October is officially the start of Autumn, with hot chocolates, cosy nights in and pumpkin or gingerbread candles creating that warm, homely smell.
As I start a new page in my diary I thought it would be quite nice to share 7 goals I’d like to achieve this month.

Blog Make Over
I’m planning on making a few changes to my blog over the next month that will hopefully be for the better. There will be a brand new header for a start (edit – I now have my new header), which I’m really excited about, and I’m looking into layouts that will have all of my social media links and contact details in one place, plus a better menu and About Me section. So please bear with me while I put these adjustments into place.

Save Money
I’ve been promising myself I would do this for a while but it is a real weakness of mine, I’ll see a fab new eyeshadow palette that I really must have or a pair of shoes that I can’t live without and before you know it my money’s just slipped through my fingers. One of the things I’m aiming for is a new camera as mine is getting a bit old and tired now and I’m not able to achieve the quality of photos I’d like. So if I want to carry on taking photos for my blog I need to be oh so strict with myself!

Get Ahead of myself
At the moment I’ve already planned what blog posts I’d like to write weeks before, but my aim is to actually have the whole blog post typed up, with photos and scheduled at least 2 weeks ahead of myself. This way I’m not left trying to upload a day or two prior to publishing day and be at risk of anything going wrong at the last minute, but it still leaves me room to type up a post where I’ve had a sudden moment of inspiration.

Upload more to Snapchat
I’ve been told a number of times that it’s good to get to know the blogger behind the blog and apart from the odd video here and there, Snapchat (or Insta Stories) is something I’ve not really had the confidence to do very much. I love watching other peoples, so I’m going to make every effort to let you see more behind the scenes and that’ll also mean keeping my room tidy more often!

Start A Craft
Now this one could be interesting as I am the least crafty or creative person ever when it comes to making things, well apart from baking cakes. So I’m thinking of something simple to start me off, like homemade cards to send to friends or family for their birthday or Christmas.

Stop worrying so much
I’m not the worlds most confident person which will probably come across in any videos I upload. I worry about people not liking me or even reading my blog, plus it takes me forever to phrase a tweet incase I make myself look stupid. So I’m just going to accept that not everyone will like who I am or what I do, I’m fine with that, and just enjoy being me and the life I have.

Watch at least one movie for Halloween
No, nothing too scary, but something lighthearted and what better opportunity than two of The Girl Gang (@TheGirlGangHQ) Halloween themed movie nights throughout October, Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and Hocus Pocus. It just so happens that my friend has both of these on DVD so I’ll invite her round to watch them with me, she can bring the nibbles too as I’m on a spending ban!

Do you have any Goals for October? What’s your favourite movie for Halloween?




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