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7 Tips For Getting An Even Self Tan

Applying self tan can be no easy thing. As someone who uses a self tan once a week, I’ve had my fair share of mishaps with areas that look patchy or streaky. First there’s choosing the right type of tanning product, either a mousse, mist or lotion, and that’s before you even get to how to apply it and make your self tan last.

In the years that I’ve been applying self tan in the privacy of my own bathroom I’ve picked up a few tips along the way. If you’re after that lovely even holiday glow then here are a few rules that I follow and it doesn’t usually go far wrong.

1. Exfoliate

It’s important to prep your skin first, especially in the days leading up to applying your self tan. Exfoliating before tanning will help get rid of any dry patches, giving you a more even colour and making your tan last longer.

I gently exfoliate every morning in the shower with an exfoliating glove and I’ve really noticed what a difference it’s made. I also use a body brush or salt scrub to gently exfoliate my skin throughout the winter months when I’m not wearing any tan, this helps keep my skin in good condition for when it is time to start wearing fake tan.

It’s best to shave at least twenty-four hours before and waxing two days before tanning. This allows the pores time to seal over again or any wax residue to be washed away leaving your skin clear.

2. Moisturise

I use a body moisturiser every day so my skin is soft and smooth, this also helps to achieve a much more even colour. There are areas of your body that need a little extra attention, such as elbows, knees and wrists, so I like to apply my daily body moisturiser directly to those parts to avoid them looking muddy when I’ve self tanned.

Youth Boosting Body Butter Sanctuary / Salt Scrub Sanctuary / Coffee Scrub Frank Body / Body Brush Hydrea

3. Application

First of all, never use your bare hands to apply fake tan, that’s just asking for trouble. Using a mitt will not only protect your hands but also give you a more seamless, streak free application. I squeeze one pump of mousse onto the mitt for each section of my body, first the left lower leg, then left thigh, right lower leg, and so on until my whole body is done. I use gentle sweeping motions when applying the product and gently buff in whatever residue is left on the mitt to go over my ankles, feet, elbows and hands.

Always leave yourself enough time to apply your tan, rushing can lead to a tanning disaster. I like to do mine about an hour before I go to bed, that way I don’t rush and it’s had time to dry before I get between the sheets.

Tanning Mousse Vita Liberata / Tanning Mitt Vita Liberata

4. Face

Mix a few drops of gradual face tanning drops into your daily moisturiser or serum and it’ll do all the hard work for you. This will give you a subtle, sun-kissed glow without an orange tinge or any patchiness. Make sure you go right up to the hair line, avoiding your eyebrows as you don’t want those to change colour. If you do get any on your eyebrows, gently wipe over them with a little cleansing water on a cotton pad.

Face Bronzing Water Serum St. Tropez

5. Back

Unless you have someone around who can apply your fake tan to your back for you, this can be the most trickiest part to do. One tip I’ve learnt is to use a tanning mist rather than a mouse and spray it over your shoulder. Then turn the tanning mitt around the other way so the applicator side is on the back of your hand and this will give you more flexibility when it comes to buffing in your self tan.

Fabulous Self Tanning Mist Vita Liberata

Pink Lace Bralette (out of stock) Boux Avenue

Click here for 20% off your first order at Boux Avenue

6. Immediately After Tanning

Give your tan plenty of time to dry and wait around 10 minutes before getting dressed. It’s best to wear loose, dark clothing immediately after a tan, that way you’re less likely to sweat or rub any lines into your freshly applied tan. I find the best material to wear is cotton, that way if any tan does transfer onto your clothes it’s easy to wash out.

A neat little trick I learnt is once your self tan is dry apply a light dusting of baby powder onto areas you’re likely to sweat, especially the inside of your elbow and backs of your knees. It will prevent the sweat from lifting your tan off your skin and causing any staining on your clothes and sheets.

7. Making It Last

Now you’ve perfected the art of applying your tan, you’ll want your golden colour to last more than a day. Try not to have too many hot baths as your tan is more likely to fade a lot quicker. Use a body moisturise every day and gently exfoliate your whole body to get rid of any dry patches, this allows your tan to gradually fade over the week.

Black Exfoliating Glove Glo By Lydia

Have you had any tanning disasters? What are your favourite tips or products for self tanning?


My Perfect Pamper Night Routine

Everyone needs a good old pampering session once in a while. Taking time to relax and completely switch off from the outside world does wonders for me, making me feel a whole lot better and ready to take on what ever the next few days have in store.

Every so often I like to make sure I have at least a couple of hours for a full on pamper night, usually at the weekends and especially if I’ve had a rubbish week. Not only does it do my body good by using all my favourite beauty treats but also helps clear my mind, making me see things a lot clearer and feeling better about myself.

Here’s how I spend my perfect pamper night.


I light some gorgeous smelling candles to help me to relax, some of my favourite ones have come from Home Bargains. This one I bought while visiting the Hitchin Lavender Farm and it smells divine.


I’ll pop on some relaxing music, I have a playlist on Spotify with a selection of my favourite tunes for a pamper night.


I then like to make a huge mug of tea as I find this instantly makes me feel better. Let’s face it, a mug of tea cures everything (or so they say).


I’ll take my mug of tea into the bathroom, along with my mobile so I can carry on listening to music while I do my skincare routine. At the moment I’m using Liz Earle’s Lavender and Rose Cleanse and Polish to get rid of any dirt and oils from throughout the day. Sometimes I’ll use a gentle facial exfoliator on areas that may seem extra dry or flaky.

Face Mask

I love to use a face mask  and let it get to work on my skin while I’m in the bath, they seem to make my complexion look a lot brighter, and let’s face it, just laying there with a mask on for a while is a wonderful feeling and some of them smell divine! My current favourite is the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask and you can find out what other products I’m loving in my May Beauty Favourites post.

A Bath

Next, I run a bath and pop in one of my favourite bath products, which right now is anything from Sanctuary Spa or Roger & Gallet. I also love to use a body scrub to get rid of any dead skin, usually on my elbows, feet and knees. Then I’ll have a good, long soak in the bath.


Once I’ve got out of the bath I’ll apply a facial serum and nourishing night cream on my face, my skin always looks a lot healthier in the mornings. I’ll use my favourite body butter or cream to make my skin feel super soft.

The facial oil I’m obsessed with is the Beauty Sleep Elixir from Beuti Skincare. You may be interested in reading my full review. My first bottle was kindly sent to me by the brand but I have since bought the Sleep Elixir out of my own money.

Comfortable Clothing

The last thing I want to do now is get into tight, uncomfortable, clothing, so I’ll pop on a loose top and trousers or a pair of cosy pjs and wrap up in a warm fluffy robe, then head off to the bedroom. At the moment I love getting cosy in this ultra soft pink hoody and shorts set from Boux Avenue.

You may also be interested in what Femme Luxe Loungewear* I’m wearing at home.


This is the time I like to paint my nails, at the moment I love wearing Millennial Pink from Essence Cosmetics which is an absolute bargain at £1.69 in Wilkos. I’ll always finish with a speed dry top coat, 2 minutes and my nails are dry, which is excellent for impatient people like me!

Comforting Drink

Depending what time of year it is, I like to make a warm relaxing drink, either a Lemon and Ginger tea or a hot chocolate, grab a couple of chocolate biscuits and snuggle up on the bed.


I love watching TV in bed and I’ll scroll through to find a film to watch or catch up with whatever TV series I’m into at the time, while enjoying my chocolate treats, ooooh delicious!

What better way to spend the perfect pamper night at home!

What’s your favourite way to relax in the evenings?


My Current Hair Care Routine

When it comes to my beauty routine my hair care is just as important as skincare. I love having long hair, but it can take a lot of looking after. I’ve tried many products over the years but now I tend to stick with ones I know work well with my hair type.

One of the best things I’ve ever done for my hair is to have a regular trim. I get mine cut roughly every 8 weeks at Style Me Hairdressing Ltd to get rid of any dry, split ends. I’ve been going there for almost four years, the staff are wonderful, they really do make me feel at home and I’m always extremely happy with my style.

No matter how much I try to look after my hair you can guarantee I have days when it’s just full on frizz. I love using Kérastase Elixir Ultime Rose Hair Oil to smooth away any frizzy ends and give it a healthy looking shine. This oil is also a treatment to deeply nourish your hair, with a blend of White Tea extracts and Camellia and Marula Oils.

I’ve loved using Lee Stafford Coco LoCo Heat Protection Mist it’s become one of my hair styling essentials, it’s a super lightweight spray that protects my hair from any damage when I’m using the hairdryer or straighteners. It makes my hair look super shiny and healthy while keeping my style in place for longer.

I’ve used a variety of different products to wash my hair but always go back to the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Shampoo and Conditioner. Having coloured and heat treated hair, I find both of these help protect my hair, leaving it feeling soft, nourished and clean. They contain UVA and UVB filters which help protect my hair against the sun and stops my colour fading as quickly.

When my hair does need a little extra TLC I use the hair mask from the same range. It gives my hair a deep condition without weighing it down and I’ll leave it on over night, then wash it off the next morning.

I always have a bottle of dry shampoo for those days when my hair needs a lift but I can’t be bothered to wash or style it. I discovered this one from the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo CoConut range a few years ago and I’ve loved using it ever since. It doesn’t leave my hair looking white and powdery but it does soak up any greasy areas at the roots without leaving it feeling dry.

It’s no secret that I’m not as naturally blonde as I currently am, I’m more of a mousy blonde. I’m not the most patient of people and couldn’t sit in a hair salon to have my hair coloured. I’ve been using Clairol Nice and Easy in the shade SB1 for quite a while and love the natural blonde tone. It’s easy to apply in the privacy of your own bathroom and doesn’t dry out my hair. It also comes with a CC cream conditioner which leaves my hair feeling beautifully soft.

Redken Color Extend Blondage purple shampoo has been an absolute saviour for my blonde hair and getting rid of brassy tones. Twice a week I mix a little in with my regular shampoo and leave it on for around 5 minutes. No brassy or yellow tones, just a natural blonde and looks as though my hair has been freshly coloured. The actual condition of my hair feels soft and nourished and this shampoo helps my hair colour last that bit longer.

I try to leave my hair to dry as naturally as possible and go for as long as I can between washes. I use these cream and rose gold Remington straighteners and hairdryer for creating a number of different styles. They not only look beautiful but achieve exactly what style I’m after without paying the earth. Both the round brush and paddle brush are also from Remington.

Occasionally I’ll use heated rollers to create soft, romantic curls. I leave them in my hair to cool down and by the time I’ve finished doing my makeup and getting ready my hair style is done with minimum effort.

A wet brush is one of my Hair Styling Essentials

There’s nothing worse than trying to drag a comb through wet knotted hair, I’ve tried various different brushes which seemed to do more damage than good. The Wet Brush is brilliant for combing through towel dried hair before I style it. It’s gentle and glides through any knots or tangles without pulling your hair.

What products do you have in your hair care routine? Do you apply your own colour or have it done at the salon?


Beauty Favourites: May 2020

Spending all my time at home during the last few months meant I didn’t need to purchase any new makeup. Instead, I’ve chosen to make extra time for my beauty routine, as well as using up products I was saving for “best”.

I’ve kept my makeup to a minimum and I’ve been applying a little of the Bare Minerals Original Foundation. It feels light as a feather on my skin yet gives a natural coverage and my complexion a healthy glow. It comes in a powder format and blends into a beautiful creamy consistency using the buffing brush. It’s super quick to apply and kind to your skin.

You know those products that are just so wonderful, you keep them for best? Well that’s what I’d been doing with these beauties from Roger & Gallet I’d received for my birthday. After recent events I’ve decided life’s too short for that, so I’ve been using them for my morning routine to make it feel a little more indulgent.

I’ve really enjoyed using the Rose Mignonnerie Shower Gel, it’s a great way to feel totally energized first thing in the morning. I personally love a light rose fragrance as it fits well with my feminine style. It’s a plant based formula enriched with aloe vera and makes my skin feel soft and hydrated. I have sensitive skin and this is gentle enough that it didn’t cause any irritation and still left my body feeling cleansed.

The Rose Soothing & Nourishing Body Lotion is super luxurious yet has an ultra light texture. It absorbs into your skin quickly, leaving it feeling smooth and silky soft. It contains Almond Milk and Nepal Rose, both are naturally moisturising ingredients and help to hydrate and soothe your skin. It smells absolutely divine, with a sensuous rose aroma of Nepal Rose, Peony and Almond.

I was a huge fan of the original Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, so when I ran out I replaced it with the Rose and Lavender one. It was originally launched as a limited edition in 2012, but it turned out to be incredibly popular that this became a permanent addition to their range.

As with the original Cleanse and Polish, the rich creamy formula gently removes daily grime and make up, even stubborn waterproof mascara. It leaves my skin beautifully smooth and thoroughly cleansed. I simply massage 1-2 pumps onto dry skin and then remove it with a warm facecloth. I adore the delicate fragrance of pure Damask rose petal and French lavender essential oils, making it feel like a mini facial every time I’ve used it.

Usually I don’t get on well with clay masks, my skin finds them too drying. I recently made a purchase on the Charlotte Tilbury website and got a free mini sample of the Goddess Skin Clay Mask, so I gave it a try to see what all the fuss was about. My reaction was simply “wow”. My skin didn’t feel tight, it felt soft and hydrated, and my complexion looked brighter after just one use. Not getting out of the house was starting to have an affect on my skin so I treated myself to the full sized product and added it to my pamper routine. The ingredients include Vitamin C for brightening, Sweet Almond Oil to help nourish your skin and is rich in Omega 3 and Rosehip Oil to help revitalise the appearance of your complexion.

If you’ve ever had a self tanning disaster you’ll know how frustrating it is, especially after you’ve gone through the effort of preparing and exfoliating your skin and following the guidelines.

I fell in love with Vita Liberata two years ago after trying their tanning mouse, so I was excited to see they’d brought out a tanning mist and decided to give it a go. With the current situation I don’t have any travel plans this year but still wanted that holiday tan, to be honest I’m not one for basking in the sun anyway. The Vita Liberata Self Tanning Mist is super easy to apply and dries in 1-2 minutes for a rich, natural-looking result within 4-6 hours. The beauty of this mist is that you can customise how deep you want your tan the moment it’s dried with a second application. It’s the best one I’ve used so far to achieve either a subtle sun kissed glow or a deep beach bronze, depending on what look I’m after.

What beauty or self care products have you been enjoying lately? Let me know in the comments below.


Rose Gold LED Travel Mirrors From Luna London

Ever found yourself on holiday and there’s never enough light in the room to apply your makeup? Then there are those times you nip off to the ladies room to top up your powder and lippy, yet it’s so dark and dingy you can hardly see what you’re doing.

Last year I was kindly gifted two LED Illuminating Mirrors from Luna London Ltd and both have made a huge difference when it comes to applying my makeup, no matter where I may be.

This beautiful rose gold LED compact mirror from Luna London Ltd is the perfect size for keeping in your tote bag. It’s available from Amazon for £15.99 and also comes in black. The compact has two mirrors, one is 7x magnification, the other has a battery operated ring light and is large enough to see your whole face in. It’s ideal for checking makeup on the go or popping in your travel bag. I love the warm glow the light gives, which makes it great for selfies too!

 The Luna London Ltd Eclipse LED Mirror is a lot larger and also comes in rose gold. There are 3 light settings, soft warm, neutral white and simulate day, which you can brighten or dim.  It looks super chic and stylish, it’s light enough to use while you’re on your travels and even comes with a soft drawstring bag to protect the mirror against scratches. It’s USB rechargeable so there’s no need to worry about batteries running out if you’re away from home. I absolutely love the Eclipse mirror, just as much as I do their compact mirror. The Eclipse mirror is also available from Amazon and costs £27.99.


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