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Lockdown Life: All The Best Bits From The Last Month

June has been a very colourful month, with everything from food, flowers and fashion. Being at home has also given me the chance to get back into doing hobbies I’d long forgotten about.

So without a long, rambly intro, I shall get straight into telling you about my best bits from June.

One of the most exciting things to happen was my first hour out of the house in almost 14 weeks. It came with mixed emotions, however it did my mental health the world of good. I wore a yellow and pink floral dress for the occasion, just to feel more like myself and took a stroll five minutes down the road to a nearby park. If you’d love to know more about my roller coaster of emotions, I have written a blog post about how it all went: Leaving The House For The First Time.

I had to try the new Magnum Ruby and oh my word it was delicious! I swear they made it pink just for me. Magnum Ruby is a velvety white chocolate icecream with a raspberry sauce swirl and coated in Ruby chocolate. Ruby chocolate tastes both slightly sweet and sour, the last time I had some was a few years ago on a Ruby KitKat. This will be my icecream of choice this summer.

Adrian brought out our telescope so we could spend the warm evenings doing a spot of stargazing. We set it all up just as the sun was setting and I had to take a photo of the gorgeous colour of the sky. By the time it was dark there were clear skies and Adrian connected his camera up to the telescope and took this amazing photo of the moon. We’ve been out a few more times and it’s so exciting seeing stars and planets up in the night’s sky.

Our garden is looking extremely colourful with gorgeous pink flowers in bloom. My favourites are the roses, some of which are the size of saucers, they are so beautiful that Adrian cut me a few to have in a vase on my desk (sorry, it’s not the best photo). We’ve also been enjoying sitting on the patio for lunch, coffee and cake or a cheeky glass of wine in the evening. It’s been wonderful to get some fresh air and listen to the sounds of nature.

I’ve been wearing more summer dresses this month. Don’t get me wrong, I still love lounging around in comfy clothes, but there are times when I’ve just wanted to put on a dress for no particular reason. I fell in love with this blue and cream floral, linen blend dress the first time I wore it. It’s midi length and has a button up front with spaghetti straps, this dress is absolutely perfect for warm summer days.

The second dress I’ve been obsessed with is this beige, broderie mini shirt dress. I love the puff sleeves and delicate buttons which go down to the waist. I think it looks so cute and has a real Zimmerman vibe, it’s 100% cotton and also perfect for warm summer days.

I posted a photo of the puff sleeve dress on my Instagram and was over the moon when River Island featured it on their #ImWearingRI gallery on their website. Naturally I had to take a photo of my computer screen.

Over the last moth I’ve got back into a routine of making a daily smoothie. As well as being super healthy, they’re absolutely delicious and simple to make. I add a banana, a hand full of strawberries or raspberries, a hand full of blueberries, a scoop of peanut butter, a scoop of protein powder and a glass of almond milk. I mix it all together in my Breville Blender for a couple of minutes and hey presto, a deliciously healthy smoothie.

Today is the anniversary of mine and Adrian’s first date. I was 18 when we first met and it took two phone calls from him until I agreed to go out for a drink. I was very nervous but I needn’t have been because Adrian was a complete gentleman. We went to The Anchor Pub in our home town, where we’d both been drinking many times before with our own groups of friends. It was a few years until he proposed and we were married in the April.

Tonight we will be celebrating with a bottle of wine and a takeaway pizza. The pubs have reopened today after many months of Lockdown but sadly we won’t be going out to celebrate, I think it’s still safer for me to stay at home, apart from an hours stroll to the park.

Have you started a new hobby or gone back to doing one you loved before? Have you had a celebration while under Lockdown? If so, what sort of thing did you do?


Lockdown Life: Leaving The House For The First Time

In almost 14 weeks I’ve been shielded from the outside world and the threat of Coronavirus. I’m someone who likes to get out and explore or meet up with friends, but I also spend long periods of time at home due to a disability, just not quite this long. Over the last few months I’ve felt even more isolated than I normally do. I’d been keeping up to date with the news and events on social media for any signs of life getting back to normal. Time went by and I got use to being in my safe bubble called home.

Last week the news was announced that people who were being shielded could leave their homes for an hour a day and my reaction wasn’t quite the one I’d expected. I thought I’d be jumping for joy, instead I went into panic mode and my anxiety went through the roof. I wasn’t ready to go rushing out the front door and in to the big wide world, after all there was still a risk of catching the coronavirus.

Finally, on Saturday 13th June I plucked up the courage to leave the house for a short stroll down the road and back. All the time I was getting ready I could feel my anxiety rising and almost changed my mind. Looking back, I’m glad I made it past the garden gate because it did my mental health the world of good.

I’d decided to take a stroll to the nearest park with a flask of coffee and take some outfit shots, thinking that would give me something good to focus on.

But I got half way there and froze. My pulse was racing and it felt like someone had their hands around my neck, all because a woman showed a simple act of kindness. She was coming in the opposite direction and moved far enough into a drive way to let me get past.

I was faced with the new reality and it made me feel utterly disoriented. If you’ve ever watched the start of 28 Days Later or The Walking Dead when the main character comes out of the hospital and sees the world after the virus has taken hold, then you’ll know exactly how I felt.

Thankfully I didn’t give up, we took a slow stroll around the edge of the park, stopping at a couple of benches along the way. Luckily it was fairly quiet and people kept at least two metres away. I gradually became acclimatised to the environment I once took for granted. It was wonderful to hear the sounds of life again.

Adrian and I found a quiet corner with some large rocks which were perfect for me to lay down my blanket and have a few photos taken. The sun was shining down on us as I sipped the coffee I’d taken with me, honestly I felt so happy and relaxed.

I’ve not been out again yet, I know it won’t be easy the next time but I’ve done it once and I’m proud of myself for taking those first steps.

Dress Miss Selfridge / Bag Henrietta Spencer / Bracelet Missoma / Beach Towel Urbanara / Shoes (old) River Island / Hat (old) Jolly Brown’s Vintage Boutique


A Celebratory Picnic At Hitchin Lavender

I’m extremely lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the UK with places such as Hitchin Lavender practically on my doorstep. I didn’t need to think twice when it came to deciding how we’d celebrate our anniversary this year. No fancy meal in a restaurant, no weekend break or a big family party.

I wanted to enjoy a picnic, surrounded by a sea of stunning purple flowers and feel relaxed by the divine smell of lavender. Adrian and I packed up the hamper with pasta, fruit salad, a Victoria Sponge and a bottle of wine to toast our happy day.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather, the sun was shining and the skies were blue. The lavender fields were extremely busy, yet so peaceful with everyone going about their business, getting lost in their own thoughts. We were both given a paper bag each on the way in, so we collected as much lavender as we could to take home. I love to let the flowers dry out and make lavender bags for my wardrobes and drawers, they keep my clothes smelling fresh and the moths away!

Naturally, we had to take plenty of photos, I’ll be popping one in a frame to remember the day. Our actual wedding anniversary is in April when the weather can be a bit hit and miss. Instead, every year on 4th July (the date of our first night out together) we do something a little extra special rather than just watching a film and having a take away.

I felt super feminine in my white broderie anglaise mini dress, a straw hat that’s so old I can’t remember where it’s from and a basket bag I picked up from a charity shop for £4. My pearl jewellery is from a local vintage shop and made the perfect finishing touch to a pretty summer outfit.

We both had a wonderful afternoon, extremely full from all the food we ate and a little merry from the wine. I certainly slept well that night!

Have you been anywhere to celebrate a special day? I’d love to hear about the place you visited.


My Most Worn Summer Accessories

My Most Worn Summer Accessories

If you’re anything like me, I absolutely love switching up my accessories over the summer and chances are you’ve probably already seen most of these all over my blog and Instagram.  Accessories can completely change the look of an outfit and I’ve collected quite a few this summer. I did go a bit spend happy at the beginning of the season, I never was a minimalist but it certainly made putting together an outfit a lot more fun in the mornings. You’ll see from the theme of this post that the colour pink has featured heavily with my accessories, no surprise there then. Pastels were a huge trend during Spring and Summer, this was music to my ears as I wear them most years. These are some of my favourite accessories that I’ve worn a lot and I’ve put them together all in one post for you to see which ones I loved the best.

My Most Worn Summer Outfits

My Most Worn Summer Accessories

Styling A Maxi Dress For Summer

Basket Bags

I’ve definitely been lusting over basket bags this year, they just scream Summer and look so pretty with flowy dresses or a white broderie anglaise outfit. I almost gave in and bought one in a really bright playful style from Topshop after seeing it all over Instagram. Luckily I found these two light embroidered bags in a charity shop for four quid each, both in perfect condition. I was lucky enough to be sent the dark camel basket bag by fashion brand Tobi and fell in love with it’s cross body style as soon as it came into my possession. The strap sits comfortably on the shoulder without digging in, the clasp pops shut securely and inside is fully lined. Although it’s not a huge bag, it’s still a decent size to put a few bits in. These three bags have all been out exploring with me on more than one occasion this Summer.

Summer Off The Shoulder Dress

Summer Off The Shoulder Dress

Lola Rose Jewellery


I wanted a watch with a blush pink strap for so long, all the ones I’d fallen in love with were out of my price range, Adrian bought me this one from Anne Klein, I love the classic design and rose gold detail and the neutral colour means it will go with most of my day outfits.

I adore wearing pretty gold jewellery with any outfit, most of the items I own are dainty, feminine pieces that work for day or night. I absolutely love wearing this rose gold Ted Baker Cuff Bracelet , no surprise it has a pink floral design at each end.

Another favourite has been this beautiful gold layered necklace* to add a hint of glamour to a simple day dress. The smaller chain is in a choker style and the longer chain includes a disc pendent which sits perfectly just below the collar bone. I think it’s one of the prettiest necklaces I’ve ever seen.

I usually wear quite delicate items of jewellery  but wanted to add a few more statement piece to my collection. I already wear the large gold leaf earrings and pink geometric necklace which you’ll see in the main photo. I went for something completely different with this gorgeous chunky bracelet from Lola Rose. The colour is Moon Quartzite and made up of 9 semi-precious grey toned stones that are held together with dainty, sparkly rose gold beads. The bracelet has an adjustable Chinese knot clasp and allows you to easily alter the size for the perfect fit on your wrist. The colour and style look amazing with a tan, it surprised me how much I have worn it.

Summer Off The Shoulder Dress

Fun Things To Do This Summer

The Perfect Summer Occasion Outfit


I’d spent most of last year eyeing up lot’s of designer bags with the bracelet style handle and oh my word, how bloomin expensive are they? My bank balance wouldn’t cover it, that’s for sure. Thank the lord for high street versions which are much more affordable.

The Nude one from Amazon is such a versatile colour and practically goes with everything, it’s a dupe for the Chloe Nile Bag and surprisingly really good quality. The Pink Bag from Guess made an appearance quite a lot this summer. I think it looks super cute with my floral dresses and I absolutely love the colour. They’re both the perfect size to fit a few bits in, I’ve worn them cross body using the adjustable strap during the day or by holding the gold circle bracelet handle to add a bit of sophistication to an evening outfit.

This River Island white cross body bag definitely has designer vibes, the boucle and pearl embellishment across the front flap looks absolutely beautiful and certainly adds a touch of class to my summer occasion outfits. Again I love that it has two straps, one that’s long and adjustable or a shorter one which can be worn hung in the crook of your arm. It’s good quality and a decent size with two main compartments to fit all my junk in. And I’m not finished with it yet, this is going on a lot more outings over the next few months, it’ll look fab with some of my neutral toned outfits for Autumn.

My Most Worn Summer Accessories

It wouldn’t be a Rosie Loves Life blog post without pink accessories, now would it? If I honestly had to narrow it down to two bags that I’ve been soooo in love with, then it would be these two. I’d wanted a velvety quilted bag for as long as I can remember. On a rare visit to TK Maxx back in the spring I saw this one from Marc B hanging all alone on the rack and I immediately knew I had to have it. Things got even better when I discovered it was reduced from £45 down to £20, oh yes, I was at the till quicker than you could say gold chain. It may be diddy in size but believe me, it’s like the Tardis inside with so many deep pockets.

The faux seude pink bag from Topshop is just as gorgeous, and as with the Marc B bag, the chain pulls through to make one long strap or two shorter ones. From the moment I got these two bags home it wasn’t long before they went on their first outings. I featured the Topshop one in my How I Style A Pleated Skirt post and love the whole outfit.

As if I don’t own enough pairs of shoes, but I didn’t have that many with block heels. The first pair I bought the moment I saw them on Josie’s Instagram, they are from Topshop and have a ruffle design with a chunky block heel. They’re also a pretty good dupe for a pair of Kate Spade sandals only a lot cheaper. The pinky nude pair are from Kurt Geiger and I bought them in the sale, I’m all for a good bargain. These have a scalloped edge with a lower block heel and look super feminine. I’ve pretty much worn them all summer.

A Few Days In Norfolk

Fun Things To Do This Summer

Chatty Post


Ok, I admit that sunglasses are an excellent way of hiding to the rest of the world that you’ve dragged yourself in at 3am after one too many Prosecco’s (or in my case stayed up late watching Netflix, lol!) but they do protect your eyes and help reduce your perfectly serum-ed skin from getting wrinkles. I found my dream pair of sunglasses a few years ago and they’re an absolute classic. The Tortoiseshell pair I picked up in Boots still leave the house with me most days, they probably know their way out the door by themselves. I was trying to be a liiiiittle bit more trendy when I purchased this pair of rose gold mirror sunglasses from Coconut Lane, they’ve since become my second most worn pair of sunglasses. Not sure what possessed me to buy the white sunglasses from River Island because they are unlike anything I’ve ever worn before, but I love them. They’re a bit more fun than my usual styles but hey, there’s nothing wrong with stepping out your comfort zone once in while, right girls?

What’s your favourite buy this summer?


A Relaxing Afternoon At Hitchin Lavender

Hitchin Lavender

A few weeks back Adrian and I spent the most relaxing afternoon at Hitchin Lavender. The last time we visited was back in 2014 and considering I only live a short distance away I can’t believe this is only the second time I’ve been. This year we made a conscious effort to go and make the most of the beautiful flowers over the last few weeks of summer.

I’ve never been one to just pack a bag and go anywhere on the spur of the moment, I’m the kind of person who needs to both mentally and physically prepare for an outing, even if it is just down the road. Since I started my blog I won’t relax until I’ve got the photos I’m after. The visit to Hitchin Lavender was going to be more of a challenge than normal. I’d seen everyone’s gorgeous photos pop up all over Instagram,  I began wondering how on earth I was going to get any kind of content without having a bench to sit on and not include my wheelchair. Thanks to my very kind husband and an old picnic rug I think we managed quite well.

Hitchin Lavender

Hitchin Lavender

I’ve been to a couple of lavender farms before but none quite as large and beautiful as the one in Hitchin. There are around 25 miles of lavender rows which you can walk through and pick your own fresh flowers from. I had forgotten the amazing smell that hits you the moment you arrive, then you are immediately greeted by a sea of purple as the views from inside are quite simply stunning. The farm is well equipped for all visitors, including a gorgeous cafe and gift shop, which I obviously had to pop in before we left.

I hadn’t realised how many other bloggers came to visit Hitchin Lavender, there was a number of fashion bloggers taking photos for their Instagram and parent bloggers taking photos of their little ones collecting lavender. I was determined to get my shots too, however difficult it was.

Hitchin Lavender

Hitchin Lavender

Hitchin Lavender

It was a boiling hot day when we visited the lavender farms and I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to stay. I’ve been taking a white umberella out with me to use as a parasol, I’m sure people wonder what on earth I’m doing holding a brolly in the middle of a heatwave but it’s one way of keeping the midday sun from directly beating down on me. There are a couple of shaded seating areas right near the entrance, on the day we came it was full up with people sheltering from the heat, but it is something to bare in mind if you are planning to visit.

The first place we headed for was of course the rows of lavender, after all that’s what we came for. The entrance fee to Hitchin lavender costs £6 for each adult (£4 for wheelchair users) and £3 for a child, the price includes a brown paper bag which you can fill with lavender cuttings using a pair of scissors you’re loaned for your visit. We collected two bags full of gorgeous lavender and it’s now in a vase in my bedroom, the smell is absolutely incredible. Once it’s dried out I plan on making little lavender bags to go in my wardrobes and chest of drawers. I still have a bowl of potpourri in my living room from lavender collected on my last visit and it still smells lovely.

The farm is wheelchair accessible, however the ground can be a little uneven in places but you are in the middle of a field. We were both laughing ay how I was bouncing around in my wheelchair, that’s just our sense of humour, life’s too short for taking everything seriously and I want to make the most of every moment while I can. I’d taken a large bag with me and made sure to pack sun cream, my large flask of cold water and a few other essentials.

Hitchin Lavender

Hitchin Lavender

The view of the lavender and sunflower fields were absolutely stunning. Adrian pushed me up the slight hill to where it was a bit quieter. Being the gentleman that he is, he laid the rug down amongst the lavender and lifted me down onto the ground. These are the kind of experiences I would never be able to enjoy without him and not a day goes past when I take him for granted.

It felt wonderful to be rolling around amongst the lavender, I felt totally free. There are more than one type of lavender and you can see all the different colours as well as some wild flowers. We took loads of photos and, let’s face it, the backdrop is pretty amazing. I think we both enjoyed a little time relaxing for a while, the farm was very busy yet still peaceful at the same time. Despite the heat we headed up to the field of sunflowers, however the ground was much more difficult to get across so Adrian cut me two beautiful sunflowers to take home (which you are also allowed to pick.) For about a week afterwards they were in a vase on my desk and made me smile every time I saw them. It’s always the simple pleasures in life that seem the best.

Hitchin Lavender

Adrian and I both needed a sugar boost before we went onto the next part of the fields, I had to sample a slice of one of the delicious cakes in the cafe. I was really impressed with the choice there was, not going for my normal chunk of chocolate cake, I sampled the passion fruit sponge instead and it was rather yummy. We both sat outside the cafe under a parasol and enjoyed the views, it was too lovely to sit indoors even on a boiling hot day. It really did feel lovely being with nature, even the bees didn’t bother me too much, just be careful if you are planning on walking amongst the lavender. You can literally hear the buzzing where ever you go.

Hitchin Lavender

Hitchin Lavender is such a dreamy place to visit and close to both London and Cambridge. It’s open later in the evenings on certain days, how amazing would it be to watch the sunset over the beautiful fields of lavender. Can you imaging how amazing the photos would be? Well there’s always next year.

It really was the perfect summer’s afternoon collecting flowers from Hitchin Lavender. we felt so relaxed when we got home, not sure if it was from the gorgeous fragrance or that we’d both switched off from everyday life. I recommend this place to anyone planning a visit over the summer. On certain days throughout the year there are workshops, events and cinema nights, so you really do have a little bit of everything while you’re there.

Have you been to Hitchin Lavender or another farm just like this one? Are you planning on visiting one next year?

Top: Izabel

Broderie Anglaise Culottes: Topshop

Shoes: River Island


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